J’adore #49 (Travel Stuff Edition)

As a traveler, I am constantly attracted to items of a travel theme or nature.  I can’t buy everything I see (who can!) so I collect things I like (and often want) in this J’adore series.  It is a way of virtual shopping.  Win-win.  I share products I love.  I don’t spend money (or most of the time!)

Here is the latest group of items that have caught my eye.

I love these vintage maps from Herb Lester. Besides the 39 things to do alone in Paris map, this San Francisco one is very cool.  It shows you 40 spots to catch the retro San Francisco image of a cable car.

Herb Lester San Francisco Map

Only have less than a weekend to visit someplace? No problem.  These books, 36 hours USA & Canada and 36 Hours Europe will provide you the perfect itinerary.  Currently, these books are a compilation of the New York Times 36-hours column and are a great resource and a fun read even if you aren’t going anywhere!

36 Hours USA

Usually, when I am traveling and out and about during the day, I carry the bare minimum.  With a camera and several lenses that is already a lot. I definitely don’t carry my iPad around and I don’t always lock it in the safe.  That’s why I like this iPad case that looks like a composition notebook also from Flight 001).  I can stack it with some magazines and voilà, instant camouflage!

composition notebook iPad case

Love airports. Love them! Some more than others of course.  I think these airport code t-shirts, like CDG for Paris, from Pilot and Captain are adorable!  Want CDG and SFO and…..

Pilot and Captain Airport Code t-shirt CDG

I have a penchant for travel journals.  I always have a Moleskine with me, always.  But I was thinking it would be fun to create custom journals for special trips which is exactly what the folks of Bound Custom Journals can do.  I spotted this one on Haven In Paris and want it!  (I have often said those exact words to Mr. Misadventures!)


That’s it for this edition of J’adore, a few of my recent favorite finds as I travel the web!

How about you? What are you currently adoring?

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  1. Man, I just adore vintage items! Especially maps.

  2. The Composition Notebook case is just brilliant and clever! I’d like to also have those 36 Hours books so I can see for myself what can be done in that short of a time and what’s important in each destination. The vintage maps are oh-so-cute and I’d keep them just for pinning up!

    • @Ari, I love doing this series it is so much fun, now…if I could just afford to buy it all…or had space in my house!

  3. Amanda Greene-Lebeck says:

    I am into vintage clothing I absolutely love it. I also love the vintage furniture 🙂

  4. how neat

  5. MD Kennedy says:

    I love the composition book iPad cover – you find the cutest stuff.

  6. I’m also crazy about travelling stuff. I wish I could buy lots of things at Flight 001, but unfortunately they don’t ship to Brazil.
    And what about these maps? They have one called Clandestine London – cute as can be. Loved it! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Paula V says:

    I love vintage things especially decor.

  8. Sherry J says:

    Thanks for sharing the post,I love vintage decor.

  9. I am obsessed with that “composition notebook.” After living in Central America (and having my laptop stolen), I am obsessed with hiding my electronics. That is genius.

  10. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I now have a new appreciation for vintage decor. Truly timeless.

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