J’adore #25

A mini-version of J'adore today, one with sweet treats I have been eyeing. Must be because Halloween is coming up, but I am seeing a lot of things that are tempting me!

It is the start of the eating season, next thing you know it is Thanksgiving then Christmas!

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I thought I would share these as I sort of have a food-themed week to celebrate Blog Action Day which took place on Sunday. I am raising money for Slow Food USA, so check out the post and see how you can participate. In the meantime, take a look at these yummy items:

Who doesn't love salt water taffy? I must profess I don't eat it very often, and even then only a piece or two. But these fancy versions spotted on Oh Joy! have caught my attention.


You know I have a passion for goat cheese – so when I saw these goat cheese and dark chocolate truffles from Hedonist Chocolates, it was love at first sight!
I love Vosges chocolates they have some very unique flavors (dark chocolate and bacon!) but these dark chocolate caramels intrigue me.

This same varietal is my favorite at See's Candies and I wonder how they compete?

That's it for this sweetened version of J'adore. I might need to call my dentist, I sense a cavity coming on.

How about you? Have a favorite candy or new candy that captures your heart?

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  1. Sometimes, I wish my blog looked like a candy store and had that Taffy font. I secretly want to be a designer! =) My favorite candy is probably black jelly beans. =/

    1. @Jen, I LOVE black licorice!

  2. Lady Jennie says:

    I always love your J’adore series. And I think I just gained a kilo.

    1. @Jennie, it is a virtual kilo 😉