J’adore #29

Did you survive yesterday? Did you get everything your heart desires? As my holiday list had absolutely nothing on it except to do absolutely nothing but relax in front of the ocean, and I am currently in Florida, I cannot complain! That doesn't mean I don't have my eye on a few things I spotted on the internet…there is always my birthday!

Just kidding, this series is about my virtual window shopping as I travel the internet. As a minimalist, I prefer that method to adding “stuff” to my tiny house.

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If you haven't had enough sweets up until now and are looking for a little something to get you through to the new year, check out these Figgy Blue candy bars from H.S. Chocolate Company (spotted on Oh Joy!).

Its description makes my heart flutter: “soft nougat with toasted walnuts and Bayley Hazen Blue cheese from Murray’s Cheese atop fig ganache and dipped in dark chocolate” – oh my goodness! Although goat cheese is my favorite, blue cheese is a close second, and with chocolate? Oh my.


I love these bangles (which I spotted on Pinterest). They are beautiful and simple and come with a story. It is not a good story, but the purchase of any Peace Bomb project whittles away at the karmic debt that a secret war created leaving a people with a country riddled with bombs. And I think they are very fairly priced.


I have to confess that I did buy this item! It is a phone charger holder that sits right under the outlet to charge your phone without trying to stretch to the nearest table or desk. I needed it in my bedroom as the only outlet that is available to charge my phone is in the middle of the wall with nothing around it.

Funnily enough, the Etsy shop I bought it from is called Petite Boutique Paris…meant to be right?

phone charger holder

Being a married lady, condoms are not something that I shop for, but I love the line of condoms made by Sir Richard's Condom Company. As there is a (very discreet) sex shop near my office, I often see their very colorful Volkswagen van parked on the street. They are a company with a cause that gives back and their product packaging is so fun.

But it is this ad which I came across a couple of weekends ago that I really admire! I feel the same way when it comes to woman's bodies and clothing – who says size 2 is the perfect size (no offense to any size 2's out there) – it is a matter of you feeling good about yourself, not what others dictate!


How about you? What are you currently adoring? Did you get something you adore for Christmas or Hanukkah?

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