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J’adore – Jord Wood Watches

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DISCLOSURE: This post is brought to you by Jord Wood Watches. I received a complimentary watch as part of my partnership with Jord. All opinions are my own.

Hello from Yellowstone!

As I’ve mentioned before, while I love the life of adventure and misadventure on the road, I do miss some things about “normal” life.

J'adore Jord wood watches

As I write this, I swear to you it’s been more than four weeks since I’ve combed my hair! My choices at 5 am are a baseball hat or ski cap.

Andi in a Hat
Morning hat…

When I was preparing for a year on the road, I didn’t think about wearing a watch while I was living an outdoor lifestyle in the RV. I left my fancy Swiss watch in storage, having no real use for it on the road. I rely on my phone and our microwave to tell me the time.

However there are many days where I don’t use my phone, because let’s face it, there’s no service in a lot of places I’ve been too!

Andi-Bisiti badlands
NO CELL SERVICE HERE! > Photo credit: Sel & Poivre Photography

But in the end, I miss the normalcy of wearing a watch.

When Jord reached out to me to work together, I couldn’t be more pleased. As the months wind down on our sabbatical and I begin to wish for a change from my four shirts, one pair of jeans, hiking boots, and water shoes; wearing a watch feels like a good place to start the transition!

You may recall, my former home of eight years in Berkeley was sustainable, built with green LEED principles including solar. The sustainable philosophies Jord wood watches employ appeal to me because of their use of natural materials, I love their aesthetic.

I selected the maple and silver model from the Cora series, but ALL the watches in many types of woods are gorgeous. The design is simple and elegant, letting the beautiful materials speak for themselves. But while the design looks delicate it is hearty enough for our outdoor adventures. Something I put to the test during our second week in Yellowstone.

Jord Wood Watches Cora Box
Photo credit: Jord Wood Watches

One of the most important aspects of Jord wood watches is that is an American company, based in St. Louis, something that is extremely important to me. (Buy local!) After learning more about the company I felt a real connection to them and their mission statements. They are focused on creating original timepieces that make a statement with beautiful design and a sustainable approach. You can read about the materials they use and where they are sourced on their website, it is very transparent.

I received my watch while we are here in Yellowstone and I love it!

Practically every day since we’ve arrived in this amazing national park, a mama bear and her two cubs have continued to feed on pine cones (the nuts actually) along the mountain road between Canyon Village and Tower Fall. She has been somewhere on the road like clockwork between nine and noon.

While the photographer in the family indulged his love of all things bears, with my new watch I could continue to monitor just how long Mr. Misadventures was out there getting his inner National Geographic on. When my iPhone or iPad ran out of juice because I waited for Mr. Misadventures two-to-three hours to take his one thousand+ shots of the trio, my watch kept right on going!

Andi reading her Kindle with a Jord wood watches

(I don’t mean to be blasé about watching the bears because it is incredible but after about 30-60 minutes of watching them in 40-degree (plus wind) weather, I make for the car!)

My Jord wood watch is automatic and doesn’t require a battery. For me, that is a HUGE deal. That fancy Swiss watch I have in storage? The battery died a few years in and we had to find a watch shop in Paris on one of our vacations in order to get it changed. Then the battery ran out two years ago and I have yet to get a new one because it is such a hassle!

Jord has made my life easier, I love easy.

The light wood goes well with any color of outdoor gear…okay you know I’m not a fashionista, but Mr. Misadventures being French has a classic fashion sense in his DNA, and he said it looked good!

Andi picnic with Jord wood watch

When a geyser erupts only once every ten hours and forty-five minutes, timing is everything. I swear the night we went for sunset at the Great Fountain Geyser, Mr. Misadventures literally asked me what time it was every two minutes!

Andi at Great Fountain Geyser in Yellowstone with her Jord Wood Watch

The watch is stylish but that doesn’t mean it’s dainty, it will stand up to all your outdoor adventures, and I look forward to wearing it for the remaining four months we are on the road. But even if your outdoor adventures consist of walking from the parking lot to your office, this is a unique watch and you need one on YOUR wrist!

What adventures would you take your new wood watch on?

DISCLOSURE: This post is brought to you by Jord Wood Watches. I received a complimentary watch as part of my partnership with Jord. All opinions are my own.

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Andi at picnic in Yellowstone with Jord wood watch


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