Happy Trails….

Today ends our 10-day road-trip. We drove back from Moab, Utah to Las Vegas and will catch a flight back to the Bay Area tomorrow.


It has been quite a trip. By the numbers it looks like this:

2000 photos taken

1832 miles driven, all but 300 driven by me

500 additional miles in 3 off-road vehicles

20 additional miles on a river boat

3 states: NV, AZ, UT

9 Parks

5 hotels

3 Denny’s breakfasts (I’ve only eaten in 1 in the last 10 years!)

3 Walmart visits (I’ve only been in 1 one in the last 10 years!)

1 sand storm

and 10 pounds of dust ingested!

Lots of posts about all the adventures and misadventures to come!

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  1. 2000 photos!?! That’s awesome! Hope you had the time of your life?

    • @AndiP, it was the time of my hubby’s life, I was along for the ride and had my share of fun 😉

  2. this is awesome! seems like you get more vacation than I do! Can’t wait to see your photos!!

    • @Lindsey, too funny! Nope, just maximizing days to build a “pont” I have every other Friday off and Monday is the Memorial Day weekend, so it really worked out well!

  3. Cool on maximizing the days. I was starting to get worried about you. How fun for hubby! I did have to laugh about the Denney’s. I’ve been to a Denney’s in Utah. I was afraid. haha!

    • @Jen, not a lot of cell phone service and wireless in the places we were. I was one part frustrated but also one part happy not to be connected. I had a good time, but I am exhausted and need a vacation from my vacation!

  4. Kristina Sullins says:

    2000 photos. Thank goodness for digital!

  5. Dorothy Boucher says:

    WOW talk about a trip, sounds like you had a wonderful time , with plenty of picture to share ; )

  6. What an amazing trip. I wonder if my family would be up to this long of a trip.

  7. Road trips are fun when you take your time and enjoy the sites. I’ve taken several “road trips” but never really took the opportunity to enjoy the sites. Thanks for sharing your experience! It’s fun to visit the same “places” around the country.

  8. Kyla Hickey says:

    Road trips are so amazing! My boyfriend & I moved to L.A. from the East Coast nearly two years ago and I still dream of that cross-country road trip. We spent 8 days on the road and I think we took over 2,000 photos as well 🙂

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