7 Great Travel Jobs for 2022 and Beyond

The world of work has changed. Last year everyone was forced to be at home, work from home, etc. Remote working was something a small percentage of people (like me) enjoyed. The landscape has changed. The result? Now more and more, people are opting for careers that allow them to experience new cultures while still making money. Or are doing their current job from anywhere in the world. Travel as a career (or as part of your career experience) is possible.

And it’s not just 20-somethings who want this kind of career; there are many 50-, 60- and 70-year old retirees looking to get back into the workforce in a job where they can travel or find ways to fund their travels.

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Travel isn't just a passion for some (again, like me!); it is a calling, and as such, being able to live a life where they can indulge their love of adventure and exploring is something to aspire to.

While the economic face of the world might be changing along with the way we do business, as detailed by Dee Agarwal, these changes mean that it is becoming increasingly easier to carve a career out in the travel industry as technology advances mean it had never been easier to work digitally from any location in the world.

But what are the best travel careers in 2021 and beyond?

Recent reports show that these “wanderlusters” will be needed to fill jobs in industries like hospitality, tourism, education, and healthcare, and beyond. So if you dream of traveling the world without leaving your job behind, here are 7 great careers for you to consider: travel blogger, travel freelance writer, English teacher and remote teaching jobs, tour guide, traveling fitness instructor, Foreign Service, and travel nursing.

Travel Blogger

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Of course, I have to start with this one 😉 Becoming a travel blogger is a dream for many people, spurred on by those who have gone before them. However, one issue with becoming a travel blogger is that it isn't an instant career, and you might need to fund your travels and equipment before the paid work starts coming in.

Travel blogging may be common nowadays but that does not mean it comes easy. It is an attractive proposition, but it isn't a guaranteed way of earning money and traveling the world. It takes A LOT of work to get to a level where you can earn enough income. The niche is saturated with competition, which means you need to work hard so as to stay ahead of them all.

Travel blogging is more than just taking pictures and sharing them on social media; it also involves editing photos, writing blog posts, and marketing your work. Writer's block is an experience that every writer will have to face at some point. Creating high-quality content can be very stressful, especially when you're under pressure from companies that need your work done in a timely manner. Blogging doesn't offer a fixed income. It's not like having a full-time job, where the paycheck comes every two weeks on Friday or whatever day your employer chooses to pay you.

Don't get discouraged! If you choose your niche well, write good content with strong visuals, study SEO, and market the heck out of your work you will see results!

Travel Freelance Writer

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If you have a gift for the written word and you can spin a tale that captivates others, then becoming a travel writer can be for you. If you don't want to start your own blog, become a ghostwriter for other travel bloggers, write for publications or companies specializing in providing travel content to various websites for SEO.

All you need is something to write on, and an internet connection, and you can work from anywhere in the world.

There are a number of travel writing jobs out there, but not all of them are paid well—or at all. Fortunately, the internet has made it easier than ever to land your dream job as a freelance writer. If you can write compelling articles about different destinations and experiences, then you have what it takes to become a travel writer.

The good news is that if you start your own blog and build up a readership, there's no limit to the number of opportunities available to you as a freelance writer. And if you find yourself particularly skilled at writing persuasive sales copy, you can even make money by selling other travel writers' articles!

There are plenty of travel writing jobs out there for those who are willing to work hard.

English Teacher and Remote Teaching Jobs

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All around the world, people are learning English for business or pleasure. While many countries offer English lessons as a standard in school, not everyone has this opportunity or wants to expand their skills beyond what they have learned.

There are many portals you can log into and work from anywhere in the world to generate an income. The more qualifications you have, the greater your earning potential. I know several travel bloggers who have had great success with VIP Kids. They've made a pretty good income and funded lots of travel. (In full transparency that was before 2020, so that community may be inundated as well due to all the remote working now!)

There are also plenty of opportunities for teachers to work remotely. Education is quickly adapting to modern times, meaning that many schools are welcoming full-time or part-time remote teachers.

The pay can be low at first but it’s worth seeing how much you can earn through your employer’s policies. It might also be possible to charge a premium for certain courses given that they are not easily accessible in the country their students reside in.

Tour Guide

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Suppose you have in-depth and extensive knowledge of specific places or landmarks, then why not become a travel guide for that area. Popular tourist destinations can benefit from tour guides to meet demand. You need to have excellent communication skills, soak up and retain knowledge, and build a great rapport with people.

Some of the best tour guides i”ve had have been studies working in specific fields of study like art and history. Like Katherine who gave Mr. Misadventures an amazing tour through the Orsay in Paris through the eyes of painters from the 19th century. Or my history-laden gastronomic tour in London. They were either studying abroad and doing tours in English or local and saving up for travels doing tours as a side gig.

Traveling Fitness Instructor

Fitness Instructor

If you have qualified as a personal trainer or other exercise specialties, then you can travel for work in some of the most glamorous places in the world. You can work on a cruise ship, a luxury resort providing exercise classes to holidaymakers, or by integrating yourself into local communities and instruct classes as a resident.

There are many different types of exercise classes that you could teach: yoga, spinning, pilates, and more. This job may be for you if you have qualifications as a personal trainer or other exercise specialties. You need to have excellent communication skills and soak up knowledge quickly. Build rapport with people to start this career!

I hadn't really ever thought of this option before and think there are a ton of possibilities here. My cousin just launched her virtual fitness training business and not only can she have clients from anywhere in the world, but she can also be anywhere in the world while giving the sessions!

Foreign Service

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Foreign service travel jobs enable you to immerse yourself in a new culture and live as if you were a local for months or even years. I actually have a cousin who is attempting to do this and there are a lot of exciting possibilities for this if you are just getting started pre or post-college.

This position needs you to work for diplomats, embassies of your country overseas, or an intergovernmental body (IGO). You must have a graduate degree, and having a working knowledge of foreign languages makes it easier to get this job. The competition is high, and you may even be required to undergo a series of aptitude exams administered by your state agency.

Travel Nursing

Travel Nurse

I was lucky enough to sit next to a traveling nurse on a flight a few years back. She told me all about her career and it was exciting and fascinating!

For those with the proper qualifications and certification, this is an exciting and rewarding position to be in. Travel nurse jobs vary depending on the region and organization you work for, but there are a couple of things they all have in common: The freedom to travel with regularity (sometimes even at the drop of a hat), and excellent pay.

Travel Nursing is one of the most popular travel careers today, as nurses are always in demand. Check out Vivian Health. They operate as a marketplace for healthcare hiring. They help connect healthcare professionals to employers as well as support all types of healthcare jobs including permanent, per-diem, local, and travel contracts. 

As a travel nurse, you have the flexibility to do regional work and even relocate if you so choose. You'll enjoy excellent pay, compensation for housing and food expenses, and lots of time off—many assignments only last a couple of weeks or months.

lady sitting in airport

These are just some of the most popular travel jobs right now. The good news is that there are plenty more positions to travel the world.  Once we conquer the Big “C”, there will be many opportunities for traveling. Travel-oriented careers will be in demand now and in the future. If you have a passion for traveling and want to make money, then any of these positions could work for you!

How about you? Do you know of other jobs where you can travel? Have you had a job that you can do while traveling? Do tell!

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  1. Amber Myers says:

    I love your ideas. I wouldn’t mind to be able to travel more. Being a tour guide would be fun!

  2. melissa chapman says:

    These careers seem like there is something for everyone. As a blogger I have always wanted to consider travel as an option

  3. Lori Bosworth says:

    This is a great compilation for students considering careers in the travel industry!

  4. Tara Pittman says:

    These are some great ways to travel. Where do I sign up?

  5. Richelle Escat says:

    I love all your tips. English teaching sounds like a great job.

  6. Ivan M. Jose says:

    I love the jobs you listed here. I mean, I’m familiar with many of them because I considered doing them when I was planning to travel around the world.

  7. I agree with these too. They are wonderful ideas for a job. I personally love being a blogger.

  8. Sarah Bailey says:

    These are some lovely ideas – I love that blogging is making it so much easier for people to be able to travel and work.


    It’s great that there are so many options available. I’d love to be a travel blogger but don’t have the time with the kids and their schooling.

  10. What a great list of jobs for people who love to travel. I am friends with a couple of travel bloggers and they love their jobs. They are fortunate that they travel in an RV and so COVID has not put a stop to all their adventures.

  11. Great ideas for traveling. My hubby and I take trips for my blog also. I wish we could travel more.

  12. These would all be fun ideas for making money while traveling! It would definitely be a dream to be able to do this.

  13. Lavanda Michelle says:

    My sister is a traveling nurse and she loves it! While she travels, she writes a blog about her adventures.

  14. I’m not sure that I would want a travel job yet. It’s all too crazy out there!

  15. These jobs sounds fun and very promising! Thank you for sharing!