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Friday Foodie – Stephie of Stephie Cooks

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She doesn’t like chocolate and she is not sorry! I love that about Stephie Swope of Stephie Cooks! Chocolate or not Stephie bakes with soul, when I hopped over to her blog to make sure I had all the right links, I swear her Texas roadhouse rolls photos from the post on her home page had me stunned into a food-envy induced silence.

There are a lot of really great recipes on Stephie Cooks, including some really awesome adult beverages (Bourbon slushy anyone?) but I am a sucker for fresh baked bread products. She is also a cat lady…got to love that!

Let’s meet Stephie!

Food blogger Stephie Cooks

[1] Have you always been a foodie, or is that something you grew into? 

I was one of those strange kids who ate literally everything my parents put in front of me (except for chocolate, I have never liked chocolate) (yes, I do realize that is perfectly bizarre), so I suppose you could say that I have been a foodie since birth. I have always loved trying new foods and flavor combinations, though I have really come into seeking out new foods since graduating from college.

[2] How and why did you begin your blog?

I started the blog the fall after graduating from college. I was living by myself in my first apartment and found it weird to come home from work at night and not have a club or organization or second job to go to – so, I started cooking. I had started reading food blogs several months prior and thought, “Hey, I bet I could do that.” Three years later, I’m still surprised and delighted to have more than just my mom and best friend reading and cooking along.

 Food blogger - Stephie of Stephie Cooks

[3] What’s your favorite thing to make/cook? 

Pie! I love to bake – I would honestly call myself more of a baker than a cook, although I do a bit of both on my site – and pie is my all-time favorite thing to bake. I grew up watching my mother make these perfectly flaky, delicious pie crusts and will always love taking the tools she gave me to make a perfect pie.

[4] What is your favorite thing to eat? 

Pie! Favorite to bake, favorite to eat. I love a good pie almost more than anything, although my boyfriend, Alex, did recently tell me that lamb is my savory kryptonite. So, pie or lamb.

 Food blogger - Stephie of Stephie Cooks

[5] What is your comfort food?

Pie–don’t hate me! I would say that I am kidding, but really, I’m not. My mom’s chicken pot pie is my favorite meal on the planet and my absolute perfect comfort food.

[6] Describe your perfect food day?

This might be weird and counter-intuitive, but one in which I don’t have to do all the cooking. I love to cook, but it is so nice to have someone else cook for you on occasion. If I could start with a big brunch out – big diner breakfasts are one of my favorite things – and end with a meal that Alex and I make together, such as his famous homemade meatballs, that would be a great food day. (Pie for dessert wouldn’t hurt either, though I’ll certainly take a big scoop of butter pecan ice cream, too.)

 Food blogger - Stephie of Stephie Cooks

[7] What are three other blogs that inspire you?

There are so many! Of course “big” bloggers such as Joy the Baker or The Pioneer Woman are great to follow and gain inspiration from, but I am inspired most by my dearest friends:

Julia over at The Roasted Root, Stefanie from Sarcastic Cooking, Christina from Dessert for Two and Jenn from Peas and Crayons have been long-time friends of mine to whom I constantly look for advice, inspiration and support. And yes, I cheated. That’s 4.

[8] Do you have advice for bloggers just starting out?

For the love of all that’s holy, it’s ok to take a break every now and again. I am just now coming to terms with that piece of advice, but don’t take 3 years to get there like I did. Starting and maintaining a blog is a lot of work, but you need to take care of yourself, too. If you need to only post once/week for a few weeks, that’s ok. If you need to take a vacation, do it. Your readers will be there when you get back, and they will love that you have taken them time you need to focus on creating truly outstanding content for them.

Thanks Stephie!

Keep up with Stephie’s tasty tidbits on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest and of course by visiting Stephie Cooks.

How about you? What would you like to ask Stephie? What’s would your perfect food day?

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