J’adore #13

I don't plan on theming every J'adore I do (last week was iPhone apps), but it seems only natural to do Valentine's Day-themed one this time around. Also, most of these products have a green aspect to them as well, which I “adore!”

Spotted on Celebrate Green and created by Row Boat Press this is Valentine's gift that you can use over and over to tell your honey why you love them:

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I love You Because

Wouldn't these shoes be sexy for a Valentine's dinner? And they are vintage – love that, recycling is awesome!

Red shoes

Of course, my pal Hilary of A Slice of Delight has soaps for every occasion including Valentine's Day, this chocolate-covered cherries grabbed my attention. As a reminder, Hilary is participating in and planning (you go girl!) a really cool event for Valentine's Day.


I love this notepad adorned with the French words for “I love you.” It is also green in that is reusable. When you fill the book up you can open up the binder ring and add more cards!


Lastly, I love this poster spotted on Etsy. Everybody has a story, so why not celebrate it?


How about you? Spot any things that you adore recently?

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  1. Love this! The shoes: awesome; the Je t’aime notebook: need that; the Etsy poster: now you made me want to go browse Etsy….. I’m blaming any frivolous purchases on you Andi! 😉

    1. @Melissa, purchases aside, if you want to get sucked into something for several hours try Pinterest, I am a complete addict!

  2. I’m in the Bay. Might check out the Etsy action. Thanks for the tip!

    1. @Risamay, you should, they are talented ladies!

  3. Lady Jennie says:

    If only I could wear high heels, I would wear those shoes everywhere.

    1. @Jennie, hee-hee, I can’t wear heels either!

  4. Thanks Andi for that little shout out about our event. Much appreciated.

  5. That poster is so sweet!

    1. @Chelsey, I know, isn’t it?