My Gourmet Mini-Meals

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Lesley Stowe Fine Foods.

In the Misadventures household, my hubby does all the cooking. I know, so, so, so LUCKY! Except when he is on a business trip, like this past week and I am left to fend for myself!

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Don't get me wrong, I can cook, and before I met my husband I did a lot of it, but after 12 years of not doing any, I just don't bother. I've got a built-in creative and gourmet chef that runs circles around anything I can do!

The first few days that Mr. Misadventures is gone I usually eat one of two things. Cereal because I never eat it any other time. And scrambled egg with sriracha over rice. But after a few days, I am over it and crave something good, something that appeases my foodie nature.

That's when I hit my beloved local grocery store and pick up cheese, wine, Raincoast Crisps, and whatever else pleases my fancy. Yes, I know, it sounds exactly like my regular Saturday afternoon weekend routine when my husband is in town, however, that is usually a snack leading up to an awesome dinner. When I am alone, that is the meal!

Weekend Snack
My weekend routine snack.

The lovely folks at Lesley Stowe Fine Foods sent me samples of their brand NEW flatbreads – lemon & fennel and kale & walnut, so I didn't have a need to pick-up my usual Raincoast Crisps. I made two gourmet mini-meals out of the flatbreads.

When I saw the lemon and fennel the first thing that came to mind was pasta with pork sausage because that just sounded like a great combo, but that is not something you throw on a flatbread! The team that I work with and I have about a million food conversations and during the week I asked one of them what they would pair with lemon and fennel and she said, “chicken.” That sounded pretty good to me!

While at the grocery store I picked up some of their in-house deli chicken salad with celery and walnuts and raisins, it's awesome! I ran errands, so by the time I got home I was starving, I sat down for my first mini gourmet meal in the early afternoon. I paired it with one of my favorite J Winery Vin Gris – perfectly chilled as we finally got our summer here in the San Francisco Bay Area and I needed something refreshing!

My Mini Gourmet Meal - Raincoast Flats

One strange thing about me. I always eat at the dining table. I grew up eating meals at tables and it is a habit that I haven't broken, so even when I am alone, I set the table for one and eat there!

The Raincoast Flats with the chicken salad was just what I needed to get me through the rest of the afternoon. I had to get the house ready for the hubby's return….okay maybe I don't make the bed every single day he is gone. And maybe the dishes don't always make it into the sink. And maybe I don't hang up all my clothes after work….maybe.

Once the house was tiptop, I was ready for my second mini gourmet meal.

As soon as I saw the kale and walnut Raincoast Flats box I knew instantly what I wanted to do with it! The flavor combination reminded me of a pizza I love to get at one of the restaurants on Fourth Street here in Berkeley. Zut! has a pizza with Pt. Reyes blue cheese, caramelized onion, fig balsamic, wild arugula, and peppered walnuts.

Zut! Pt. Reyes Blue Pizza

I took the kale and walnut flatbread and added Maytag blue cheese and fancy fried onions. I paired this delicious bite, which was very reminiscent of the pizza, with a French walnut liquor to bring out the walnut in the cracker. This combo was a total success and I am going to prepare it for Mr. Misadventures next weekend when he is back in town!

Mini Gourmet Meal - Raincoast Flats

I don't cook but that doesn't mean I should suffer. Getting takeout is not the right move, I prefer getting food at my grocery store and creating my own gourmet, albeit no-cook, meals. With the thousands of cheeses out there and a good Raincoast Crisp or Flat, I am one happy camper! Brands like Lesley Stowe make it mindlessly simple for me.

This won't be the last time that Mr. Misadventures will be on a business trip, what are some other ways I can eat these new Raincoast Flats?

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  1. Susan @ 2 cats and chloe says:

    I LOVE that you go to the grocery store for meals like this instead of take out! And now I want a wine and cheese plate immediately! Everything looks delish!

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @Susan, seems healthier I love restaurants, but I don’t always make the wisest decisions at them!

  2. Those look amazing!!
    I always eat at the table too, it’s a habit and can’t and don’t want to break!

  3. I do the same! Whenever I am alone on the weekend I’ll take the time to assemble my ideal cheese plate – or whatever I can afford…Raincoast crisps are always within my charcuterie cheese board at home and they are a Canadian created product after all!
    My boyfriend has a shift with 2 weeks away and 1 week back as he works up North for the next 6 months or so.
    So that leaves a lot of time where I either cook or take out. This weekend I was about to put an order in for Thai food when the line was busy for an hour straight to instead I made myself a cheese plate and delicious caprese salad. So happy I did!

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @Murissa, I don’t eat a lot of charcuterie but love it had not thought of putting that with the crisps, thinking a nice spreadable goat with prosciutto would go great on the lemon and fennel flat bread. Going to try sardines with the kale and walnut one tonight! My hubby brought back some great tins of sardines from his trip to France and I am curious to see how they work together.

  4. Lori @ RecipeGirl says:

    I am absolutely CRAZY about these crisps!! When my husband is traveling, I pick up a box and some soft cheese… and that’s my dinner with wine. SO GOOD.

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @Lori, aren’t they the best? Got a favorite cheese/crisp combo?

  5. I always eat at the table, too! It’s a habit for me, but I also find it way more comfortable and convenient than eating at the couch or elsewhere. These mini meals are great. I don’t like to cook a big meal if I am the only one eating it, so these are perfect for me.

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @Jenna, perfect for one and indulgent as well.

  6. Is French walnut liquor available in the US?

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @Chelle, I wish I could say yes, but so far my hubby and I have not been able to find it! We have been searching for 8 years now!

  7. That looks like my kind of kind right there!!! Love a good apps and cheese plate night!

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @Candace, nothing better!

  8. Oh, how I wish I was in the habit of eating at the table. I am most of the times too lazy to eat so I just eat on the go. As for cooking, you made me miss my ex-boyfriend. Man, he was a good cook! (I hope my husband will never see this post.)

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @Ana, I won’t tell 😉

  9. Angelic Sinova says:

    I LOVE a good cheese plate! So yummy <3

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @Angelic, what is your favorite cheese?

  10. Jamie | My Baking Addiction says:

    I just added these crisps to my grocery list – they look and sound amazing. I love your mini gourmet meals _ I’m a total cereal eater when I’m alone too.

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @Jamie, you’ll find them in the cheese department and they are amazingly matched with just about anything!

  11. Christiane says:

    Now see, I was all happy about the kale flatbread when I saw it on Facebook, but that was before you mentioned lemon and fennel. Now THAT sounds phenomenal!

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @Christiane, I know! Hard to choose!

  12. Yummy! You have some really awesome recipes here! 🙂

  13. Stephanie @ Plain Chicken says:

    Genius! Everything looks delicious! I am going to add them to my grocery list.

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @Stephanie, definitely do, you’ll find them with the cheeses! You are such a big fan of peanut butter, I bet there is a flavor that will go with PB!

  14. Kim Beaulieu says:

    I’m going to spend some time noshing on my Raincoast Flats I picked up while travelling. Perfect late night noshing and they make for great bite sized food too. Love them. I love the idea of mini meals. There’s something about tiny food that makes me super happy.

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @Kim, I hear ya! Super indulgent and super easy! Glad to hear you are a fellow Raincoast fan!

  15. This is to fancy! Looks delicious:)!

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @Ales, thanks! I loved the food photos in your El Paso post. I lived there a LONG time ago when my Dad was stationed at Ft. Bliss!

  16. Your food looks beautiful. Maybe you can surprise your husband with dinner when he comes home?

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @Tammi, I did that on his last trip and he actually liked it. I am trying a few things for the first time in many, many years!

  17. Laura Waxman says:

    I am looking forward to having a dining table again – our current house is just too small for one! that cheese looks absolutely divine! will you send some over my way?? =)

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @Laura, too late I ate it all!

  18. Megan {Country Cleaver} says:

    These look positively lovely. My husband is a dining table eater – I will park it wherever is easiest. We are transitioning back to the dining table and I love those few quiet minutes of us together.

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @Megan, I really enjoy it too, spending some time talking about each other’s day no TV, cell phone or other distraction.

  19. Those flatbreads look so good! I don’t have a dining table where I live (I do, but it’s not mine to use) so I usually eat at my desk. But I’ve been doing that for years. At home, eating at the dinner table was a surefire way of getting into a fight with my father (he picked them; he’s abusive) so I just stopped eating there. Or going to the living room much at all. But I do like it when I get to eat at a proper table.

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @Lix, oh I am so sorry to hear that. I can see why that would not be a pleasant experience. Your desk can be a virtual table, at least you are not sitting on your bed!

  20. These photos make me hungry! Everything looks so tasty!

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @Brenda, thanks no cooking involved!

  21. Those are some amazing meals for 1. I typically just have soup! lol

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @Rebekah, nothing wrong with soup! What’s your favorite?

  22. Jenn Erin says:

    Wow, great job! Everything looks delicious!

  23. I cannot wait to dig into a wine + cheese platter this weekend! Your photos of all the food is sooo yummy looking.

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @Nancy, what is your favorite wine and cheese? What do you eat them with?

  24. Girl in Beta says:

    I insist on eating at the table myself.
    I think as a general rule, we all approach eating wrong. We beat ourselves up for indulging, we rush, we pay more attention to our phones during meals than people – we should slow down and enjoy the elegance of dining.

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @GirlinBeta, I agree! No cell phones at our table when we eat at home. Only only cell to take a photo of my meal (I can’t help myself) but then it goes in my bag until after my meal!

  25. Erica @ SimplySweetPrints says:

    That soup looks so good, you may have to eventually share the recipe! 🙂

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @Erica, that would require my hubby sharing it with me first, maybe someday….

  26. You got a really awesome partner, my partner hate cooking……..but he did cook on a special day and wash dishes everyday…..

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @Fionpu good that he washes the dishes, that is my job too since my hubby cooks!

  27. I am really wanting some wine after reading your post!

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @Lindsay, what is your favorite wine?

  28. Istvánné V. says:

    Oh, I wonder what can the French walnut liquor be like? But oh, I wish I could reach through the screen for a pinch of that blue cheese and of the pizza! 🙂

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @Istvanne, the walnut wine is a little sweet and perfect for cooking with it for chicken and mushrooms. The pizza is delish!

  29. Katie Matthews says:

    What an absolute feast! This all looks delicious! I always feast if I’m ever separated from my BF – I like to spoil myself! Nibbles and wine are my idea of heaven!

    Katie <3

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @Katie, me too! What do you feast on?

  30. Katie @ Domestiphobia says:

    That all looks delicious! It’s official. I’m moving in.

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @Katie, come on down, I will put you in charge of remodeling to pay for your keep – you are the queen of that!

  31. Smith Bites says:

    i LOVE that you set your table for one – that is such a gift to yourself! and the flatbreads look fabulous – i really like the flavor combo of kale and walnut – great recipes!

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @SmithBites, it is indulgent and it makes me feel like my meal matters. The kale and walnut one is delicious! I tried it with sardines last night, it was great!

  32. The Accidental Mama says:

    Good for you for trying to think outside of the box on the flats! I would just stick to wine and cheese because, really, that is all I would ever want!
    The Accidental Mama

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @TheAccidentalMama, never anything wrong with wine and cheese!

  33. Jessica Doll says:

    I am the chef in our house, but I’m sure my husband fends for himself easily, too. This all looks so delicious, I should really incorporate more wine into our meals, hahaha. And I am NOT fond of these “Indian Summers”. It’s so hot down here in South Bay, I think I’m melting.

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @Jessica, I hear you! We don’t have air conditioning, so we aren’t cooking right now! Too hot!

  34. Looks so amazing! I love this!

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @Neely, thanks do you cook or create non-cook meals like me?

  35. Carly Anderson says:

    These mini meals all look delicious! I really need to get in the habit of eating at the table for all meals. It’s hard to break!

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @Carly, I know! My first husband never ate at the table, his family ate in front of the TV, it is a hard habit to break either way!

  36. Vidya Sudarsan says:

    wow! food looks gourmet! very nicely presented and looks appetizing too 🙂 I can get my kids to eat better if I can present food like this!

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @Vidya, I have seen some pretty clever ways of disguising food for kids!

  37. The flat bread looks so delicious, now I want some, with cheese!

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @Fi, not sure they have them in Ireland, but I am sure you can find something similar. What is your favorite cheese? What cheese are they most known for in Ireland?

  38. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    The food looks amazing, except I never do mini. When I want to eat, I eat 🙂

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @Robin, I hear you! Which is why I only buy one box each at a time!

  39. Paula Parker says:

    Wow, these are some awesome meals. Thanks for sharing, I had never heard of them before. A must try.

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @Paula, definitely do, they are generally located in the cheese area.

  40. I’m guilty of only eating dinner at the table, I’m always running around and eating on the go.

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @Nina, that’s okay! To each his own, whatever works for you!

  41. Cindy (Vegetarian Mamma) says:

    YUM, all those mini meals look amazing! What beautiful pictures!

  42. Isn’t it lonely to eat alone? I think I can have healthier food when I’m not with my family. All I’ll cook are vegetables.

  43. Erica Brooks says:

    The crisps with the cheese looks delicious! I didn’t grow up having to eat at the table all the time but I do enjoy it now as an adult.

  44. Franc Ramon says:

    You did create a fine meal here. It’s also nice that you kept your habit at eating at the dining table.

  45. Wow, your plating technique is amazing! Every meal must be a treat for the eyes at your house!

  46. Aisha Kristine Chong says:

    This totally looks great, yummy and healthy – love it!

  47. Love these recipes!

  48. Istvánné V. says:

    @Andi Thank You! 🙂

  49. Rashell Abril says:

    The plating is amazing. I love it! Perfect for mini me.

  50. I LOVE flatbread but haven’t found any that is as good as what I eat at restaurants so I’m super excited to try this!

  51. I’m like Lori and buy these when I want a wine and cheese night… love them!

  52. I’ll take one flatbread and one soup! oh wait…you’re NOT taking my order? lol It looks all so yummy @Andi! Thank you for sharing and I agree with all the cheeses available- why not make a lovely snack plate!

  53. Yum – that looks delicious! You just can’t go wrong with wine and cheese 🙂

  54. I love these mini meals ideas! That flatbread is amazing!

  55. What a cool supermarket. I love when I can find nice meals that are affordable at the same time. The flatbread crackers and cheese look delicious. It’s great you don’t have to suffer when your husband is out of town.

  56. Yummmm, I’m a huge cheese lover! Thanks for sharing

  57. Ayana Pitterson says:

    Hmmm that actually looks great for a dinner for me. I do wish at times I can have some alone time to set out something like this — I love cheese but haven’t tried that flatbread yet. Need to make a date night for solo soon.

    Thrifting Diva

  58. That food looks great. I love to eat at the table too. make my meal taste better, well at least I think.

  59. All of those meals look just delicious! Yum!

  60. XmasDolly says:

    Well that’s really good you just put something together then going to the restaurant to eat. I can eat apps every night for supper, and you really put some gourmet food together here didn’t you. Absolutely tasty. I can almost taste that cheese and wine together. 3 cheers for you… hip hip …

  61. Rebecca Swenor says:

    These look like awesome mini meals indeed. I love this idea. I will have to try these when I am home alone. Thanks for sharing.

  62. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    The food looks amazing. So does that Pea soup. It is so nice that your husband cooks.

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @Ann, I am one lucky lady for sure!

  63. Everything looks so delicious!

  64. Nile Flores says:

    These look fantastic. I usually make my own thing. If I do go out to a restaurant, it’s not fast food. I haven’t been to a fast food joint or have eaten fast food for more than 3 months now. lol

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @Nile, yep I don’t do fast food, haven’t been to one in over a decade. With the exception of Subway which my hubby and I eat when we are on a road trip and there is nothing else. I do everything I can to avoid it!

  65. Leyla Giray says:

    Here’s what I’d do with Raincoast Flats: spread pure white goat’s cheese, add a folded slice of San Daniele prosciutto, and a few slices of rocket (I think it’s called arugula in the USA). If you wish just turn the pepper mill once. It will be… good!

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @Leyla, I am coming to your house for snacks because that sounds delicious. My husband is French and I lived in France and one of my favorite pizzas is tuna with rocket, also love the langoustine and rocket sandwiches they have at Pret a Manger!

  66. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    It sounds to me like you are quite a gourmet cook. The chicken salad and flat bread really sounds good to me. Thank you for sharing

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @Linda, maybe not a gourmet cook, but a gourmet-put-prepared-foods-together master!

  67. Cass Sudduth says:

    These look so good! I don’t know if it would turn out looking as good for me though.

  68. I WISH I could get in the habit of eating at the table. For the longest time we didn’t have room for a table so we just ate wherever. After years of that, I don’t know how to go back. I seriously think the only reason we having a dining table now is so I can tell my toddler to get off of it before he kills himself 😉

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @Trish, maybe when your toddler is a little older and goes to school you can get back in the habit of eat at the table so you can all talk about his day at school. Maybe. Life is hectic so you got to do what you can!

  69. I love the concept of smaller meals! Unfortunately I end up eating at my desk at home as I’m working. 🙁
    Finger food style meals (especially wine and cheese, who doesn’t love that?) are great for snacking though when I’m writing/reading about food.

    And I’m SO INTRIGUED by that French walnut liquor! Yum! Yum!

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @Rachelle, I hear ya on the easy finger foods, I often eat lunch at my desk and you have to be strategic about what you eat so that it doesn’t end up all over your keyboard. Walnut liquor is delicious, but that is the last of the bottle we bought in France and in 7 years of being back in the U.S. I have yet to see it anywhere!

  70. Yum!! Those look delicious. I need to get better at eating at the table! I grew up at the table, but years of college living changed my eating habits!

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @Raewyn, sitting at the table totally changes the perspective of the meal you are eating, even if it is cereal. At the table you are focused on the food and not on the TV or cell phone, I really enjoy it, but I know every person is different!

  71. These appetizers looks delicious! You are welcome to our house any night.

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @Geanine, thanks! Am I bring the appetizers?

  72. Yum! This looks absolutely delicious!

  73. Erin @ Dinners, Dishes, and Desserts says:

    I have never had these crisps before, but they look great. I love having wine and appetizers for a weekend night.

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @Erin, if you get the opportunity, definitely try Raincoast especially if you love appetizers!

  74. Kath Rivera says:

    It’s my first time to see this kind of meals and snacks. Based on the photos, it looks yummy and healthy too

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @Kath, they are, but you have amazing food in the Philippines too! Love your night markets!

  75. Kristen @ Treats and Travels says:

    My fiance also does most of the cooking! He loves to experiment with food, its great!

  76. For not cooking for 12 years your dishes look like something I’d eat in a gourmet restaurant and you are lucky you husband cooks!. Mine makes omelets an can grill if it’s not over done. It all fell on me

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @Roseanne, thanks, I love food and my hubby has rubbed off on me. I am very lucky indeed!

  77. Mmm I could definitely make a meal out of these flatbreads! So tasty!

  78. Kathy Luman says:

    I love getting a cheese ball and crackers to eat for when it is just me at home. It’s quick and delicious.

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @Kathy, nothing better!

  79. I’ve got a man who cooks too, but if he’s ever gone, it’s good to know I could eat this well. Thanks for the ideas!

  80. Heather at Basilmomma says:

    What a treat for yourself! I would take those nibbles anytime 🙂

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @Heather, what is your favorite snack?

  81. Sounds like you got by on your own in style 🙂

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @Amanda, it is kind of a matter of survival!

  82. Pea soup is a traditional Thursday meal here in Finland. Usually, Finns eat the soup without any meat. I hated it at first but now I got used to like it. It’s certainly healthy food.

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @Mai, I like it without meat too also hot or cold, pea soup is delicious!

  83. these look so yummy, what a great idea!!!

  84. I love the cheese combinations. Great foodie inspiration when I don’t want to cook!

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @Kristen, simple yet tasty!

  85. Michael Lambert says:

    Everything looks really good. We use to sit at the table everyday and haven’t in a while. We really need to start sitting at the tablet everyday again.

  86. Kristen Osborne says:

    love the kale flatbread sounds very tastey

  87. alicia szemon says:

    that pizza looks so good! pizza is life… lol

  88. Olivine Eyes says:

    I should try Raincoast Crisps. All those meals look delicious, but I could do without the cheese and eggs.