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J’adore – AFAR Experience Seattle Edition

After a magnificent morning exploring the MOHAI in Seattle, the AFAR Experiences group headed to a very special venue, an artisan popup shop called “Our Material World” curated exclusively for us by Laura Sullivan Cassidy, Seattle Met's style editor. Seattle Met is a really great Seattle magazine that covers just about everything you would need to know, but I love their food and local culture stories (of course!).

The pop-up shop consisted of 16 mini-shops inside an abandoned building christened Love City Love in Capitol Hill. I am not a shopper, but I shopped. I shopped so much that I forgot to take pictures of the gorgeous space! Thankfully other people weren't as distracted as I!

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It was gorgeous inside!

I thought I would create this edition of J'adore and share some of the artists that I really loved – and bought from! Not being a shopper, I don't know what got into me, I was inspired by the beautiful pieces.


I am not one for jewelry, I never remember wearing it, but I was enamored by the collection from Rachel Ravitch. I bought a necklace similar to this which also works as a bracelet. Rachel has spent time in France, doing some university in Nantes, and we had a great conversation about that beautiful little town that Mr. Misadventures and I visited a few years ago.


I bought three scarves (of course I did). I can't help it, I wear one almost every day and it is my souvenir for the places I visit. I picked up a beautiful red silk scarf from Diane Katz Designs, a very versatile black scarf from Blackbird, and this beautiful and unusual scarf in a gorgeous green from Victory Garden Yarn.


From Joanna Morgan I found a very delicate ring to replace one that recently broke, I was thrilled to find it.

joanna morgan designs dots band ring

I have a small stationery habit and fell in love with these little books from Paper Hammer, they have actually inspired an essay for another project that I am working on.

Paper Hammer Blank Books

I didn't buy any of the Neon Zinn pieces, but I loved them. So unique with the boat rope! And a perfect representation of industry and innovation in Seattle.


That’s it for this edition of J’adore, a few of my favorite finds during my weekend in Seattle with AFAR Experiences!

How about you? What are you currently adoring?

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  1. Karen E. Hill says:

    Now I know where to go for shopping.! Thanks

  2. Joni Caraway (trippygrandmaof3) says:

    I love the setup with the ladders, neat idea. I also love the bracelet, it is so unusual. Sounds like you had a great time, enjoyed reading your post.

  3. I really love the Victory Garden Yarn, although I’m never going to get use to seeing men wear the lady scarves. haha! I needed me some J’Adore. Miss you very much, Andi. The stationery you posted reminded me of the wonderful hand-written note you sent me recently. xoxo

  4. You find the neatest things! I’m clueless and jeans and tshirts in my closet…goodness knows how old they are..

  5. Birdiebee says:

    I miss parts of Seattle as I used to live there. i don’t miss the traffic but I miss the shopping, dining and exploring new places around the city.

  6. I can see how you went nuts! I’m much the same — don’t usually love to shop, but when I’m in the right mood or feeling particularly inspired by what’s available, watch out!

  7. Everything looks perfect

  8. Jasmine P says:

    Cute stuff!! I’ve never been to Seattle, but I would love to visit!

  9. Such beautiful pieces!!!