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J’adore #20

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It’s been a while since I’ve had a J’adore post, so I thought it was about time that I shared some of the cool things I have found during my recent internet travels. Then I thought why not share some of these items in a giveaway? Bonus for you! Let’s call my 20th j’adorversary!

Nicole of Obvious State is a favorite of mine and a regular place I visit. I love her photos themed by colors or objects, I never get tired of them. A while back I figured out that she also has an Esty store where she sells some of the wonderful Parisian photos that she takes. I am a sucker for red and adore this Paris Red Postcard Collection:

Buy this beautiful collection on Little Brown Pen’s Etsy store.

I love this make your own room tool from The Urban Barn which allows you to be your own interior decorator:

Instead of carrying around your wine in a boring bottle, or even worse, a cardboard box, how about a fancy sac that looks like a designer bag from Uncommon Goods:

If black leather filled with wine is not your thing, I love the nautical look of this organic bag spotted by Travellious and available on Etsy:

The Stockholm Bag

This is a bit geeky but my co-worker recently went to an SEO conference and came back with this easy-to-understand chart on SEO fundamentals and how they weigh in terms of impact on your site. The condensed image is below:

Lastly, spotted on Haven In Paris, I love the concept of this book which expresses the idea of giving thanks in tried-and-true, but quickly vanishing method, the thank you note:


How about you? What have you been adoring lately?

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Lisa McB

Monday 18th of July 2011

I adore the scar I have on the left side of my chest. It's my badge of courage and I wear it and pink ribbons proudly!

stacey svendsen

Sunday 17th of July 2011

i'm absolutely in love with a mug given to be my first love. although we didn't end up being right for each other, the mug is huge and is perfect for every type of soup. :)


Sunday 17th of July 2011

Well, the first thing that came to mind when I thought "what do I aodre?" was: My boyfriend's t-shirt he gave me right before he left for basic training (for USMC). It's big, yes, but I wear it nearly everyday. I have cried some tears and used it as a hanky, but I've also had many laughs in it too. It helps me not feel so lonely when he's away. So, hands down, I ADORE it to pieces. Hope I win! xx


Sunday 17th of July 2011

I love people in my life. :) I love every moment, little things. They make my life better. :)


Sunday 17th of July 2011

I love my first baby blanket (for my baby). I started making it several years ago and recently just finished it. I used a multicolor yarn and I love how the colors change. I can't wait to give it to her when she arrives. My email address is chrissyhfischer [at] gmail [dot] com. Thanks!

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