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A to Z – Ali of Little Red Fashion Hood

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A to Z interview series with Arizona bloggers

I don’t know if it is just me, the Arizona weather or something in the (very hard) water, but there are an awful lot fashion bloggers (and grammers) in the Phoenix area. As I get to know them more and more, I have a new appreciation for how hard they hard work!

Let’s meet Ali!

A to Z - Ali of Little Red Fashion Hood

[1] Favorite thing about where you live in AZ.
Normally I would say the weather is my favorite thing about Arizona, but lately, it’s been cold and rainy and I’m not a fan of it. I think my favorite thing has to be that my entire family is here. It’s a place where everyone can enjoy it from my younger brother to my 80-year-old Grandma. My parents spend the summer in Utah, but the rest of the year they live here and I can tell you my dad’s favorite thing is that he can golf almost all year round. The fact that we can all enjoy the same state is probably my favorite thing about Arizona.

[2] Least favorite thing about where you live in AZ.

The scorpions! We don’t have as many bugs as some places – I grew up in New Jersey and remember spiders everywhere! But I am terrified of scorpions. I have been stung three times in the 18 years I’ve been living here. Nothing terrible happens when you get stung either, it certainly hurts, but you don’t need to go to the hospital or doctor. I think the look of scorpions just freaks me out too. I live near a mountain so sadly I have seen quite a few recently as well.

[3] Favorite place to visit anywhere in the state.

I really enjoy Prescott. I’ve only been there a handful of times, but it’s a cute, quiet town. They have some great restaurants and just different things to do. Flagstaff is a close second – it’s very similar. My husband and I like to travel north in the summer when the heat is unbearable just to get away for a few days.

[4] Favorite coffee spot.

I’m not a big café, drinking coffee kind of person. I tend to make my own coffee at my house. But if I’m in the mood, I just end up at Dunkin Donuts for an iced coffee. Nothing too special! There is a Press Coffee opening up near my house – I am excited to try it.

[5] Favorite spot for drinks.

Oh man – that’s a tough one to decide. I love Hanny’s for their martinis. They make a strong, but oh so delicious one! The atmosphere is so fun too. AZ88 is a close second because they have some great martinis too. I guess you can say I am a vodka girl!

[6] Favorite local hangout.

Bevvy in uptown is becoming my new favorite place since moving out to Phoenix. My friends and I tend to end up there more weekends than not, sipping on mimosas, eating brunch or just catching up. It’s always a good time!

[7] Favorite breakfast spot.

OHSO is one of my favorite breakfast spots. They have a great brunch option where you can get breakfast and a mimosa for $10. Can you tell I like mimosas, ha! Their food is good too and they have a bunch of local beers on tap. I love their avocado toast and hash bowl! Yum!


[8] Favorite lunch spot.

I love Shea 32! Not to mention it’s about two minutes from my house. They have an amazing turkey sandwich and I love their Cobb salad too! Everything seems to be freshly made and you can even order through the drive-thru. They have the cutest patio too that I cannot wait for it to be cooler out so I can go eat lunch outside.

[9] Favorite dinner spot.

It’s a little fancy, but I love Steak 44. It’s a fun place too – great for people watching. But their food is so good – always paired with a martini or some wine, so I’m sure that makes it better! I love their firecracker shrimp and I usually get a steak as well. I went there for my 30th birthday and it didn’t disappoint! They even gave me a cookies-and-cream popcorn sundae – it was out of this world! Such a great way to spend celebrating my old age.

[10] One thing you always do/spot you always take friends from out of town to do/see.

Right about now spring training starts up. It’s usually the best weather and always a great time! Anyone that comes visits within the next couple of months I try to take there. Not too many places are lucky enough to have spring training or be able to wear shorts in March, so usually my friends and family from out of town enjoy it! Even if you don’t like baseball, it’s a fun time.

[11] How do you like to beat the heat?

In my swimming pool. Also with lots of sunscreen on. When it gets too hot to function that’s usually where you can find me or in some shade. Being a ginger in AZ is hard. I burn very easily!

[12] Tell me about your blog!

My blog stemmed off from my Instagram that I started about six months ago to take more seriously. I’ve also had a passion for fashion and people have always told me they love seeing how I put my outfits together so it seemed like a natural thing to put together. In addition, I used to write for my school newspaper and a local magazine, so I have always enjoyed writing. So my blog is typically about different fashion trends or items I am loving at the moment. I also write about some lifestyle things – my keto journey and how I met my husband online. Overall, mostly about fashion though.

Thanks, Ali!

You can keep up with Ali on Instagram and of course on her blog. Wherever you catch her, I am sure you will enjoy her love-filled Arizona adventures!

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A to Z – Ali of Little Red Fashion Hood

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Sunday 17th of March 2019

Hi Alli! How fun to get to know a new (to me) blogger!! I need to go check out your blog now!


Saturday 16th of March 2019

Very nice interview. I am going to check her instagram account. It's nice that you are featuring other bloggers :) r


Saturday 16th of March 2019

What a fun interview. It is always nice to see blogger supporting other bloggers!

Ruth I

Saturday 16th of March 2019

I'll check her blog and instagram page. I love to know more about Arizona through her posts.


Saturday 16th of March 2019

Nice to meet you Ali . This is great interview.