J’adore #19

A nice easy post for a Sunday, no stress just a few things to pique your interests or whet your appetites from my web travels. Hope you enjoy it!

I am a morning person, darn right perky! But I sit around a few people who are not and there are some mornings that as someone said recently, “they'd love to throw something at me!” I am not condoning violence but I was thinking this mug spotted on Pinterest was suitable, although it is a little harsh!

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Spotted on Elements of Style, these gold necklaces from EmersonMade are pretty. I don't wear gold, wish there was a white gold version, but I like the look of them.


I know there is something to be said for presentation when it comes to food, but I love their “ugly” truffles from Foodzie! I bet they are darn tasty!


I am fascinated by these street hallucinations photo art from Sandrine Boulet. Such a unique idea!


How about you, spotted any cool stuff during your internet travels? Share!

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  1. ms. michelle says:

    I love the street hallucinations – that’s great. I would love to see an exhibition of those in person. How clever!