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How a travel blogger can write about Fast Five

fast-five-posterOne word: Rio.

I was at a business dinner last night when the topic of discussion turned to film. As I mentioned in this past Saturday Six, I saw Fast Five in IMAX and loved it. People were surprised and they said I should blog about it.

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I thought about it and said, “okay.”

Because I don’t think it is all that surprising.

I have a love affair with film that was nurtured out of family and a sense of adventure and curiosity. As I have mentioned many times, I grew up military. And even though my father was an officer that did not mean we were rolling in money, in fact when my parents were first married, and my father was a young officer, money was tight. So their form of entertainment was two things: books and movies. Every base that I ever lived on has a movie theater with tickers at a subsidized price (a perk for defending your country). When my sister and I came a long my parents instilled this love for movies and book onto us.

And it stuck.

It is a pure form of entertainment. I know there are people out there who are film snobs (like wine snobs, or any other snob), and I can respect that, but that’s just not my approach. I love the pure pleasure of suspension of disbelief and losing myself in a film.

For a traveler movies are magical.

There are so many places I have traveled to in film that my feet will never touch in real life, but it doesn’t matter, I’ve been there in my mind and in the movies. I can’t tell you how many times while watching a movie at home (Mr. Misadventures and I watch a movie every single night at home) that I will pause it just to look up the filming locations in IMDB. It happens all the time.

So back to the challenge: Fast Five

The entire film takes place in Brazil, mainly Rio de Janeiro (although there were other film locations) and depicts small portions of what life in the favelas is like. Fast Five has scenes in the favelas, in the markets and the neighborhoods that make up the “real” Rio where the locals live and not the flashy, beachy Carnivale version that most people know the city for.

My fellow travel blogging pal, Andi Perullo of My Beautiful Adventures wrote a post on the favelas during a trip she took last year which stuck with me. I have also always been fascinated by the Portuguese roots of this country and find the Christ the Redeemer statue to be intriguing (I am going to digress and moment and say I am currently watching An Idiot Abroad on iTunes and I can’t wait to see what happens when Carl gets to Rio!).

I am not going to say that the film focuses a lot on the city, but I did enjoy the scenes they did have, and it definitely sparked a “should we go there” conversation.

I have been a big fan of the Fast and Furious  franchise and I will say that some of the films have definitely been weaker than others. Fast Five has the series back on track. Everyone is older, not necessarily wiser, bigger and stronger. The action is jam-packed from beginning to end, it’s also larger and bigger than any of the previous films. It is less about car racing and more about pulling off a heist and taking care of friends and family. There is a little bit of romance thrown in to keep the ladies happy (as well as plenty of beefcake to choose from).

Despite great (and sometimes witty) one-liners it is not an intelligent film, but it is not meant to be. You have to go see it with the idea that you are going to be entertained with lots of action. If you can do that, you will love this film and you might develop a little bit of travel fever along the way, I know I am certainly thinking about Rio on my travel horizon.

How about you? Has there been a film that has sparked the desire for a future trip?

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  1. I’ll have to go see this movie. I went to see the rather bad movie, The Tourist, because it was set in Paris and Venice. I just saw Source Code which is science fiction, not usually my genre, but I really liked it. It kept my attention every minute.

    1. @Linda, we rented The Tourist and it was awful, except maybe the last 10 minutes, but that is a lot of movie to sit through before then. Saw Source Code and liked it as well. Go see Water for Elephants, it’s great!

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