How to be More Thoughtful This Year

We’ve just stepped into a new year and many of us are thinking of ways we can improve on our own and others’ lives. New Year’s resolutions are popular for a reason – they give you the motivation to make your own world and others a better place to be. And doing so feels rewarding.

Of course, it can be difficult to really know where to start. Sure, there are the same old resolutions that countless people make every year. Eat more healthily, exercise more often, quit a bad habit… the list goes on. But if you’re looking for something a little different, why not think outside of the box? Make this year’s resolution a little more thoughtful.

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How to be More Thoughtful This Year

This is something that everyone can improve on and can help you to feel good about yourself, help others to feel good about themselves, and generally make the world a genuinely nicer place! Here are some tips for getting started!

Reach Out to Your Loved Ones

How to be More Thoughtful This Year: Reach Out to Your Loved Ones

If 2020 taught us nothing else, we all now know how to “Zoom” someone! We spent a good chunk of last year meeting virtually and people started to get video fatigue. It can be easy to fall out of touch with people, especially with The Queen in town (reference here) we have the perfect excuse not to connect. We all lead pretty busy lifestyles and when we finally get a few moments to ourselves, we want to keep them that way – to ourselves.

But it really is important that you make sure to reach out to loved ones (see #5 here!) and make time for them. Simply checking in can make sure that they know that you care and that they are loved. Plus, it’s good for you to have other people to chat with about your own life and issues too! So, whether it’s a quick text message, a long video call, or a hand-written note, make sure to reach out in some way.

Make an Effort with Those Who Need It

How to be More Thoughtful This Year: Reach Out to Your Loved Ones

If you notice that someone is particularly down, make the effort to go the extra mile for them. If someone is unwell, why not send them some Get Well Flowers (I love these ones from Australia, even If I can't order them I can drool about them, and you certainly get the picture! I have a former colleague who does beautiful flower arrangements in her home, it must be an Australian thing!)?

If someone is going through a breakup, check-in with them, and see how they’re coping. If someone has a lot on their shoulders, make a gesture to lighten their load – see if there’s anything you can take over to free up some of their time. Small gestures really can make all the difference.


How to be More Thoughtful This Year: Volunteer

Now, not everyone has the time or capacity to volunteer. And this may not be something you can do in person at least in the first half of 2020. But if you do have the will, why not give it a try? There are countless good causes out there looking for helping hands. So think of something that’s important to you and see if there are associated volunteering positions available. (There may be something you can do virtually at this very moment.)

You could work at a soup kitchen. You could read to the elderly. You could help operate a food bank. You could help raise awareness of important issues. If you don’t have time to volunteer but are able to financially contribute to a good cause, consider donating instead.

Of course, there are countless more thoughtful acts you can carry out on a day-to-day basis. But these are just a few to get your imagination going! Hopefully, they’ll inspire you and help to get the ball rolling on this truly positive resolution!

How about you? How are you resolving to be more thoughtful this year? Have any ideas on ways to do it with the pandemic still raging? Do share!

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How to be More Thoughtful This YearHow to be More Thoughtful This YearHow to be More Thoughtful This Year

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  1. Amber Myers says:

    I will keep these in mind. I have been wanting to volunteer more, but it can be tricky with the pandemic.

  2. Nikki Wayne says:

    I love to volunteer. I’m looking forward in doing it more.

  3. This post is really informative, I have to keep these in mind.

  4. Monica Simpson says:

    I love all these practical ways to be more thoughtful. I’m starting a huge volunteer position next week and I’m super nervous but so excited too.

  5. Gracelene Dela Cruz says:

    Great suggestions. And it’s nice to make someone feel better even just by sending flowers.

  6. Rose Ann Sales says:

    I agree..There are so many ways to help if you really want to. Great post.

  7. Ghanashyam K says:

    This is a great list! I must definitely try out volunteering!

  8. Checking in with our friends and family is very important. The pandemic affects everyone differently and you never know when a simple phone call might make all the difference in someone’s day.

  9. These are all such great ideas. I think checking in with family and friends is always important. I do that a lot.

  10. It is nice to give thought to this, and to make a purposeful effort to be more thoughtful. The pandemic has made it a tough year and it is good to support those around us.

  11. I think these are ways that can help feeling better with ourselves, too! Love to help others!

  12. Anosa Malanga says:

    Couldn’t agree more. This past few months I am into reaching out to people especially my family and friends. I am looking forward to join volunteering activities. Hopefully the pandemic will be over soon.

  13. Great suggestions and so many ways to make a difference. The year 2020 coupled with the pandemic was particularly stressful and these tips are just what is needed as we start this new year. I’m curious to learn more about volunteering virtually. Happy New Year and wishing you the very best.