Friday Food Foto – Slide Shack Food Truck

Slide Shack Chicken Slider

Since there weren’t any gourmet delights on the 10-day road trip I just returned from (remember that was my concern in my last Friday Food Foto!) we’ll have to stick with photos from my urban food truck adventures in San Francisco.  Yesterday I tried out a new (to me) truck called Slide Shack which has an offering of four different sliders.  Unlike a lot of food trucks here in San Francisco, I found the prices to be very reasonable and I tried 3 out of the 4 sliders for $10.

I tried two different pork ones and a fried chicken. Only thing was they weren’t over-the-top good, they were just okay.  Maybe it is because I just had decent barbecue in Arizona or that nothing compares to Bakesale Betty when it comes to a fried chicken sandwich, but these guys didn’t cut it.

Oh well, tried it and I’ll move on.  There are plenty of food truck options in the city!

More Tasty Tidbits:

From Macheesmo: Orange Osso Bucco

From Tartine and Apron Strings: Fiddleheads and chives with quinoa pasta

From Savory Sweet Life: Kale Mabo tofu 

From Tea and Cookies: Cornmeal ham and cheese waffle

From Annie’s Eats: Salted caramel brownies

Love these sweet and savory options:

From Endless Simmer:  Asparagus ice cream

From How Sweet It Is: Watermelon feta basil quinoa  and Bacon peanut butter bread

And a few cocktails to whet your whistle:

From Bell’alimento: Pineapple arugula mint mojitos

From EAT Botique: Rhubarb spritzer

From Eat Live Run: Fresh cherry mojitos

How about you? What have you been eating lately?

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    thanks for sharing this sandwich look and sounds amazing..

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    I love all the great recipe links. Thanks for some much needed inspiration!

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