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J’adore #42

I am traveling to Southern California today so I thought I would do another edition from my J'adore series, my version of virtual window shopping of things I found while traveling through the interwebs. I collect them in my virtual shopping basket and when I have enough to get me through the express check out, I share them with you.

When I travel I am always trying to maximize the space that my gadgets and accessories take up. I love this smartphone holder that also can handle ear plugs and a few credit cards and cash. It's made by Mochi Things which has a TON of adorable things, I can look at stuff on their site for hours! P.S. I love the green nail polish!

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Mochi Things Smart Phone Holder

I don't know what I love more..the retro Polaroid camera or the mix-tape version of these iPhone covers! Four Corner Store has a few other ones I like that make your iPhone look like an old-school camera, so cute! (Also the kitten looks a lot like Jessica when she was little!)

cassette case for Iphone

The tough part about any gadget or phone is keeping it clean. That's why I am intrigued by this set of cleaning utensils from Buzz Brush. I like the look of these, the design is very well done, and if they keep the screen of my iPhone clean, all the better!

buzz brush set

I have a few friends that sleep with air purifiers. I am not sure what they do when they travel, but I found this really cool system from Air-o-Swiss you could easily take on the road. It works with a bottle of water, something you normally find or buy in any hotel room.

Air-o-Swiss Air Purifier

Have flask will travel. I found these disposable flasks that are great for travel as they don't take a lot of space. Made by The Original Disposable Flask Company (not a very original name!) they come in a whole bunch of colors and themes. Suppose they could be really fun for a party too!


That’s it for this edition of J’adore, a few of my recent favorite finds as I travel the web!

How about you? What are you currently adoring?

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  1. Fun, fun! Love the iPhone case as well as disposable flasks- party favors? Not sure.
    I can’t say that I’m adoring anything right now…though I just did my first browsing of Etsy today, looking for hair sticks. Wow, I see the attraction.

    1. @Walker, a good idea unless you are sending people off in a car 😉 Great for a weekend bachelorette party when no one is driving, or something like that. Good for a Redskins game if it schapps and someone else is driving 🙂

  2. Andi,
    Got it… I thought that was your intent. I agree that it could be a cute idea for adults as well as kids, minus the booze!

    1. @ jen, I know! But I have finally found the best phone cover…a retro Fisher-Price phone I had when I was little – so fun!