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Live A Great Story

While Mr. Misadventures and I were cruising around the Salton Sea, I snapped this image of an abandoned building in Bombay Beach. At the time I remarked about the sign that read “Live A Great Story” (in black towards the middle). I posted the photo to Instagram and someone kindly commented to let me know that this was a real thing. That there was an actual story behind the #liveagreatstory sign and hashtag.


Well, you know me. That got me curious. I am passionate about other people's stories, as witnessed by the interviews of farmers and chefs, and travelers.

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I checked out their Instagram feed, loved what I saw, and then devoured their website. The verdict > I love this idea!

I promptly ordered my own set of stickers and buttons, got myself a t-shirt, and am armed to find interesting places to leave this mantra.

But of course, I needed to know more so I reached out and got a hold of the founder of #liveagreatstory to learn more. Zach happily agreed to answer a few questions for me which I am sharing with you.

What is #liveagreatstory exactly?
LIVE A GREAT STORY is a brand focused on spreading inspiration. We create / share / collaborate on stories from inspiring people, groups, businesses, and movements to inspire the community to move forward in their own story. We also create products that spark interactions, inspire connections and remind people to do you, better.

You’re a traveler, we have lots of them around here in the Misadventures with Andi community, largely inspired by experiential and inspirational travel – how did your own travel experiences influence #liveagreatstory?
Sautéing veggies, grilling meats and drinking beers in hostels with amazing people from across the world is where LIVE A GREAT STORY started. Having conversations with people of all different backgrounds, cultures, and ages really cemented the idea that we’re all just humans trying to figure out what life means to us, and as long as we’re actively pursuing this journey it inspires the people around us to do the same. Traveling is a must!

You created this movement in Austin where you grew up, why the move to San Diego?
Adventure: I believe that getting uncomfortable is one of the keys to continued growth and a full life. Austin is an amazing city but I wanted to take a big leap so I moved to San Diego with a backpack, a camera bag and my bike in a box. When I got to San Diego, I assembled my fixed gear at the airport and rode to the my first stop.

What do you hope to inspire others to do?
It’s simple. Ask questions, learn, try, fail fail fail, grow and just continue moving forward, crafting the life you want. We never arrive, it’s a continual journey so just embrace the road.

How can people get involved?
The magic starts when you slap a sticker on your phone, rock a button on your purse or wear some LIVE apparel. It doesn’t take long to “get it” with either of these steps, so grab some gear and start spreading the inspiration. Also, come hang out on social media. We share tons of stories from inspiring people across the world so check them out on our site, Facebook or Instagram.

What charities do you work with and how do you go about selecting them?
This has been tricky. We often get people requesting to help raise money or awareness for this cause or that organization. And to be honest we’re still figuring out how to best go about doing this. One of the more fun experiences was helping Blue Santa in their amazing city wide distribution project in Austin. We’re also talking with a rad 17-year-old who started a non-profit to build an orphanage in India.

Favorite breakfast, lunch, dinner and bar spots in Austin:
Definitely Taco Shack for breakfast tacos, P Terry’s for a burger and any of the new awesome spots that have emerged over the last few years.

Photo credit: Austin Art Girl

Favorite breakfast, lunch, dinner and bar spots in San Diego:
Young Hickory for a breakfast bagel and coffee, City Tacos for amazing tacos and then either Ironside or Bracero for dinner

Where do you love to travel?
Travel is a mindset of looking at things differently, taking the backroads, getting lost and meeting new people. Travel can be in your home town or across the world. Traveling Europe for 7 months was an amazing experience. Also looking forward to a Mexico City trip later this year

Mexico City
Mexico City, photo credit: Reskiebak

Most memorable travel moment.
I was in Serbia for a little over a month for an extended stay and had met some awesome friends of CouchSurfing. We decided to go caving a few hours south of Belgrade. No maps, hardly functioning flashlights and a thirst for adventure led to an amazing adventure. We emerged 6 hours later on the other side with no idea where we were. After scaling the near-vertical mountain, we looked out across the horizon to see… nothing. No lights, just darkness. Great times, go visit Serbia!

A day isn’t complete until I…
I have a heavy case of shiny object syndrome so every day is filled with new new!

A quirky daily habit of mine is…
Coffee and rap music.. my fuel for movement

Travel essential – 3 things you always travel with
An open mind, iPhone, a bunch of #liveagreatstory stickers

Have you been somewhere that turned out to be totally different from how you imagined? If so, how?
Morocco was amazing and totally different than I expected. I really had no idea about the country but ended up spending 10 days in a few cities and was repeatedly blown away by the culture, scenery, and people. It’s my go-to answer when suggesting a place to visit.

What's one location on your bucket list?
Next stop is Mexico City

Thanks Zach for taking the time to share your story with us!

As for me, I've got the #liveagreatstory sticker on my phone and a bag full of stickers and buttons.

I even put one on my backpack for hiking.

NEW MEXICO-LiveAGreatStory
Photo credit: Sel & Poivre Photography

You'll start seeing them pop up on Instagram so look for them!

Andi's Phone and Bag

If this has inspired you, head over the to Live a Great Story website and get your starter pack today, I want to see all your stories.

How about you? Have you seen a #liveagreatstory sign or sticker? Can you see yourself sharing them somewhere? Do other people's life stories inspire you?

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  1. I love this idea. I will have to pick me up a sticker, button, etc. This was such a great article. I learned something today that inspired me. Thank you for sharing

  2. What an excellent idea! I actually have not seen any of these stickers or buttons. Maybe they haven’t made it up to the PNW yet. Perhaps I can be the first one…

    1. @Hung, I bet you that you could be. Better hurry because I am going to be there in June/July I might beat you!

    1. @Scott, I know, that is the great thing about the social community, also spreading the word about good things going on.

  3. i love the phrase “live a great story”!!! i wish i could have the opportunity to travel and do just that! 🙂