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Traveler Tuesday – Cassie of Mexico Cassie

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Traveler Tuesday_Travel Blogger Interview Series

Growing up the way I did, I don’t think anything of uprooting a family and moving them across the country or the globe, my childhood was full of exploration and enrichment that only travel and living in a foreign country can bring. I love the fact that Cassie of Mexico Cassie visited Mexico on her honeymoon, fell in love and moved her whole life there!

Let’s meet Cassie!

Traveler Tuesday - Cassie of Mexico Cassie_Cassie and kids in Copper Canyon (2)

[1] When and how did you become a traveler?
I think I’ve always been a traveler. My parents love to travel and always took us on interesting holidays. I’m from the UK and it’s pretty normal (or at least it was before university fees arrived) to take a Gap Year between school and university. I took one, had the time of my life and never looked back. I have worked, lived and traveled all over the world.

[2] What kind of traveler do you define yourself as?

That’s tricky. I haven’t tried to label myself before. Maybe ‘thoughtful’. I’m not always in a position to be a ‘slow traveler’ but I definitely love getting to know somewhere properly. I like to understand things, places, people and culture. If I’m going somewhere new I will generally try and find out about the politics and language before we go and I’ll always find some translated literature too as I love the insights you get from reading novels written by locals.

[3] Which country do you come from/call home?

I’m from the UK but I live in Mexico. I’m in the in-between stage where I feel guilty if I call the UK home because we’ve lived in Mexico for a while now and I love living here.

[4] What do you crave from home when you are traveling?

It’s usually food related! Good cheese, baked beans from the UK and now habanero salsa and good tacos if I move outside of Mexico.

Traveler Tuesday - Cassie of Mexico Cassie_Cassie in Merida's train museum

[5] Tell us about your blog

My blog is called I write about exploring Mexico with a side helping of taking the kids along.

The feedback I get always comments on the quality of my writing, the honesty and the humour. I’m pretty proud of that.

[6] What do you love most about traveling?

I love exploring, seeing new things. Now that I travel with my kids I love watching them embrace new experiences and trying new things. I love that my kids will never think that the UK is the centre of the world or that our culture is better or more important than anyone else’s. I’m so grateful to be able to show my kids how we want them to be and to have them think it’s normal to interact with different people and cultures on a daily basis.

[7] What do you dislike about traveling?

Never knowing where I will be able to wash clothes. I don’t think I cared much before we had kids but now it’s exhausting.

[8] How do you prepare for a trip?

I find blogs I like, blogs from people who have taken care to get to know a place and want to share their passion. I google and show the kids pictures of where we’re going. And I read novels, as I said above.

Traveler Tuesday - Cassie of Mexico Cassie_Cassie in Copper Canyon

[9] You have won the lottery, now tell us where you want to live.

Right here in Mexico. We made the active decision to leave the UK and move here. I’m so grateful to Mexico for having us.

[10] Travel essentials – 3 things you always travel with.

Kindle. Pen. Swimming stuff.

[11] What is your favorite article of clothing?

Casual shorts.

[12] Your single most treasured personal possession.

Ummmm. Not sure I have one. Oh, maybe a random old lighter- gramaphone that belonged to my grandmother. We used to play the one record it played (because it was a lighter, not a real gramaphone) and dance around the room when we were kids. When she died it was the one thing I wanted to keep of hers.

[13] Do you have a piece of advice for bloggers starting out?

Be yourself. Sure, find a niche but be you. Don’t try and copy. And if you’re serious, accept that this is a long game.

[14] What are three other blogs that inspire you?

I don’t know about ‘inspire’ but the blogs I really enjoy at the moment are: XYU and Beyond by Faith Coates, Sophie Bellamy’s Table for One Travel and Catherine Ryan Gregory’s To and Fro Fam.

Traveler Tuesday - Cassie of Mexico Cassie_Cassie and kids in Copper Canyon (1)

Cassie’s Lightning Round of Favorites

Airport: Don’t have one. Love watching other people’s excitement don’t love airports for me. Don’t like the Vienna airport though!
Mode of Transportation: Walking
Window or aisle: Aisle
City: At the moment Mexico City
Country: Mexico or Japan or Namibia. Can’t choose.
Travel Gear: Casual and comfortable shorts
Travel snack: Nuts
Song: Buster Scruggs theme song. Haven’t seen it but my kids are obsessed so it’s our family soundtrack at the moment. Otherwise, ‘Casitas De Barrio Alto’ by Victor Jara.

Thanks, Cassie!

You can keep up with Cassie on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and of course on her blog. Wherever you catch her, I am sure you will enjoy her adventures!

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Traveler Tuesday - Cassie of Mexico Cassie Traveler Tuesday - Cassie of Mexico Cassie Traveler Tuesday - Cassie of Mexico Cassie

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