J’adore #26

Time for another episode of J’adore where I share things I have spotted on my blog travels and am currently “adoring.” As the holidays approach I am sure that I will start spotting even more cute finds. I am not a big shopper, so for me, this is my version of window shopping.

Although I do try many of the food items I come across (small obsession!). Hope you adore something too!

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I use Infographics for work and love the ones from Visual.ly, but I had not seen this one spotted on Whitney Hoffman’s blog where you can infographic your Twitter self. Here is part of mine:


Despite being clumsy I rarely wear band-aids, but the next time the occasion arises, I want to wear these!


It is no secret how I feel about salted caramel and I love that it is trendy because I am seeing interesting ways to use the flavor combinations like these doughnuts with burnt caramel and sea salt served up by White on Rice Couple.


It might surprise you that although I like salted caramel a lot, I am not a huge fan of “regular” caramel with one exception…..chocolate! I was drawn by some pumpkin spiced caramels on Foodie, but when I checked out the website of the candy-maker, Avenue Sweets I saw that they have chocolate caramels which I cannot resist (they have salted caramels too)!

Chocolate Caramels

I have a case for my iPad. It is a good case but it is boring. I love red and for close to six months I have been searching for the perfect red case (good color and good protection) and I think I finally found it! Spotted on the Flight 001 website, this Cornice Case by Tucano is a beauty. I have one of these stores in Berkeley and checked out the color in person and it is fabulous!

Red iPad Case

How about you? What are you currently adoring?

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