How To Find Unique Pieces for Your Room Decor

When it comes to shopping for furniture and other room decorations, you might have a hard time finding items you love especially if you have an eclectic style. The good news is that even the savviest and pickiest decorator (I am looking at you Mr. Misadventures…to be fair I am too…) can find options for any room.

Whether you need new wall art for your main living space, new seating in a formal living room, or comfortable bedding options for your sleeping quarters, here are some methods we used that I think will help you to find unique pieces for your room decor.

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Buy Online

Finding the perfect couch or rug may leave you feeling a bit hopeless as you look through local furniture galleries. The truth is, these pieces are meant for the masses. They want to put as many pieces as possible in the showroom that have mass appeal, versus putting in items that are too unique or wild.

light blue couch with orange and while pillows and white rug

One way to get around this problem when you need furniture or décor is to scour the internet. You’d be amazed to discover that you can find rare and exceptional options when you buy rugs online, accent chairs, and coffee tables from internet-based retailers, and more.

Even before the pandemic, the Misadventures household were BIG online shoppers. After we left the San Francisco Bay area we just could find a lot of physical stores to go to that fit our style. Our personal favorite, Room & Board, has limited locations and when we moved to the Southwest and then the East Coast, we couldn't find the modern style we like.

grey arm chair with metal side table and green lamp
Start small!

It can be scary to get bigger pieces online, so if you’re dipping your toes into the online home decorating pool for the first time, maybe start with smaller pieces like end tables instead of a living room sofa.

A little-known secret of many interior decorators is that they have access to online wholesale products that are far more amazing than what you can find in local big-box retailers. With the right measurements, you can easily find the perfect pieces to suit any room décor.

Customize Something From the Store

Something that people often forget is that they can get many upholstered pieces customized from the store. If you find something you love the shape and feel of, but you hate the fabric, find out from the manufacturer if you can get it further customized. You may be able to order and send in a specific fabric if it’s something you would like more than the options they offer.

living room with small blue couch pillow s and rug

Keep in mind that these types of customizations mean that you may not get your couch for months, but in the end, it could be worth it. Customizations take the best of both worlds by combining existing products with details and elements that fit your room décor even better.

We just did this with two wing-back chairs and loved how they turned out. They took 6 months to get but it was worth it!

Purchase Refurbished Pieces

Creating a luxurious room might mean buying something used. This may sound counterintuitive but many people who do furniture refurbishing take what was old and make it new. By adding new paint, hardware, fabric, and other details, they can completely transform an old piece of furniture.

Old chair being painted white

This means that you can work with local artisans to help you create just the right piece for your room. You’ll get something that’s truly one of a kind and has a luxurious and elegant feel all at the same time. More and more designers are incorporating these types of pieces into their rooms because of the extraordinary features you can’t seem to get in modern furniture.

Commission a New Piece of Art

Want to love what you have hanging on your wall? Find an artist with works you love and commission that person to make you a new work of art. Let them know the pieces you love already, what you love most about them, and what you might like to see done differently in a new piece for you.

couple hanging art

You can also show them your color scheme for the room it’ll be displayed in, how large of artwork you want, and more. The more details you can give the artist, while still giving them creative freedom, the better. What’s even more wonderful about this approach to wall art, and any art piece you might want to display, is that you’ll always be able to boast about your one-of-a-kind artwork.

We did just this by creating some large canvas pieces from Mr. Misadventures' portfolio of amazing photos and it has been great!

Hire a Seamstress

Can’t find a duvet that you like in the store? Are all the pillows starting to look alike? Hire a seamstress to give you the customized bedroom of your dreams. You’ll love how their skills can turn rolls of fabric into curtains, bedding, pillows, and more. A seamstress is another great way to get unique home décor you won’t see anywhere else.

Seamstress measuring purple fabric

How about you? Have more tips for finding unique pieces for your decor? Do tell!

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couple hanging artgrey arm chair with metal side table and green lampwoman jumping onto yellow couch

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  1. We love to go to thrift stores to look for unique furniture pieces. You’d be amazed at what you can find at those places.

  2. I love to go antiquing or junking all the time. My favorite way to add decor to my home.

  3. My husband is a wizard when it comes to refurbishing and repurposing things around the house. I love that he can do this.

  4. Amber Myers says:

    You have some cute stuff here. I will keep your ideas in mind. I am all about unique!

  5. Tara Pittman says:

    I do like unique things for my home. I will have to check out some of these places.

  6. I love finding items from places like thrift stores. They always have the best items. You can find so much there.

  7. Richelle Milar says:

    I really love and enjoy finishing cool and awesome things on thrift shops! You have awesome stuff here!

  8. Great ideas! I need some more color and decorations in my house! I will try your suggestions!

  9. Beautiful Touches says:

    I can’t imagine that anything would be more unique than getting help from a seamstress!!!

  10. Lori Bosworth says:

    Great ideas for decorating! I am a bit reluctant to buy a chair or couch online, but I have bought smaller items such as lamps.

  11. Heather | thedomesticdiva.org says:

    I shop online for the majority of the things that I buy. I just don’t have the time to be in the stores.

  12. Terri Steffes says:

    I love to buy online and to go to fun craft fairs in my city.