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French Friday – Entrepreneurial Americans in Paris

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The entrepreneurial spirit is one of the characteristics I like most about Americans. And while I don’t think it is uniquely American, I think we do it best. I think this is exceptionally illustrated by a few very enterprising ladies living in Paris. I think it particularly spectacular to do this in an environment that isn’t all that business-friendly!

I’ve discussed this with Mr. Misadventures who is a French national and he wouldn’t dream of doing it, yet these dynamic women are getting it done! I wanted to take a moment to introduce or re-introduce you to what they are doing in my favorite city in the world.

Lindsey of Lola’s Cookies

Lindsey Tramuta
Not only does Lindsey write one of my favorite francophile blogs, Lost in Cheeseland, but with her little business Lola’s Cookies she produces one of the few things I really missed while living in France. Her business came several years to late for my years spent in the land-of-every-dessert-except-cookies! I spent three years craving a good old-fashioned chocolate chip cookie! The closest thing I got to it was a sub par substitute from Ikea. Now with her partner, Chloe they are cranking American-style cookies for the Parisian masses. So if you have family living there, I highly recommend a dozen cookies or brownies as a gift the next time the occasion arises, you will be the recipient of a huge MERCI….trust me!

Also, if you are a francophile in love with all things Paris, Lindsey’s blog is a fantastic resource for things to do, places to eat and cultural faux-pas to avoid.

Kasia of Kasia Dietz Bags

Kasia Dietz -by Chloe Lodge

(Photo credit: Chloe Lodge, used by permission of Kasia Dietz)

This global traveler and former New-Yorkian finally settled in Paris, for the best of all reasons….love! Her blog is aptly titled Love in the City of Lights and she details her journeys in various parts of France and Italy and other places she visits. Her passion for style and design led her to revitalize a project in which she created beautiful bags, totes and clutches that reflected her travels, her love for minimalist art and 70’s prints designed by her mother, and of course, Paris.

You can read more about Kasia on Lindsey’s Franco File Friday spotlight.

Meg Zimbeck of Paris by Mouth

Meg Zimbeck

(Photo credit: Jens Boldt, used by permission of Meg Zimbeck)

If you want to know anything about the food scene in Paris, you need to be reading Meg’s blog Paris by Mouth. Now she has gone one step further and has created something that goes hand-in-hand with her intimate knowledge of the cuisine in Paris…food tours! You couldn’t really ask for a better (or more knowledgeable) guide of which I have first-hand knowledge. If you love food and love Paris, you need to be taking a tour from Meg!

You can read more about Meg on Lindsey’s Franco File Friday spotlight.

Amy Thomas of Paris My Sweet


(Photo credit: Lindsey Tramuta)

If Meg knows food, Amy knows sweets. Although back in New York, Amy spent every single second of the time she lived in Paris exploring every corner of the city to try all of its sweet offerings. She took her work seriously, and work hard she did (if you can call trying every chocolate this or that and every flavor of macaron…work!), to give us the low-down on every address you could possibly be need for anything sweet in Paris with her book, Paris, My Sweet. It is the modern day encyclopedia of delicious delectables. Now…she needs to follow in Meg’s footsteps and do tours!

You can read more about Amy on Lindsey’s Franco File Friday spotlight.

La Cuisine Paris

Jane, La Cuisine Paris
All this talk of food have you craving French culinary delights? What if you could have them all the time because you knew how to make them? That is where Jane comes in! Her business La Cuisine Paris located in a very smart area of Paris is the perfect place to learn how to make everything from a macaron and souffle to baguette and croissants! Beyond learning how to make these yummy goodies (warning, it could be dangerous to know how to make a baguette) it is a great way to meet people and I really wish the school had been in existence while I was living in France!

You can read more about Jane on Lindsey’s Franco File Friday spotlight.

These women have got such great businesses and products and they are all truly fabulous people too! Their passion for Paris comes through in everything they do and its addicting!

It has been a pleasure to share their work with you, supporting small women-owned business is something that is really important to me and I hope it is important to you.

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