Friday Foodie – Candi of A Day in Candiland

Candi Elm of A Day in Candiland seems to constantly reinvent herself, but one thing is central to every new thing she tries….food, or more specifically, dessert! Former teahouse owner to culinary student and now dessert business owner slash food blogger, no matter what Candi is doing she is having fun!

Let’s meet Candi!

Food blogger Candi at Cupcake Show

[1] Have you always been a foodie, or is that something you grew into?

I have always loved to bake since I was a child. I am definitely a baker and not a cook. I started a teahouse in 2008 and did private tea parties for the red hat society. That was my initial start into the #foodie world. When I had to give up the teahouse, I started culinary school and that was where I my love for baking really began and I started baking full time. I do have a cupcake business also but my blog is more personal.

Food blogger Candi

[2] How and why did you begin your blog?

When I had to give up doing Tea Parties since we sold that business, I really missed it, so I thought I would blog about it. That was about 4 years ago. I really started because I wanted a place to share stories for my kids later in life. My blog has definitely evolved and went through 3 total transformations, and I don't know if I'm there yet, but I'm enjoying the journey.

[3] What’s your favorite thing to make/cook?

My favorite thing to bake is cupcakes. I make them weekly for my business and the blog along with other desserts and recipes. I like making them since they are smaller than cakes but you can be very creative with flavors and I hope to one day really get into design work.


[4] What is your favorite thing to eat?

My favorite thing to eat is Mexican food. I don't cook it that often and I usually go out when I want it. I love Guacamole.

[5] What is your comfort food?

My comfort food is either Soup, warm or cold, or anything with bread and lots of butter.


[6] Describe your perfect food day?

My perfect food day would be to go to a progressive meal at different restaurants and maybe meeting the chefs or going back in the kitchen and watching them and asking questions.

Food blogger Candi

[7] What are three other blogs that inspire you?

I like so many blogs its hard to pick three, but I guess I would choose, Crazy for Crust, Pinch of Yum and Sprinkle Bakes. I subscribe to many more and I love to read different ones for photography, for humor and social media and blogging tips.

[8] Do you have advice for bloggers just starting out?

I wish I knew it all or had the magic answer, but there really is so much to learn. I would say, decide why you are blogging and write it down and find some groups to join on Facebook for whatever niche you are in and learn from them. Be patient, it doesn't happen overnight. Mostly have fun and be able to laugh at yourself.

Thanks Candi!

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How about you? What would you like to ask Candi? What's your favorite kind of cupcake?

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  1. Cara of Stylish+Geek Blog says:

    Awesome interview with Candi Elm! And I totally agree with her advice for newbie bloggers. Find your niche and participate in communities engaging in the same. 🙂

  2. I love this series! I’m definitely a foodie, and it’s fun to hear from other people who are as obsessed with food as I am. Thanks for introducing me to a new blog!

  3. I actually discovered A Day in Candiland a few months ago and instantly fell in love! I love following along with Candi, great post <3

  4. I hate baking cupcakes. It’s my least favorite thing to make. I get the batter everywhere and then frosting them makes me a wreck. So, I admire Candi for loving it. I love the idea of playing with flavors. Candi – you look like such a nice person!

  5. I love baking cupcakes too! What a great interview! Thank you so much for sharing.

  6. this food looks really good

  7. the cupcakes looked wonderful

  8. I’ve never head of Crazy for Crust, Pinch of Yum, or Sprinkle Bakes before. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous blogs, Candi.

  9. I hate baking cupcakes. It’s my least favorite
    beautyfull photo 😉

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @Jenn, it sort of makes you feel like you can have more, they are so “little” not like a whole cake right 😉

  10. Great interview! She sounds like a very interesting person and I would love to try some of her cupcakes 🙂

  11. I am a horrible baker–seriously, nothing ever comes out like it should! So, I have a huge respect for amazing bakers. i wish this post came with a sample of those cupcakes!

  12. I’d love to be a baker! I’ve always wanted my own tea house or something similar but I’ve held back on baking recently because our kitchen is just so small! Thanks for the introduction!

    Katie <3

  13. Soup is my favorite comfort food too, so nice in the winter to have something deliciously warm and homemade!

  14. I am the opposite when it comes to making food; I’m NOT a baker! I really admire people who have this skill. My favourite thing to make is soup – throw it all in a pot, and voila!
    LOVE the idea of the teahouse!

  15. Kristen Osborne says:

    I am a foodie at heart but never seem to have the ingredients and always forget to get them. I am not as organized as I’d like to be . Great series 🙂

  16. Those cupcakes are too cute!! I loved this post 🙂

  17. Diana Scholz says:

    My FAVVVVVORITE food is soup and now that i read your article i guess it is because it’s a comfort food. I could eat soup every day!

  18. Julia Rose says:

    I am always so amazed at people who can bake well. I am constantly trying new things in my own kitchen.

  19. Katie Ellis says:

    Great interview! I’d love to try her cupcakes. They look delicious.

  20. Adelynn Lovellette says:

    The cupcakes look so cute!