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Island Fever. Island Peace.

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Whenever I can’t sleep I think about walking through the crystal clear water along the beach with a warm gentle tropical breeze blowing through my hair. It is a memory specific to my trip to Moorea, but I extend it to being on any island in general. Even when I am visiting the San Juan Islands which are far less warm and tropical I still feel at peace and I attribute that to island life, to island peace.


My Moorea memory…

In less than ten days I am heading to Hawaii. It is the first [non-business] solo trip I have taken in over 15 years. [I am heading to Seattle for an AFAR Experience next week, but the weekend is a group trip, so even though Mr. Misadventures is not joining me, it is hardly solo.]  The islands of Hawaii have so much to offer, for every type of personality. I am looking forward to exploring the islands of Hawaii and Maui. I also look forward to a little relaxation and self-exploration as well. There is nothing like a beautiful island to help you think!

It has been a some time since I was last in Hawaii, and I have only been twice. The first time was in 2000 for a week long global sales meeting on the island of Hawaii. That was in a 30-year body that could still sport a bikini. I did not see much of the island except for a stolen afternoon in Hilo and my fondest memory is of Roy’s molten lava dessert!


Hawaii, photo credit: paul bica

The second trip was in 2008 when Mr. Misadventures and I went to Maui for a week. It was during a two-week break I had between jobs, it was the week of 4th of July so it was a bit crowded. My fondest memory was a daily trip to the local grocery store to pick up whatever the fresh poke of the day was. After that I started my job at Dolby and launched Misadventures with Andi, so that trip combined with the creative writing class I enrolled in, motivated me to start blogging.

hawaii-224779_640I have lots of planned activities that I am going to mix in with relaxing and (yes!) blog catch-up. I see it as an exercise in my journey to refine my energy and efforts. I am going to soak in the beauty of the islands. Whether it is the ocean, the sunrises and sunsets or the local surfers and boarders, I know it will be amazing. Watching the boarders is about as active as I am going to be in the water. I can no longer pull off a swimsuit the way I used to!


Love to watch, NOT do! Boarder photo credit: Ricymar Photography

You know there is going to be lots of foodie adventures! I will be seeking out some of the local food trucks along with some of the smaller restaurants. Or maybe I will try to get into Vintage Cave, the executive chef Chris Kajioka was just nominated by the Beard Foundation for Rising Star Chef! I don’t think I will be packing my fancy clothes though, so I might have to stick to some of the dozens of really great spots on I’ve researched in Hawaii and Maui (trust me I have a list of 25 already!). Or there is always Top Chef finalist Sheldon Simeon’s new spot Migrant Maui. In addition, my of my favorite foodies, Food Gal was in Hawaii last year and has plenty of recommendations!


Lunch plate from Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck, photo credit: permanently scatterbrained

I would LOVE any recommendations that you may have. 

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Ashley Celikay

Wednesday 19th of March 2014

I would love to go to Hawaii. I'd probably never want to leave lol

Sweta Sonulkar

Tuesday 11th of March 2014

Would love to enjoy and travel here


Sunday 9th of March 2014

These photos you have posted here are beautiful! Have fun on your trip! I am in need of a beach vacation soon too .. sigh.


Saturday 8th of March 2014

I suggest you try some traditional hawaiian food: laulau, lomi salmon, poke, poi, etc. And no trip to Hawai'i is complete without trying Leonard's malasadas. Leonard's Bakery is located on the island of Oahu, unfortunately I am not familiar with the eateries on Maui and the Big Island. Enjoy your trip!!

Andi Fisher

Sunday 9th of March 2014

@M.Clark, thanks so much for the recommendations! I really want to try the malasadas because their origins are Portuguese and I had a great-Aunt from Portugal who made killer ones, I've got that memory in my head and want to get some of them!


Saturday 8th of March 2014

This looks so amazing! I feel like I'm there!