Monthly Blog Goals: April 2017

The fact that my only priority right now is focusing on my job search, I’m left with plenty of time to work on the blog and all the things involved with keeping a healthy blog going.  Over the nearly nine years I’ve been blogging, I haven’t written a lot about blogging in itself, but I figure I’ve been doing it long enough and well enough to start doing a few posts. Take it from someone who has been around the blogging block a few times, you never stop trying to learn and improve.

To that end, I am trying to document monthly blog goals so that you can see what is going on inside my head and to keep me accountable.  I have been following my friend Natalie’s progress and her posts on Cosmos Mariners have been a source of inspiration.

March’s Monthly Blog Goals Review

Here’s what I set myself up for in March. You can see the whole post here. And here’s how I did on them.

1. Blog three times a week.

I blogged at least three times a week throughout the month of March. Two of the weeks I even did four. I am not going to add this as a goal for April because I think as long as I am not working full-time, this will not be an issue.

This past month I was also able to write a few guest posts for other blogs. It is something I haven’t done for a very long time, and I am slowly gearing up to do more.  I wrote a piece on LinkedIn for Bloggers and I’ve got a few travel related posts on other sites coming up.

I’d love to do more guest posting if you allow them on your blog and would be interested in a piece from me, give me a holler!

2. Work on driving and building traffic.

With the ability to focus on my blog on a nearly daily basis, I saw a significant increase in traffic from February to March. From March to April I saw a nice little bump as well.  It seems like the extra effort in Pinterest is starting to pay off although I am not ready to say it is a success yet.  I’ve got multiple methods in place and I am tracking their impact.

In March, I was also able to update at least one old blog post a week to improve the content and SEO.  I am using Google Analytics data from the last 12 months to select the best performing posts and reviewing them to ensure they are of the highest quality they can be.  After that, I will go down to the next tier and do the same.

I am also deleting some older posts.  I don’t want to delete too many, there is still a debate as to whether that is a good or bad thing for SEO and domain authority, but I am definitely removing some from earlier years.

What are your thoughts on removing old posts?

3. Create my “offering.”

Well, the outline of my ebook is complete. I know what all the content will be, but I am only just getting started on the writing. The will be the big focus for April.

4. Revitalize my newsletter.

Nada. All good intentions. I wanted to wait for my ebook to send out my newsletter again, but I think that might be a little bit of procrastination speaking.  I will have an April newsletter out if it kills me!

Also, I had a little bit of self-revelation or ah-hah moment.  When I think about the newsletters I like and read most, there aren’t a lot of photos.  It is straight to the content.  In my newsletter, I always made sure that each section had an image associated to it. But it was such a pain because what looks good in a layout for a desktop version looks terrible on mobile and vice versa.  If I eliminate the search for images and the monkeying around and just focus on the content, it might not be such a hurdle to get over and I can get it out faster!

5. Start building my Portland network.

I didn’t do this. I want to do this. I need to do this. If I don’t get this started in April you can officially label me a hermit.

6. Pay it forward.

This was hit or miss in terms of reading three blogs every single day.  I read a lot more than I have been, but I’ve been doing a lot more pinning than reading.  I have my core group of blogs that I read, but I want to expand my commenting to other blogs as well.  Pinning other people’s content supports other bloggers, but the blog is always inherently the most important part of a blogger’s ecosystem and it needs visits and comments to grow.

April Monthly Blog Goals

This is my third month of this process and some of the goals that have been carried over from February and March need to get crossed off this month!

1. Continue to drive and build traffic.
I will continue with my Pinterest tactics, guest posting, and old post SEO efforts.

2. Write my ebook.
This is going to be a free resource to anyone who is subscribed to Misadventures with Andi and I’m really excited about the content.

3. Revitalize my newsletter.

There will be a newsletter in April!

4. Build my Portland network.

I will send out my interview questions to identified bloggers. I will contact two bloggers for IRL meetings. I will not become a hermit!

5. Continue My Monetizing Efforts.
I am not interested in ads or ad networks on Misadventures with Andi, but I would like to diversify how the blog makes revenue.  I am working on a post on that very topic. In the past, my affiliate marketing efforts were nearly all Amazon links, but since taking the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course from Michelle Schroeder-Gardner and picking up some great tips, I have been trying to do a better job of organically optimizing posts for affiliate marketing.  I also bought an ebook on mastering affiliate marketing on Pinterest which was useful. I will never be an affiliate marketing queen, but I am adding it into the mix.

6. Pay it forward.

Read and comment on three blogs every day.  It’s so important to support the blogging community.

How about you? Any of these goals resonate with you? Do you create and track your own goals? If you blog about it, share your latest post about it, I’d love to see it!

This post contains affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase, I may receive a commission (at no additional cost to you). Thanks for your support!

Looking to increase your blogging income? Check out Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing! The step-by-step affiliate marketing strategy course that shows you how Michelle went from $0 in affiliate income to over $50,000 per month.

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  1. Glad to see someone setting reasonable goals. We have a hard time even setting them – seems to be no time!

  2. I’ve thought about deleting some of my old posts, but I hesitated to do so because of the sentimental value. They were some of my first ever posts and it’s always nice to look back on them. But i DID remove the categories they were under so they’re buried under some of my newer, more “sophisticated” stuff.

  3. I blog about three times a week as well. On my blog this week I did it daily for EASTER themed recipes and DIYs. My goals this month is having fun creating new recipes and DIYs!!

  4. Good to have goals. Me blogging three times a week is really difficult that is a BIG goal on my list. I publish recipes twice a week and do the same for video recipes. My goal this last 2 weeks was to be able to come back and write. We had a big loss in our family and has been hard to get inspired.

    • @Adriana, I am so sorry for your loss. Video takes a lot of effort, I’d be proud to get one out! You’re doing great in my opinion by getting two out!

  5. One of my goals this month is to work on my newsletter too. I haven’t spent much time working on it and think its worth fixing up!

  6. It’s a great thing to have goals. I set out to blog three times a week, but it’s been harder than I thought. My goal for the year is 100 post, and I’m way behind. Paying it forward by visiting other blogs and being supportive is amazing of you.

  7. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    Nine years is quite a while. I am sure you learned alot during this time. Thank you so much for sharing with us and paying it forward. Keep up the good work

  8. Calvin F. says:

    Awesome goals, it’s important to set goals for oneself.

  9. I really need to refocus on my goals as well. With my surgery and illnesses everything got pushed to the wayside but now I’m ready to focus and get back on track. Good luck in achieving your goals!

  10. Kimberly Flickinger says:

    I wish you luck in your job search. I am currently looking for a part time job myself.

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