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Friday Foodie – Gaby of What’s Gaby Cooking

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I adore the sensational food blog What’s Gaby Cooking and am constantly stalking Gaby on Instagram! When she responded to a posting I left on Facebook seeking additional food bloggers for interviews, I was beyond thrilled! The only other person I’ve seen who lives cheese as much as Gaby does is my friend Jennifer in France who writes at Chez Loulou.

Gaby is an author who has gone to both cooking and pastry schools (so she walks the walk) and an avid travel who like me, travels via her stomach. In fact she has a video series that often includes her culinary adventures and they often make me want to be her travel companion!

Let’s meet Gaby!

Food blogger interview - Gaby of Gaby's Kitchen

[1] Have you always been a foodie, or is that something you grew into?

It was absolutely something I grew into! I always loved eating but was probably the pickiest eater on earth until college. It was mac and cheese or grilled cheese all the time when I was a kid. I didn’t try steak until I got to college and how times have changed!

After going to culinary school, pastry school and traveling the world for work, there really isn’t anything I wouldn’t try! Being a food and travel writer means that I get to try some seriously amazing dishes, and I couldn’t even imagine trying to do my job if I was still as picky as I was as a 12 year old!

Food blogger interview - Gaby of Gaby's Kitchen

[2] How and why did you begin your blog?

I started by blog back in 2009 as a way to chronicle my journey through culinary school. Basically I just wanted a place to post some pics and share my experience with friends and family. I had no plans of turning it into my full time job, nor did I even think that was a possibility! Fast forward 5 years and here I am! I can’t remember the last time I took a day off, but I guess that’s what happens when you get to do something that you love as your profession.

[3] What’s your favorite thing to make/cook?

Currently I’m obsessing with ceviche. It’s one of my favorite quick and easy meals to make because you can jazz it up so many different ways. You can use various kinds of fish, different fruits and vegetables, different spices, I mean the possibilities are endless!

[4] What is your favorite thing to eat?

Oh my gosh! This is such a hard question and it probably always changes depending on my mood. My most favorite thing to eat it something fresh, tons of flavor and colorful. Last week in the Amazon I was served a platter of perfectly grilled fish, an onion and pepper vinaigrette and a salad on the side. It was seriously one for the record books!! The only thing missing was some form of avocado – because I can always eat avocado!!

Food blogger interview - Gaby of Gaby's Kitchen

[5] What is your comfort food?

Chips, Salsa and Guacamole. And Nachos. But I guess that’s all in the same family 🙂

[6] Describe your perfect food day?

I’m really into brunch, so if it’s a perfect food day there are some Huevos Rancheros somewhere around 10:30 am along with a fabulous fruit plate. For lunch I want some kind of salad that’s loaded with whatever is currently in season. Happy Hour has to be involved and it should feature some fun bites from whatever city I’m currently in.

And then dinner is usually family style with a big group of friends, family or travel companions as we chow down on various meats, cheeses, fish, vegetables, side dishes and other beautiful dishes! For dessert, I like to keep it simple… all I need in life is a perfectly baked Chocolate Chip Cookie. Moist and tender in the middle and a little salty to boot!

Food blogger interview - Gaby of Gaby's Kitchen

[7] What are three other blogs that inspire you?

My best friend is Matt Armendariz and his blog Matt Bites is my all time favorite. His pictures make the world a better place.

Honestly Yum is currently rocking my world for their killed food posts!!

And last but certainly not least is Ann Street Studio – a husband and wife photography duo that I know I can count on for an inspiring post in whatever they are showcasing that day!

[8] Do you have advice for bloggers just starting out?

Yes!! Figure out your voice and rock it! You don’t have to be the most perfect writer, or the best photographer in the world… just figure out what makes you tick and then go for it. And be patient, building a blog audience is absolutely a process! Also – don’t be afraid to reach out to some other bloggers that you really respect and ask for their advice. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the help of Matt, Ree, and Elise.

Thanks Gaby!

Keep up with Gaby’s tasty tidbits on TwitterFacebook and Instagram. and of course by visiting  & Pinterest and of course by visiting What’s Gaby Cooking.

How about you? What would you like to ask Gaby? 

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