Marathon du Medoc

If I were going to do a marathon (please pick yourself up from the chair you just fell off), then the only one I would consider doing is the Marathon du Médoc.

Occurring tomorrow in Medoc on the west coast of France, this annual marathon is a gourmet's dream! Similar to the Bay to Breakers in San Francisco people get dressed up in crazy costumes (or sometimes no costumes at all) to run a full 26.2 mile/42-kilometer marathon. But that is where the similarities end!

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While running through the beautiful countryside past 50 chateaux, aid stations serve wine and snacks such as oysters, regional ham (Bayonne), and cheese! Now that is my kind of snack! Of course, if you want water, you can have that too!

Each year part of the registration proceeds go to charity, so it is good fun, good food, and for a good cause.

A bientôt !

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  1. Oh la la, sign me up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. i can’t run with clothes on. naked would paralyze me!

  3. Nice!
    I’d like to join if i lived in France 😉
    In my country we also had this type of event but not running together, it’s like a festival and the people must wear costume based on their traditional tribes… and we celebrate it on “Hari Anak Bangsa”

    ms.wermut last blog post..
    2000 Participants Flying Kites for MURI

  4. Pink Heels says:

    OHHHH MY!!! I could definitely run a marathon if I was stopping throughout the entire path indulging in food. Oh yummy! I hope that there are no rules about how fast you have to run the marathon…or even finish! LOL