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J’adore Frenchie Finds January 2021

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Frenchie Finds Jan 2021

It doesn’t have to Christmas for you to need a gift for a Francophile (for example my birthday is in January), or a little treat for yourself if you are a Francophile. If you are looking for the best gifts for the Frenchie in your life, I’ve got your list to choose from! Why, because they are things I have bought for myself (hello, self-proclaimed longtime Francophile here, enchantée have we met?) and currently [j’]adoring OR that I am coveted myself! Frenchie-wannabe tested!

Let’s look at what I have for you this month.

Pour La Maison (For the Home)

Bonjour Doormat

Bonjour Doormat

Truthfully, I did purchase this Bonjour doormat from NinetoWineDesign on Etsy last March, our first month in our new house in North Carolina, but I only briefly mentioned it in my Jambu Spring post and I forgot to call it out as a great gift for a Francophile. I have a giggle every time I walk into the front door, which is about once every other week and it hasn’t worn off yet.

Clare V Decor

Clare V at Anthropologie

I am STILL kicking myself for not buying Clare V’s J’aime La Vie pillow before it sold out, although I did pick up one of her Francophile Travel Mugs which I highlighted in my holiday gift guide, whew! I want this yellow Maisonette mug to go on my red coffee table in my office. There a few other really cute items carried by Anthrolpogie at the moment and I am always looking at this collection!   

France Gouache Print

France Gouache Print

I love this France Gouache print from 50 States of Beauty, a Nashville-based brand. Gouache is an opaque form of watercolor art and I am thinking about this one for one of my office walls. If France is not your style, there are many other countries as well as all 50 states!


My BKR Water Bottle

BKR Water Bottles

I do not know where the BKR water bottle has been all my life, but I am aware of it now. And now that I am, I must have it. My only problem is whether to buy the “Paris” one or the “f*ck les bouteilles en plastique” (f*ck plastic bottles) version! All the water bottles are glass which is eco-friendly and sustainable, but for the cerise (cherry) on top, they have a unique lid that holds a vegan lip balm crafted by the 2 San Francisco-based founders – ingenious!

Oh Crêpe Mug

Oh crepe Mug
Perfect for the upcoming French holiday (Feb 2) Chandeleur (or crepe day!), this Oh crêpe mug is so much fun!  I also saw aprons, t-shirts, posters, etc. it was the first time I had seen this expression and I like it!

Vetements (Clothing)


Oh la la Sweater

I have this Oh la la sweater and love it! I am always scouring the clearance area of J. Crew, Banana Republic, etc as they often have shirts and sweaters with French sayings! If you are interested in this sweater which is currently on clearance then hurry, there are only a few sizes left!

Merci Chunky Sweater

Merci Chunky Sweater

So at the opposite end of the price point spectrum is this Merci chunky sweater from a new brand I recently discovered, Wooden Ships. I think it is cute but pricey so I am going to watch to see if the price drops! But if you need to buy a special occasion gift this may be right up your alley.

Livres (Books)

Gifts for Francophiles Books

Books make the perfect gift for francophiles, we love books set in Paris or about Paris or French life and foods. Trust me, the topic never gets old!
Here are NEW releases that your Francophile friends and/or family member may not have yet:

Et voilà! That’s this month’s list of gifts for Francophiles! 

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How about you? Have you seen a gift that you think would make a Francophile’s day? Do share!

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Gifts for Francophiles - Jan 2021 Gifts for Francophiles - Jan 2021 Gifts for Francophiles - Jan 2021 Gifts for Francophiles - Jan 2021

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