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The first time I encountered Maggie, the mastermind behind Eat Boutique, was at a professional social media conference three years ago in Boston. She was speaking on a panel about the community while in the process of transitioning from Trip Advisor to Haven in Paris where she had begun to work.

Being an avid reader of Haven in Paris my ears perked up when her bio was given and while I didn't meet with her face to face until the Parisian blogger meet-up in October 2009 where I met Maggie and Erica, the owner of Haven in Paris.

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Turns out that Maggie is just as infatuated with Paris as I am which is why I reached out to her to write for my A Passion for Paris series, but when I realized how Paris and Eat Boutique are linked I decided to profile Eat Boutique instead.

This is a very special J'adore since it combines Maggie's response to why she is passionate about Paris, with an interview on Eat Boutique and a giveaway for one of her adorable gift boxes.

J'adore Eat Boutique - Roses Bakery Paris by White Loft Studio

Maggie's Passion for Paris

I’m actually one of the few who did not dream about the city of light for eons before stepping onto its grey city streets. In fact, I fell into Paris rather unintentionally and its allure found me over months of walks down tiny corridors and hidden passageways. Paris and I had a true courtship filled with moments when we first noticed each other, when we had our first fight and when we finally fell in love. Remembering those moments makes me deeply nostalgic for the magic the city holds for those who wish to seek it.

J'adore Eat Boutique - Out And About Paris by White Loft Studio

Surprisingly, my passion for Paris is for the new. Around every corner is a young maker sharing their craft, aiming to put their mark on the food scene. The city, with its romance for all things delicious, is actually the perfect backdrop for the best sort of innovation, the kind that gives due courtesy to makers from yesteryear while daring to be just a little bit or sometimes a lot different.

I miss the north Marais the most, as I suppose it’s the spot where I finally felt at home, and when I think about the new food makers taking up residence there, I feel a little pang that makes me want to get there right away.

J'adore Eat Boutique - Cafe Charlot Paris by White Loft Studio

Until my return, I browse photos of my last adventure there, taken by my friend and photographer, Heidi Murphy, of White Loft Studio.

Eat Boutique – a love for boutique food makers that recreates a sliver of the magic of Paris' markets

I took a moment to ask Maggie a few questions about her aesthetically beautiful and tantalizing business, Eat Boutique. Supporting locally owned businesses is a passion of mine, throw in owners who are focused on foods and I am enthralled.

(1) Why did you launch EAT Boutique?

I launched Eat Boutique as a place to share stories behind all the hidden food gems I discovered during my travels. I was often the unofficial culinary travel agent for my friends, helping them eat at worthwhile spots, tiny authentic restaurants, during their trips. I started the blog simply as a way to share and get back to writing, but over time, I figured out that it might also be a business.

J'adore Eat Boutique - Market Paris by White Loft Studio

(2) Your products and posts are carefully curated, what do you look for in a product and in a story?

I look for delicious, beautiful food. I look for unique tastes with authentic stories. I really gravitate toward makers who modernize heirloom techniques or flavors into something brand new and special. I also love potential – perhaps something is delicious but is in its early stages so packaging is still in flux. I love to follow along the ride and do whatever I can to help share the story and even help improve packaging and design.

J'adore Eat Boutique - Nanashi Paris by White Loft Studio

(3) Tell me a little bit about your markets concept and what you are up to there?

Even before I started the online shop, I wanted to bring makers and food fans together to mix, mingle, taste and talk. Food makers always got lumped onto farmers' markets and never had a place to truly shine. I wanted to get to know the people behind the food I adored, and I thought that perhaps there were others who felt the same.

Three Markets later, we've hosted more than 2000 people in Boston alone and the Markets have made us known for discovering new boutique food and drink makers from across New England. We balance out the event between established small indie businesses and makers who are just getting off the ground. It's really a fun afternoon, more like an open house and less like a farmers market.

Eat Boutique currently has eight gift boxes in its online store including the New England box containing Nutting Farm Maple Syrup from Vermont, Lark sweet and savory olive wafers called Scourtins, Fat Spice, Blue Egg Baking Company Brownies, and Little Bits Sea Salt Toffee.

Eat Boutique New England Box
Eat Boutique New England Box

All the absolutely gorgeous photos are credited to White Loft Studio, except for the gift box photo which comes from the Eat Boutique site.


  1. What a neat company! As a small town denizen, I love anything that features something other than what you find at big box stores. Living on the Oregon Coast, most of our local dishes include rockfish and rockfish tacos are my fave thing.

    1. @TheUDG, yum! I also like spot prawns from your region as well.

  2. Walker Thornton says:

    I’m a Southerner and though I love a range of food, my childhood favorite has always been grits. Grits served with a grind of black pepper, unsalted butter and crumbled bacon! Love it. We dress grits up and make cheese grits, souffled grits, shrimp and grits.

    1. @Walker, my Dad loves them and my hubby is very curious about them. I grew up eating cream of wheat and have not had a chance to explore grits – I want to though!

  3. Katie @ Domestiphobia.net says:

    When we moved to North Carolina 5 years ago (my husband is in the Air Force), I was flabbergasted when I tried their barbecue for the first time — at first glance, I didn’t even think it had sauce! Turns out our region of NC is known for its vinegar-based barbecue sauces instead of the traditional tomato-based sauces in most other parts of the U.S. At first, I was SO not into it. But now? Now I kind of love it! In fact, it’s probably the regional cuisine I’ll miss most when we leave the South.

  4. OK, I’m not entering because that would be selfish and because an absolutely BEAUTIFUL box of goods from Eat Boutique arrived on my doorstep last night (thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!), but I just wanted to say that I absolutely love Maggie’s products and now that you’ve introduced me to them, I will no doubt be sending plenty of my own packages to friends for birthday gifts and other occasions.

    1. @Kristin, I think it makes a great gift (obviously) and I love the seasonal aspect of her boxes too,

  5. Love Maggie and absolutely love Eat Boutique, it’s a stunning site and I’ve ordered from them/her many times! The gift sets are wonderfully original, well-sourced and have made many of my friends and family VERY happy!
    My favorite local food (in Philly) would have to be the soft pretzel, as silly and basic as that sounds! Aside from the Germans, no other American city does them better!

    1. @Lindsey, never thought of pretzels for, how do they compare with New York?

  6. Dionna Nalls says:

    Though I’m not a Southerner (Yankee and proud of it!), I grew up with 2 Southern parents and grits were a big part of weekend breakfast in our home! Love them. But here in Chapel Hill, NC, I’ve developed a fondness for pulled pork mac and cheese from this wonderful restaurant here. Yummy!! Your paragraph summarizing how you fell for Paris is spot on for me. It was not a dream destination for me until (by luck), I found myself signing up for a tour and living in an apartment for 3 weeks in Le Marais this past summer. I now find myself seriously trying to get back there next summer!

  7. Nicole Lancaster says:

    The Sonoran Hot Dog is a favorite from my hometown of Tucson, Arizona.

    1. @Nicole, I have seen the Sonoran hot dog on Diners, Drive-in and Dives on the Food Network. My parents live in Phoenix, I am definitely going to try to find one!

  8. Nicole Pyles says:

    My favorite fall recipe is my mom’s Mac & Cheese. It’s homemade and sooo good! Its the best I’ve ever tasted!

    1. @Nicole, I want to love Mac and cheese, but depending on the cheese it can give me a headache so I have to be cautious and usually avoid, I definitely feel like I miss out!

  9. I live in Western New York, near the Finger Lakes Wine Region. During the fall when the grapes are harvested we enjoy eating grape pie.

    1. @LeAnn, I have never had grape pie that sounds awesome, I just had grape sorbet for the first time last night and it was yummy!

  10. amy guillaume linderman says:

    being from Buffalo, i just love REAL Buffalo wings with Bleu cheese dressing on them….yum!!!

    1. @Amy, when I was in middle school my best friend’s family was from Buffalo and I had my first tastes of Buffalo wings which were totally exotic back then! I have been spoiled by that experience…

  11. adrienne warren says:

    buckwheat pancakes with maple syrup, what can I say it’s 4am here I’m thinking breakfast

    1. @Adrienne, it is breakfast time for me too now and that sounds good!

  12. Mary Gallardo says:

    For Easter my mother and I make our own cheese and kielbasa. It has been a recipe in out family for over 90 or so years. It is good that we only do this once a year, as it takes 3 days to make!

    1. @Mary, I have never heard of that, but I am really curious now, anything that takes 3 days to make must be good!

  13. Jen Haile says:

    I live in the California Central Valley and we have an abundance of great foods to choose from, but I really love the
    huge selection of Mexican restaurants in the area. The tamales are all so unique and delicious here that I could never pick just one!

    1. @Jen, I didn’t start eatng tamales until I started working in San Francisco where there is also an abundance of Mexican restaurants and trucks, I am in love now, I bet you have some good stuff out there!

  14. Golden Storm says:

    i was born in the uk and in the fall i love to make sausage rolls,,heated up they make a lovely snack or part of a full meal also cornish pasties 🙂

    1. @Golden, cornish pastries…I am not sure what that is, but it sounds good. I still dream about some of the meat pies I had there last winter!

  15. Lady Jennie says:

    For me, it’s either chocolate or macarons since a lot of the other good stuff has gluten. (Some macarons probably do too for that matter).

    I guess I’m thinking about leg of lamb right now. I’m not sure that it’s a particular stamp, but I poke garlic slivers absolutely everywhere and crumble fresh thyme on top and eat it with roasted potatoes that have been pre-cooked, but then roast in the pan along with the meat.

  16. being an okie, i make ‘Indian tacos and butter cake.’ invite family and have fun…

    1. @Karen, I have never heard of Indian tacos…that sounds killer!

  17. Deb Anderson says:

    Everyone has their own recipe for chicken and dressing or turkey and dressing, but my mom makes pork roast and cornbread dressing that is like ambrosia in your mouth!

    1. @Deb, that sounds divine!

  18. A local treat in my region (Alabama) is boiled peanuts. They are quite tasty, once you’ve acquired a taste for them!
    I used to live in New England, though, and I miss it terribly, so I would love to win the New England box.
    Thank you for the giveaway!!

    1. @Robin, I don’t think I have had them, I have heard about them, now I want to taste the difference!

  19. Oh, that question is kind of hard to answer for me because I only moved to the States last year. But looking back at my days in my home country, Argentina, I’d say a classic dish in fall and winter was “puchero”, my mom used to make the very best one with cabbage, beef (with marrow bone, yum!), leek and she used cabocha squash instead of the regular squash (we’re Japanese, btw).

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend and thanks a lot for this giveaway!


    1. @Miki, that sounds absolutely divine!

  20. Jennifer Rote says:

    We love to go to a local place, Romano’s. They have the BEST grinders and Italian food around.

  21. Kim Henrichs says:

    Here in the hudson valley, apples are really amazing. When the local Macs come out I make lots of apple gallette and pie, as well as baked apples!

  22. Rosa Espinal says:

    Here in sunny florida we have a wide variety of foods to choose from,but,I always enjoy a big platter of crab legs .Sometimes we take a big platter of crab legs home and add one of our homemade Domincan rum with a touch of beer sauce and we pour it over the crab legs and let me tell you it’s delicious.

    1. @Rosa, I am coming to your house! I love crab and bought a whole bunch when I was in FL for Christmas last year.

  23. shantelle stately says:

    Typically for an autumn dish I love to make wild rice casserole. Wild rice (harvested from my tribe) cream of mushroom soup, onions, garlic, ground beef, bacon, slivered almonds. Mmm..

  24. Pumpkin chocolate chip bread. I first discovered it in my home town.

    1. @Trudy, I love that. My mom used to make it to and I haven’t had it in years!

  25. for fall my mom always makes her pumpkin cookies. They are spongy like a cake and little (so you can eat A LOT). She tops them with a light glaze. I don’t love pumpkin things that are always a huge fall hit, but there is just something about this recipe my mom makes. She knows how to do it right!!

  26. Debra Bradley says:

    Fresh blue crabs! one of our unique dishes carmel, pecan topped apple pie.

    1. @Debra, blue crabs are so yummy – big barrel full, newspaper and lots of napkins – nothing better!

  27. Gail Williams says:

    I was a home economics major in college and worked as a waitress for 25 years. My mother’s family started OLD HOME BREAD baking company before it was sold to old man METZ. My Swedish grandma instilled in me a love of food and eating novel foods so I subscribed to this blog because it will be fun!

    1. @Gail, if I made bread at home I would be 500 pounds, I love it so much!

  28. Regionally, we aren’t very popular for anything in particular that I’m aware of here in Northern Virginia, but I do love a good Soup… I have two recipes that I make especially when it starts to get cool, I make a Chicken Chili, and Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies (which I tweak every time I make them to see what kinds of new healthy ingredients I can add to make them even better). I use fresh, locally grown pie pumpkins to make my puree, which is what makes them so special.

    1. @Tia, I love soups, my hubby makes them all the time. Someone else mentioned pumpkin chocolate chip bread which I love, I bet the cookies are tasty too!

  29. My hometown had a candy shop that made yummy gremlins 9turtles). I don’t really have a signature dish unless it’s my homemade pizza with lots of olives!

    1. @Lori, gremlin turtles, that sounds fun!

  30. Christine Beasley says:

    My mom and dad made homemade clam chowder with geoducks we dug up on a family beach trip. The best kind of clam chowder there is.

    1. @Christine, I love clam chowder and only recently discovered deoducks when I was in Lummi Island in the San Juans – so tasty!

  31. Being a California girl transplanted to Georgia many years ago as a new bride I have adapted my cooking to Southern style. In the fall if I make homemade veggie soup and cornbread Hubby is a happy chappy

    1. @Jen, corn bread is to die for!

  32. Julie Thompson says:

    I am 100% but raised in the midwest and although I can cook from a recipe I prefer to look at ingredients and see what I have and cook from the heart. Depending on who the food is for will depend on rather it is spicy and hot or not but my food is always very flavorful and with lots of herbs and spices and always cooked with love. Thank you for the giveaway and Happy holidays to you and your family and to all of your readers!

  33. ellen willett says:

    always interested in good food

  34. Candice maudsley says:

    I make home made ginger snaps and they are to die for!

    1. @Candice, oh yum! It is so hard to find this type of cookie at bakeries and I hate the store-bought ones.

  35. Jan Messali says:

    Our area is well known for our apples, especially this time of year. There are several local pie shops, featuring apple pie, which are always crowded with tourists and locals alike. I like to make baked apples with cinnamon and sugar instead. It’s all the goodness of an apple pie without the crust. Yum!

    1. @Jan, that crust is just carbs anyway 😉

  36. Saturday Sadie says:

    Although I was born in California and now live in Arizona, my family (both sides!) are actually pre-Revolution Southerners! We have tons of down home recipes, from the German-influenced dishes on my father’s side, to the English/Scottish treats on my mother’s. My favorite family recipe, though? That would have to be my mom’s mom’s (mom’s mom’s mom’s… LOL — it’s been passed down for gosh knows how long) Sweet Potato Pie, which isn’t actually a pie! Hah! It’s a baked mash of sweet potato with cream, eggs, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, clove, and lots of brown sugar in. For a real sweet tooth soother, we even top it with marshmallows and let them crisp up in the oven. Oh, yum! We have it every year at Thanksgiving and Christmas (if we can find good taters that late).

    1. @Sadie, that sounds amazing, especially the addition of egg!

  37. I live in Utah and we love the Bear Lake raspberries. They’re often made into shakes, and they’re delicious.

    1. @Kate, that sounds yummy, I have never heard of that variety of raspberries!

  38. Ttrockwood says:

    In new york city i must say the bagels from pick-a-bagel on 77th and lexington are incomparable- chewy, fluffy, hearty, and delicious. Nothing comes close!!

    1. @Trockwood – now I want a bagel – nothing like an authentic NY one!

  39. Laura Craig says:

    Being from Charleston, SC, we have SO many good restaurants that’s it’s hard to pick just one but I would definitely say that the luscious Coconut Cake at Peninsula Grill is something Charleston is definitely known for!!! Thanks for the chance 🙂

    1. @Laura, oh coconut cake says yummy!

  40. @Andi – They’re just raspberries that grow in the valley surrounding Bear Lake (on the Utah-Idaho border). They even have an annual Raspberry Days Festival to celebrate the harvest of raspberries.

  41. Wonderful post! I am originally from NE, so the contents of this box have my mouth watering. My local treat would have to be a Caramel Pecan Pie from the local pie shop, The Upper Krust. BEST pie I have ever tasted! Of course, living in WI, I have also grown to love cheese curds and brats.

    1. @Debbi, caramel pecan pie also sounds like it would be a great ice cream! What are cheese curds? I mean I know what they are when it comes to making cheese, but outside of that context I am unaware and now very intrigued!

  42. Serena Powell says:

    We have a little place that makes the best milk shakes. My personal favorite is their Blue Raspberry shake.

  43. Erin Phelps says:

    We are big beef producers in the Midwest, so you can find an awesome steak around here.

  44. Where I am there are a number of items of food that this region is known for especially deep dish pizza. But in my family for a food that we put our own special twist on it is pumpkin. Instead of pumpkin pie we have something called pumpkin crisp. Both my husband’s family and my family request this for dessert instead of pumpkin pie.

  45. I was born and raised in NM, and I have to say the red chile is amazing. It’s unlike any other kind of chile you’ll have. It’s also made with chile from NM, so that adds to the local flavor.

  46. I love and miss Israeli food (moved to CA about two years ago). I mostly miss CousCous homemade!

    1. @Sara, it does seem hard to find good couscous so I can totally appreciate you missing it!

  47. There is a local dairy near our house (in Wisconsin) that makes whole milk chocolate milk.. it is literally decadence in a glass. If it weren’t perishable I would mail it to all of my friends for Christmas!

    1. @Nicole, oh that sounds like total decadence, but I’d take a glass any day of the week!

  48. I live near Cincinnati, Ohio and we have a local ice cream place called Graeter’s. It is SO good, and I recommend it to anyone that visits the area. Mocha cihp is my fave. But they are known for their big chocolate chips, so any ice cream that allows you to try that is a must!

    1. @Lauren, yum. My family used to visit Cincinnati when I was a kid to go to Reds games, but I know we never visited this spot or I would have remembered!

  49. From L.A., I love the Korean-fusion tacos!

  50. Growing up, my Grandma always made us Saucijsjes, also know as “Pig in the Blankets”. Always a family favorite! 😀

    1. @Rebecca, I love that name, elevates the dish!

  51. I’m from Philly – so Cheesesteaks are all the rage…….but I’m a vegetarian……so I have discovered how to slice and cook seitain so that it is almost identical to the steak….put some onions & whiz on it and I’ve had many friends scarf them down without even realizing they weren’t the real thing!!

    1. @Gigi, I think seitan rocks. There is a great vegetarian resto near my office and they make great seitan sandwiches and an awesome beet burger that tastes fantastic!

  52. My town makes the best caramel apples at our local candy store.

  53. I’m in the Louisville, KY area and our specialty is the hot brown! There are many different versions around town – even a hot brown pizza! It’s delicious!

    1. @Catie, I have never heard of that, I am intrigued!

  54. There’s a local candy store that makes amazing chocolate covered strawberries

  55. andrea @ Made Simple and Sweet says:

    I’m from the Midwest and Coneys are a big deal here! My family makes a great stuffing for Thanksgiving. We make it from scratch and use cornbread…it’s delicious!

    1. @Andrea, I have never heard of Coneys! I am going to have to find some recipes to check that out!

  56. I’m from New England, as well, and I really couldn’t imagine my life without maple sugar candies!

    <3 Melissa

    1. @Melissa, I had never heard of maple syrup candy until I went to a farmer’s market in New York and discovered them – yummy!

  57. Lyza @ Chic Shades of Green says:

    I would love to visit Paris one day. I thinkI take all the fun out of eating so I can’t really think of what to say here. Apple cider donuts seem to be a local treat around here, so my goal is to always find a healthier version, so I’m on the hunt for a version with almond flour. Happy SITS day!

    1. @Lyza, I have never heard of apple cider donuts – I am intrigued!

  58. Lyza @ Chic Shades of Green says:

    Apples are a big crop in New England. Here is Western Mass, there are lots of orchards that make them.

  59. 11Eva Gallant says:

    What an interesting blog and business! You have not lived until you have had a Maine lobster! They are the best, and Demillo’s Floating Restaurant knows how to do them right!

    1. @Eva, thanks for the compliment and stopping by. I have been lucky to have Maine lobster and I couldn’t agree with you more!

  60. be-quoted.com says:

    These pictures are stunning! I’m so hungry…sigh. Oh well, Happy SITS day!

    1. @BeQuoted, thanks, I think they are beautiful too!

  61. Simplicity Interrupted says:

    Andi, the autumn dish that my family cannot get enough of is my mother’s homemade stuffing! She leaves several loaves of italian bread in paper bags for a couple of days to dry out, uses apples in the mixture, and bakes the stuffing outside of the bird – the result is crispy, hot, and absolutely delicious! my mouth is watering just thinking about it!

    1. @SimplicityInterrupted, I love the idea of apples in there, how original!

  62. I love our local pumpkin pancakes!

    1. @S, it’s something I was never aware of until recently and I concur they are delicious!

  63. I love the maryland crabcakes!!!

    1. @Meredith, oh yes, you and me both!

  64. Part of my family is German, and they always make gluhwein in the fall and winter. Yum!

    1. @Emily, I have never heard of that, what is it?

  65. Green bean cassarole is a favorite in my house when fall comes around

    1. @Megan, my hubby just discovered that last Thanksgiving and he loves it!

  66. @Andi – It’s a mulled spiced wine (or non-alcoholic wine – the non-alcoholic version is called kinderwein). So not really a “dish”, but definitely a “treat”!

    1. @Emily, that sounds divine!


    Very nice post!

    I actually just featured my shortbread recipe (infused with lavender) on my new(ish) blog
    this is something I do every year for holiday edible gifting!
    here was my response from before:
    Well Congratulations to you!! I literally just found out about the SITS site 10 minutes ago, and as I am following protocol to sign myself up, this happening to be your featured day is a touch of kismet for me… I have been dreaming of the potential life of an expat, (although, I have three children which might make that dream remain a just a dream for a while) well, perhaps following your posts around may give me some insight…also as a proclaimed foodie myself… your blog is going to be top of the blogroll I can tell!

    1. @Kiana, first off welcome to SITS! I hope you really like it, it is a great resource for blogging! Shortbread a such a great vessel for any flavor and lavendar is so very French, so I will definitely have to check it out!

  68. I enjoyed this post (and the mouthwatering comments!) and what beautiful photos! Whatever those are in the first picture – I’ll have one, please 🙂
    A local treat that I love would be Nanaimo Bars – named for a small city on Vancouver Island where my mum grew up. I think they’re pretty well known across Canada, but not sure if they’ve made it beyond our borders so I’ll explain….. they have a chocolate/almond/coconut base, a yellow vanilla custard middle layer and a topping of melted chocolate. There are new-fangled variations with different flavours like mint or capuccino, but I am a stickler for the real thing, which has been a Christmas treat since I was little.

    1. @Kate, you are the 3rd person I have heard about these bars from and I am DYING to try one!

  69. Robin Quick says:

    Im from the south & we love our southern food! I guess my favorite would have to be southern cornbread dressing1 Yummm! I look forward to having dressing on Thanksgiving every year. Of course everyone has their own recipe with my inherited family recipe being my favorite. I cant say we do anything “special” except for putting just the right amount of sage in it. I never measure the sage, I taste! By tasting I know when its just right !

    1. @Robin, I have not had a lo of experiences with cornbread dressing but I am up for trying, it sounds yummy!

  70. Ann M Heilman Parker says:

    WEll I for sure had a watering mouth…although when I first read the title I thought it was about the perfume…silly me. It did howeve catch my attention and I learned something about your trip and experience with this spot. Have fun. :0)

    1. @Ann, it is a great business supporting local small businesses, you should check it out!

  71. Dorothy Boucher says:

    i am not entering, i think its over anyway,loll i just stopped on this page because it sounded interesting, and it is ,, i happen to live in MA and not that far from Boston. i have never tried anything from Eat Boutique, its actually the first time i’m hearing the name.. i will have to make time to get there to taste , i so enjoy good food 😉

    1. @Dorothy, being in the Boston area, you should definitely check out the Eat Boutique site!

  72. Just found your site Andi and thanks for sharing your love of Paris! Whenever I’m there I really feel like I’m unaware of what’s out there and I end up being a terrible tourist and paying six euro for an espresso :/ I’ll take some notes from here!

    1. @Caitlyn, so glad you visited. You should start reading some of the Parisian bloggers on my blogroll, reading them from time to time will give plenty of local spots to check out.

  73. Lori Alcorn says:

    wow looks so yummy I would be in heaven going to all the places you get to go to I should rename my blog stuck in florida LOL

    1. @Lori, but there are so many great things in Florida too! 🙂

  74. Oh, I’m so happy I’ve found your blog and this story. Two ladies with a love of Paris, like myself 😉 *sighs*

    Lets Chat1!!

    1. @Jamie, most definitely! I’ll have to hit you up for LA food recommendations!

  75. For the five years I lived in South Carolina it was the barbeque. They are blessed with all three types of sauce and nothing could top it!

    1. @L, I want to do a trip to the South just to try all the different BBQ styles!

  76. If you try South Carolina for the pork bbq make sure to get pulled meat rather than chopped; look for a place that is only open half a week, they usually take greater care in smoking the hogs themselves: and don’t be afraid to try some of the hole in the wall type places. What they may lack in ambience is more than made up for by the food.

    1. @L, these are awesome tips! Ever think you would possibly want to write a guest post on the topic?

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