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J’adore #3

Some posts on this site contain affiliate links, meaning if you book or buy something through one of these links, I may earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you!). Opinions are always my own and I’ll never promote something I don’t use or believe in.

Gosh, this series fun to do! I now have a dumping ground for things that I love and want to share, it’s awesome.

One of the key things when you are traveling with things like laptops, cell phones, etc is to keep them protected. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your protection! During CES this phone cover caught my eye. It was being sold by Gelaskins, a company that was displaying at the show. They also have this same skin in a laptop cover, I love it! I think they are doing some blogger outreach because I have seen several posts about them recently.


Animals in photos is there anything cuter? I like little dogs, but big dogs are so irresistible. And when they are photographed in everyday situations like in the photos created by Erin Vey those photos become extraordinary. I dare you not to like them!



I love this screenprint that can be framed and used to hang in an office. Just when you are thinking you only exist as part of your cube, you can look up and see that there is another part of you (unless it is just me?) yearning to break out and be out there in the world!

oh-darling let's be adventurous
I love this wall sticker. There is a window version as well. This would be great in a coffee nook or reading room where you can sit and dream you are looking at the real Eiffel Tower!

paris sticker
What about you? Find any cool things you want to share?

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Monday 25th of November 2013


Sara Louise

Friday 27th of August 2010

I'm loving my new travel scale! My aunt, uncle, and mother all used it while visiting me before they went home with all their French goodies. Thanks Andi! :-)

Carolyn Jung

Thursday 26th of August 2010

Love the Eiffel Tower sticker. Boy, they've come along way with wallpaper these days. I know a friend who would especially adore that, as she loves all things Paris-related.


Thursday 26th of August 2010

OMG, these are all so great!!!!! Did you buy any?


Thursday 26th of August 2010

@AndiP, buying the laptop cover!

Julie Roads

Thursday 26th of August 2010

This morning, I was running down 3rd Ave in NYC and there was a poster/print store that had tons of these 'keep calm...' prints. I thought of you immediately!