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J’adore #11

It seems like these posts come in drips and drabs and right now there seem to be a lot of things out there that I adore…hence…j'adore 😉

I have started to try to theme them, but it doesn't always work out, the internet shall not be tamed! So here we are with my latest favs, clicking on the photo will get you to the source:

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I love this photo found on Sunday in Bed of Eiffel Tower souvenirs typically found everywhere in Paris, the lighting in this photo is beautiful.

Metal Eiffel Towers

Spotted on TV while I was in Las Vegas, I wrote down the website for Mighty Wallets and went to check them out. They are completely adorable, durable, and eco-friendly! There are several I like, but I think this one is my favorite:


Spotted on Internet Therapy I love this idea of a One Line A Day 5-year journal. Everyone has time to write one line! Seems there are several varieties available (for Moms, etc) but I like the original version and think I might pick one up!

One Line A Day

Okay, here is a secret that few people know about me. Dark chocolate and mint is my kryptonite, my crack, the thing that I have absolutely no control over. I keep it out of my house because I just can't say no!

A Typical French Breakfast - Pastries, Bread and Coffee

So when I got an email in my inbox this week from Etsy dedicated to chocolate mint I knew I was in trouble! I figure as long as I just look and don't touch I should be fine. The item I found myself looking at the most were these cookies:

Mint Cookies

Profanity warning, if you are easily offended, stop here. I love the sentiment of this comment in this image found on Pinterest but submitted on Tumblr by French Dog Blues. I have difficulty with people who dwell or regret or dissect or hold grudges. Life is just way too short for that!


How about you? Spot any things that you adore recently?

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  1. Christine says:

    My friend got the “one line a day” journal for Christmas from a friend and just showed it to me last weekend! I think I might invest in one of my own–such a cute, fun way to look back on things!

    1. @Christine, it seems low commitment for journaling, I like that!

  2. Talking about cookies, I actually a bar of bourneville chocolate this week. I hadn’t had one for years but now I’m afraid I’ve fell back off the bourneville wagon.

    1. @Ryan, those battles are tough!

  3. Amy Kortuem says:

    LOVE the line-a-day journal idea. Those one lines could combine into a hilarious and stunning poem at the end of the year.

    Lately, I’ve fallen back in love with…legwarmers. I swore after the 80s that I would never wear them again, but it’s been -24 Fahrenheit here in Minnesota and I needed SOMETHING. Please don’t judge me (I only wear them around the house). But I can’t live without them now!

    1. @Amy, that is a really great idea about the poem, sort of like how they combine all the 365 project photos together at the end of the year – cool!

  4. OMG so did you buy the cookies??? YUM! I love everything you listed this week, especially that quote. I need to memorize that to tell some people I know that just can’t move on.

    1. @AndiP, I am staying far, far away from those cookies ;-)!

  5. Lady Jennie says:

    miam! I love chocolate and mint too. And chocolate and peanut butter, but that’s besides the point.

    1. @Jennie, chocolate and peanut butter and chocolate and coconut are other yummy combos, but I am able to resist them, unlike chocolate mint.