J’adore #45 (The Beverage Edition)

While the rest of the US is moving into autumn, San Francisco is entering into our next season, my favorite time of year here, Indian summer. Since Mr. Misadventures and I had to cancel our impending Italy/Paris trip (sniffle-sniffle) it looks like I actually will be enjoying this season here this year and I plan on making the best of it!

It will now be warm enough to enjoy cold beverages and with that, on the brain I have a few things I spotted during my internet travels that I think will be perfect for the occasion!

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I think everyone knows that you are supposed to drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water every day. But water can be so boring sometimes that I am always looking for ways to “spice it up” which is why I think these ice balls from Prepara really rock!

Just insert whatever fruit or vegetable you want and then plop one in your drink and as it melts it flavors your water. I have also been served ice balls in martinis in some San Francisco bars, they probably use a similar gadget.

Prepara Ice Balls

Those giant ice balls are great for at home or parties, but if I want to flavor my water at the office the Citrus Zinger seems a lot more practical. I can cut a lemon, lime or orange in half, add water and carry it around to all the meetings I find myself in every week!

I think it would be pretty cool to take on a plane, just bring the piece of fruit (or half piece of fruit) and fill it up after you pass security. It is better than that questionable water on the plane and you get a dose of Vitamin C which might help fight off the colds people brought with them!

Citrus Zinger

There is something about drinking out of a Mason jar, maybe it's the little bit of South in all of us! But if you are a klutz like me, you probably end up wearing most of it! May I present to you Cuppow a recyclable reusable lid created just for that purpose? Now you can take your sweet tea or iced coffee on the road without a care in the world!


And speaking of a klutz, I love this decanter, but have a feeling I would make a big giant mess pouring wine out of it! It sure is pretty though and as an added benefit will probably entertain the kids!


Something I could have included in last week's J’adore #44 (Things I Bought Edition) because I did pick up several flavors of Pok Pok Som drinking vinegars. I am a fan of Kombucha, a fermented tea with probiotic properties which has a bit of a vinegary taste, so I thought I might like these for their health benefits and taste (back to changing up that boring water).

I haven't tried them yet, but I am cracking open my first one next week and can't wait.

Pok Pok Som Pineapple

That’s it for this edition of J’adore, a few of my favorite finds as I travel the web!

How about you? What are you adoring these days?

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  1. Andi of My Beautiful Adventures says:

    OMG I looooove these!!! <3

  2. Paula @ Simply Sandwich says:

    Andi – these are awesome suggestions! I especially love that Citrus Zinger! Thanks for all of these suggestions! 🙂

    1. @Paula, anything that helps me drink more water!

  3. Oh I LOVE these! I already love mason jars but the ice balls and citrus zinger are fantastic!

    1. @Diana, thanks, I think the jar is so much fun!

  4. This is such a fun series. The ice balls are my favorite. My kids would love them. I hate that I hate drinking water.

  5. Kasia Dietz says:

    So many great finds! I love the ice balls! you can also add mint to water to make it a bit more exciting.

    (Sorry that you won’t be in Paris this Fall, will miss seeing you!)

    1. @Kasia, mint is a good one!

  6. sandyandcosmo says:

    What an unusual wine decanter! I’m sure I would have wine all over my kitchen if I attempted to pour from that!

    1. @Sandy, me too, I am such a klutz!

  7. These are wonderful. I had something similar to the ice balls, and loved using them.

    1. @Lean, great for cocktails!


    they look so tasty……. these drinks keep me warm in winter.

  9. I love the idea of the citrus zinger since I am mostly just a water drinker.

    1. @L, it’s a way to make water not so boring 😉