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More Capture the Colour Photos

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Mr. Misadventures and I had so much fun selecting the photos for my Capture the Colour entry that we got a little over enthusiastic and couldn’t really help but pick more photos than we actually needed! Instead of “wasting” them I decided to do another post with the photos I didn’t ultimately select for the entry post.

So here are my additional photos for each of the colors, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did choosing them.

More Beautiful Blues

Blue skies in Joshua TreeI find desert skies to be some of the bluest that I have seen. I am not sure if it is the contrast with the orange/red sands or the drama of the landscape in general, but they certainly stick out in photos! Above is a photo from a day spent in Joshua Tree last November of last year. And below is one of a set of road signs I took during my first trip to Valley of Fire in September last year as well.

Blue in Valley of Fire

More Great Greens

Green in the Todaiji Temple

I shared a photo from the Kiyomizu-dera Temple in Kyoto for my project entry, but the photos above was another photo from the Todaiji Temple that was a contender as well. It is green everywhere in Kyoto, so many gorgeous shades. I thought about parts of the garden at the Chateau Villandry for red, but there is so much green as well like in the photo below.

Green in Villandry

More Yummy Yellows

Pointe du Raz YellowWe went with another photo representing blue from our afternoon spent in Point du Raz,  France, but we consider the one above for yellow as well. There were fields and fields of them everywhere along the path to the point, I had never seen so many! There were also the flowers below taken at the Desert Pearl Inn hotel in Springdale, Utah where we stayed the first night of our 10-day road trip.

Desert Pearl Inn flowersMore choices for yellow included the golden glow of this amazing room in the Opéra de Paris, there was gilded gold and gorgeous light that made the rooms a delight to photograph.

Yellow Opéra de ParisAnd lastly, we’d already seen one of the resulting pictures from Mr. Misadventures exasperating habit of taking photos on the road in my post on our day in Zion…despite the fact that he gives his wife a heart attack every single time. This one definitely screams yellow, as in caution!

Yellow Zion Park

More Wondrous Whites

White Lincoln MemorialWhite was actually the color we struggled with the most. Most of the white of the world actually turn out to be a dinghy grey due to pollution. Shots from Beijing and other spots in the world turned to be more grey than white. Even Mr. Lincoln above could do with a good cleaning. It is definitely something you don’t realize until you start working with your photos close-up! There are definitely gorgeous whites in Key West, white houses (with beautiful teal) and white trees like in the ones from the Truman House below.

White Truman House Key West

More Ravishing Reds

Red Cloquiclot

Red being my favorite color it shows up in hundreds of photos that I have. It catches my eye and I can’t help but take a ton of photos (or direct Mr. Misadventures take photos) of anything that is red. The hardest part of these selections was narrowing them! While initially planning out my post I was certain that I would use the photo above, Coquelicots taken during our trip in Brittany last fall. It is my husband’s favorite flower and whenever we find this splash of red anywhere in France we stop and take photos. Another candidate was this photo from the Kiyomizu-dera Temple in Kyoto in the photo below, but it wasn’t “red” enough to me to make the final cut.

Kyoto Red

Like I said in my entry post, it was really fun to go through our pictures together. Mr. Misadventures spent several hours this weekend in discussion as well as planning for our trip to Italy. It was really inspirational!

How about you? What do you think of my choices? 


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