A Passion for Paris with Artfully Adored

Just like Chez Loulou, this is Stephanie's second appearance in this series….sort of. Last time, she was writing for the other side of the fence, for team Beyond Paris while living in Provence.

Now as a resident of the city of lights she shares her perspective and her Passion for Paris!

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I am not sure exactly when the idea of living in Paris first came to me, but somehow early on I was convinced it was to be my reality. And as anyone who wishes to move abroad can guess, I was faced with many obstacles along the way. And yet these obstacles only made me more certain that Paris was where I was meant to be.

A Passion for Paris with Artfully Adored

The intrigue for France began when I was quite young. I can still see the eager little girl, her freckled face adorned with glasses and braces, spending afternoons at a friend's house talking about the Eiffel Tower and traveling throughout Europe.

By college, I was reading books about cheese and hosting wine parties soirées. I enjoyed reading Molière and my interest in French film grew far beyond Amélie with her fabulous destiny in Montmartre. My own destiny awaited me and it seemed only natural I begin paving the path to my life in Paris.

A Passion for Paris with Artfully Adored

I remember the sentiments that accompanied my first move to Paris in 2007. My heart soared at the very mention of the Eiffel Tower and every weekend I was out visiting a different museum or checking out a restaurant in a different quartier.

I remember how romantic it all seemed when I dropped my fresh oranges from the market on Rue Daguerre. They scattered across the cobbled pedestrian street, one finally stopping at the polished pointy shoes of a tall, slender Frenchman who bent to pick it up handing it back to me with a smirk. It was a scene from the movies!

A Passion for Paris with Artfully Adored

I loved walking the oldest streets of Paris, imaging what little I could of the lives that had been a part of the street over the last thousand years which was now becoming a part of my life. Even after I first left to finish my degrees in the states, I liked to think a piece of me would always be wandering the Marais, camera in hand, early on a Sunday morning.

Back in the US, I began to miss other characteristics of Paris. For instance, I missed the advertisements in the metro for the latest expositions at many of Paris' museums. I loved that the city was dedicated to keeping people informed about what was going on in the art community.

And while I grew to loath the long black underground tunnels of the metro, its convenience was the first thing I missed back in the suburbs of Philadelphia. It didn't take long before I was back on the hunt, searching for any possible opportunity to return to France.

A Passion for Paris with Artfully Adored

That opportunity didn't come until 2010 when I found a temporary job outside my field in Provence. How I loved being back in Europe and exploring another region of France! But even on my best days, I couldn't ignore the call to return to Paris and I missed working with art.

Everything started coming back together when I was accepted to a master's program at a small French university in Paris that specializes in art-related studies.

It's been over a year since my return. I have since retraced my steps from my first year in the City of Lights and recreated new paths throughout the city as I've made it my home a second time. It has taken so much hard work and dedication but it pays off.

I realized recently that in only one more year I'll have reached my early goal of spending 1/2 of my twenties in France. Will I surpass it? Well, we'll just have to see!

Merci Stephanie!

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  1. Irene @ Speed Chic says:

    Hi Andi,
    I love your layout, fonts, icons and bright colors! What a pretty blog–makes me want to buy a baguette and sit in the sunshine at the Tuilleries!
    Speed Chic

    1. @Irene, thanks! I just peeked over to your blog and I LOVE the tagline!

    1. @AndiP, and to live in Paris and be so knowledgeable about art which surrounds you. I am such a dummy about that, I am sure I am missing treasures!

  2. Gorgeous photos and great post Stephanie…

    Andi… Have a wonderful Christmas… and thank you for including me in all that you do here on ‘Misadventures with Andi’…. I love it, xv.

    1. @Vicki, thank you! I am doing all my Christmas decorating and Paris lèche-vitrine vicariously through French Essence right now!

  3. This hits home. I felt the exact same way. And wouldn’t you know, French life is just regular life now that I’m in the “burbs.” Very rarely any romance, unless it comes from my husband. 😉

    1. @Jennie, it’s why I love the series, everyone always finds something in someone’s expression of how they feel about Paris.

  4. It is my dream to live in Paris! Or at least visit as soon as possible… 🙂

  5. Oh how I wish I could live there in Paris. It is one of my dream destination! 🙂

  6. Lindsay P says:

    <3 Reading this just reminds me of how much I would like to visit Paris one day!

  7. Paris used to be one of my favourite cities in the world, and it isn’t really that bad.. but the quality of food and affordability has really gone downhill since the Euro was introduced. I still go back to visit family but not much else.

  8. I would love to explore the city of paris and visit the arts of museum. I think paris is everyones dream destination.