J'adore #28

What better way to spend Cyber Monday that looking at some of the things that I am adoring online!  I am sure there are a thousands of deals everywhere (of which I will not be participating in) but please remember to consider the small business owners who would love some extra shoppers this holiday season.

As usual, its all about food! Maybe its because I will be in a bathing suit in three weeks, so I am trying to be good, which means I am only all the more tempted!

Love this cheese survival kit from Formaticum (I am guessing that Loulou might like it too!) It is on the expensive side, but as I am only virtually shopping, no harm, no foul!

Cheese Survival KitAnd speaking of cheese, I am a big fan!  My favorite is goat cheese, but a close runner up is blue so this Pear and Blue Cheese ice cream from newly discovered Salt and Straw in Portland, Oregon has me enthralled. I cancelled a trip to Oregon in October, but I am going there soon, and I will try this out!

salt-and-straw-ice-cream(Photo credit: Antoinette Bruno)

Spotted on Food Gal, this caramel mustard looks delicious!  I think it would be wonderful with chicken, but I can’t help to think about how good it would taste on plain vanilla ice cream!

Wiked-Good-Caramel-Mustard(Photo credit: Food Gal)

Throwing in one non-food related because it is just so darn cute!  I adore this Etch-a-Sketch iPhone case (they have an iPad case too!).  Fun and an conversation starter!


When eating on the road you might find yourself cooking at someone else’s house, eating a roadside picnic or potentially finding a really bland meal. Now you don’t have to worry because you can take this mobile foodie spice kit from Flight 001 on the road with you!

How about you? What are you currently adoring? Got any Cyber Monday plans?

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  1. Cute cheese bag! Perfect for my cheese-loving Francophile friend!

    Lately I’m loving my new Kindle Fire, the apple sauce doughnuts at Amy’s Bread in NYC and any glitter-y mint green Christmas tree ornament!

  2. I LOVE that cheese tote!! I wish they sold it separately without the stuff inside! I love your J’Adore series, always look forward to it!

  3. Okay now I’m starving! 😉

  4. I LOVE that cheese bag! I might have to treat myself to one, one of these days.
    The Mobile Foodie Survival Kit is pretty cool too.

  5. That bag is adorable. I love bags, I have way more than I could ever use but I still keep collecting them. One thing is for sure, they make it so much easier to move! I’ve moved 3 times in less than 2 years, and it was so easy to carry 4-6 bags at a time rather than 1 or 2 heavy boxes.

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