Indulge in these Local Foods When You Travel and When You Don’t!

One of the most exciting parts about going to new places is trying out the local cuisine. Not only does it give you a taste of the culture, but it also helps you to meet people and ask questions about the foods you’re eating.

What’s a trip to Italy without some wood-fired pizza, or an excursion to Thailand without something warm and spicy? There are delicacies to be found in every corner of the earth. While being on a diet is fine, you should always leave room to indulge in these local foods when you travel. It makes the experience more authentic and enjoyable, after all, food is life!

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You can't travel all the time, so I've chosen examples that you can recreate at home too!

Wood-Fired Brick Oven Pizza in Italy

Italy is known for its pizza. And unlike other versions you can find around the world, Italy has the best. Whether you go for the classic Margherita pizza or something like a pizza Romana, you are sure to find something you love.

Wood Fired Pizza

It feels like there is a pizza restaurant on every block when you walk the streets of Italy. Italians are known for their pizza not because they load them with countless toppings, but because they select the freshest ingredients to ensure each flavor stands out and that your mouth and stomach are happy.

Recreate the experience at home. Make it even more authentic by picking up a pizza oven dome to come as close as you can to the real thing in those incredible pizza restaurants. My neighbor just got one and I want one too!

Light and Flaky Croissants in France

What is a trip to France without a stop at a local café for a drink of coffee and a croissant? Croissants are the quintessential breakfast food when you travel to France.

The buttery, flaky, melt-in-your-mouth experience creates a flavor explosion that is unlike any other. These are not your grocery store croissants. They are often baked daily and made without preservatives or other fillers that would hinder the taste or texture.

Croissant and Espresso

More and more towns in the U.S. make exceptional croissants making it easy to enjoy this oh la la experience at home!

Sweet and Spicy Curry in Thailand

Thailand is known for its beautiful people and is called the land of smiles. The people are warm and welcoming to foreigners and love to share their food and culture with visitors. You’ll enjoy sweet and spicy peppers, fruits, and so much more when you visit.

Curry is warm, spicy, and delicious. They can be soups or dishes served with rice with a coconut milk base and curry paste. You can get your soup with other ingredients like peppers, onions, pineapple, potatoes, and more.

thai curry

Additionally, make sure you’re mindful when you ask for the hotness of the curry. There is a big distinction between regular hot and Thai hot. Most foreigners cannot handle the heat of Thai hot spiciness, but they try anyway.

You may not know this about me, but my first husband was Thai. His family immigrated from Thailand when he was 5. During the time I was dating and married, I got to see my mother-in-law make all kinds of Thai dishes and curry is super easy to make at home. Just use this base Mae Ploy Thai Curry Paste (there is red, green, and yellow) and mix with coconut milk. Add your favorite protein and vegetable and you are done!

Simple Street Tacos in Mexico

Warm, simple, and delicious, street tacos are always a favorite when you visit Mexico. Whether you head to a larger restaurant or find a cart vendor in the city, there are plenty of places to enjoy some local street tacos in Mexico. They typically use some sort of meat, including fish, along with toppings like cilantro and rice.

street tacos

It’s a simple dish and doesn’t always include cheese when you’re in the heart of Mexico. Each region has its own take on the walk around food. You can also get corn on the cob with mayonnaise as street food as well.

There is a reason Americans love taco Tuesday! It is easy to bring a little of Mexico into your home on a weekly basis. Play around with different meats and salsa and enjoy!

Savory Hummus in the Mediterranean

Hummus is made with a base of chickpeas and tahini with olive oil and spices all blended to make a delicious dip for eating with pita and vegetables. Sometimes a meal will consist of hummus and several small sides to dip in it.

People often enjoy these meals as a group. You may find olives, cut vegetables, dried pita, and even a local take on meatballs to eat with hummus. Hummus is sometimes used on bread as a delicious and filling condiment.


Hummus has become very trendy and it makes a great party food or a perfect weekend meal when you don't want to cook. There is a large variety in stores these days, but take it to the next level by making your own!

Delicious Fish and Chips in the UK

The UK is not traditionally known for its food, but that is only a misconception! There is great food in the UK! One of my favorite meals is classic fish and chips.

This warm, greasy, and satisfying meal can be found at almost any pub or restaurant. It’s popular among locals and travelers alike. And it is easy to see why.

fish and chips

Try a healthier version at home with an air fryer and switch potato fries for sweet potato, you won't regret it!

How about you? What is your favorite dish from around the world, do you make it at home? Do share!

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  1. Amber Myers says:

    Yum, everything looks so good! I always love eating and trying new things when I travel.

  2. Tara Pittman says:

    I need to have a travel food day. These do look so delicious.

  3. These dishes are right up my husband alley! He loves to try out different foods when we travel! I stick to the same stuff every trip

  4. I’m drooling over that hummus! That looks amazing.

  5. Beautiful Touches says:

    That Sweet and Spicy Curry and Savory Hummus looked so good to me! I’d love to try any of these dishes straight from their origin!

  6. Melissa Cushing says:

    I want it all and that hummus looks so ood. I cannot even eat the hummus in the store after having it made fresh at a greek restaurant. So good an blows that crap in the store out of the water! I love that pizza too!

  7. We have a local fish n chips place run by a British couple. And the food is fantastic!

  8. Melanie E says:

    I find there are some amazing foods to be discovered wherever you go. The UK has some pretty awesome foods. There is such a mix of cultures you can get hold of virtually anything.

  9. I would love to try every one of these dishes from their actual place.

  10. This looks amazing and also makes me hungry. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  11. I have had pizza in Italy The best pizza we had in Europe was in France, lolol. Crazy, but true.

  12. I am definitely going to try those foods when I visit any or all of those places someday.

  13. Richelle Milar says:

    Oh my! These are all really delicious looking food! I wish I could try all of it!

  14. Rose Ann Sales says:

    Wow! These looks absolutely delicious and tasty! I know my family are going to love this too!

  15. Mmmmm…. this food is so inviting! Food is a part of the local culture so I always eat local.

  16. I totally agree with you. Make sure to stop and try the croissant when in France. It’s different and really, really delicious. I can totally relate when you say flavor explosion.

  17. My favorite food is the pizza in Italy. There pizza is different than the U.S.