Godiva Summer of Love (and Chocolate!)

I have been selected as a GODIVA Ambassador and this is a post written by me on behalf of GODIVA.

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My Chocolate Story

I grew up in a household full of sweet tooths. My mother was quite fond of chocolate, so I'd guess you'd say that my appreciation for all the decadence derived from the cocoa bean is in the genes!

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By no means did I grow up deprived, but my chocolate experiences were limited to American brands and mainly milk chocolate. From time to time my Dad would come back from a trip with something “exotic” but for the most part, the chocolate cookies, cake, puddings, candies, and ice cream were all domestic.

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At eighteen when I headed to California for school, I had three roommates. We shared an apartment with a kitchen and given we were from vastly different socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds, food exploration was inherent. One weekend one of my roommates came back from a trip to New York with a box of GODIVA chocolates. After a group dinner, she pulled out the box to share for dessert. When I bit into my first dark chocolate truffle I was a goner.

After that, living with my parents in Madrid, then traveling to Europe for business, and then finally living in Europe, I was exposed to an expanded world of chocolate, always with GODIVA at the core. You never forget your first love!

J'adore - Cool Things for Hot Sleepers

In Paris (actually the first city outside of Belgium that GODIVA expanded to) there was a GODIVA shop five doors down from the Westin in Paris and each trip I would indulge ‘mon petit péché mignon' (my little) chocolate (habit) with a truffle from that shop. When we were in Paris this May it was actually closed (sad face) and is moving locations. I will definitely have to hunt it down on my next trip.

Godiva Summer of Love Ambassador

GODIVA Signature Truffles
GODIVA Signature Truffles

I am thrilled to have been selected as one of GODIVA's Ambassadors helping to promote the launch of two fantastic new frozen treats. More on them in a minute.

First I have to share the sheer joy it is to open a box of GODIVA truffles. It has been a while since I had a box, I usually buy single truffles (you know, that whole French moderation thing I strive for…) so when I received my welcome package from Godiva that included a box of a dozen Signature truffles, I was delighted.

It starts with the eyes. The beautiful gold ballotin box just screams luxury and indulgence. Then the nose. When you open the box, the smell of deep, intoxicatingly rich chocolate is an experience on its own. Then finally, after much internal debate, a selection is made and you take that first bite…it only reinforces that a happy life is one filled with moments. Blissful moments like enjoying a chocolate truffle without apology.

Thank you Godiva!

GODIVA’s Trufflelata™ and Soft Serve


The GODIVA Trufflelata is a truffle in every sip..literally! You choose one of six truffles (Chocolate Lava Cake, Salted Caramel, Strawberry Crème, Hazelnut Crunch, Milk Chocolate and Oreo® Cookie) and then it's blended into a shake. I am trying this out at an event in San Francisco and I can tell you,  I am going for chocolate lava cake!

Currently March 2021

Belgium is revered for its food perfectionism and high-quality ingredients. So you can imagine that tradition applied to soft serve! GODIVA's soft serve contains premium and authentic Belgian chocolate. There's Dark Chocolate and White Chocolate Vanilla Bean and for those who can't decide…Swirl! And what is soft-serve if it's not served in Belgian waffle cones? Unheard of! GODIVA has the cones (bien sûr!) dipped in either milk or dark chocolate…or a cup if you don't do the waffle cone thing.

GODIVA-Soft Serve Trio

How about you? Do you have a GODIVA love story? Or a summer love story? A favorite truffle? Have you tried the Trufflelata (what flavor?) or the soft serve? Do tell!

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  1. It must be hard being a Godiva ambassador! When I went to Brussels to see the European Parliament, I may or may have spent my last few euros on a few Godiva chocolates, they were divine!

  2. Oh my, do I want a Trufflelata now. Stupid diet!

  3. The trufflelata sounds AMAZING, I cannot wait to try it! I love Godiva so much – I used to give my teachers little boxes of Godiva when I was a kid growing up, as a holiday/end of the school year gift. Yeah, I was the best kid they ever taught 😉

  4. Amy Green says:

    I love Godiva chocolates! It is always a tradition for my mom to give me a small box for Christmas. I still need to try all of their different truffles.