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4 Ways You Can Fund Your Travels While On The Move

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Being able to travel is one of life’s biggest pleasures. Something we all probably took for granted before 2020! And like many of the good things in life, travel costs money. People work hard to afford travel, but it can take a long time to save what you need to see the world. Don’t despair, in my opinion, it is totally worth it! These days, there are more ways to fill that bank account sooner and get going. 

You can fund your travels without having to save for months and even years. Many people are embracing new ways of funding their travels and enjoying a lifestyle that supports their passion. Want to know how to be one of them? Take a look at these four ways of funding your travels while on the move.

1. Become a digital nomad

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What is a digital nomad? An option A LOT of travel bloggers pursue for starters! A digital nomad is someone who works on the move, earning an income online while traveling the world. It’s easier than you might think to become a digital nomad, with plenty of opportunities to work online from any location. If you can keep your outgoings low and reduce your expenses, you can enjoy some incredible travel experiences while being able to earn a living at the same time. I know a lot of digital nomads in the travel space that have successfully built businesses writing, editing, being a virtual assistant, etc.
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2. Get a job in the travel industry

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If you want to get paid to travel, one of the best ways to do this is to get a job in the travel industry. You could work as a travel reviewer, work for an airline, or on a cruise – there are a lot of different jobs in the industry that feature travel as part of the role. Consider learning some additional languages to help make your skills even more appealing to potential recruiters.

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3. Find passive income solutions

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Many people are able to travel thanks to passive income solutions/streams. You can try affiliate marketing as one way to earn passive income, or you can explore the world of investing. Cryptocurrency is becoming a popular way for people to invest, and you can make recurring orders on crypto using online tools while you travel. You’d need to have some savings to invest in the first instance, but the right investments could mean you get more out of them so that you can travel for longer. Even the Broke Backpacker has this on his list of 39 jobs! And of course, Elon Musk!

4. Spend time working overseas

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Another option to fund your travels while on the move is to work overseas. You could find a destination to work in like Europe and use your weekends and free time to explore nearby countries and cities. Europe is a great example of somewhere you can travel on a budget and really make the most of your time there. Many large companies have offices in international locations, so it’s worth exploring transfer or secondment opportunities that will allow you to see more of the world.

I have successfully done this. I started out working on a global team at a global company and got myself transferred to Switzerland for 3 years. I used it as a home base to travel all over Europe and loved it! Keep a lookout for opportunities at your company and have faith. It took 2 years for me to get the transfer, but it happened! In addition, working on a global team also afforded me extended time in Asia on big projects. This is an awesome way to travel for cheap!

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Want to travel the world without emptying your wallet? Now you can do it! There are many ways to fund your travels while on the move, providing you with a bit of flexibility. Start exploring what is available for you and put those grand plans in place today.

How about you? Do you have another method for funding your travel? Do share!

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