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There are so many types of food bloggers out there – from professional cooks to home chefs to very creative moms who just love to share the meals they make for their families with others. Caroline of Caroline's Cooking is somewhere in between. One thing for sure, she cooks with love and creates wonderful dishes for her family, made with local, seasonal products that she finds in the New England area.

Being a native Scot you can find great recipes from her homeland (which I am sure will pique Christina's interest!) as well. She has been cooking from an early age and masters curry and decadent soups (I am gearing up to try her carrot, sweet potato and mushroom soup).

Let’s meet Caroline!


[1] Have you always been a foodie, or is that something's you grew into?

Pretty much always, I remember helping my mum cook at a very early age and by the time I was a girl guide (girl scout) in my teens, I was making a three course Indian meal for one of the badges, not to mention all the cooking on camps etc.

[2] How and why did you begin your blog?

Since moving to Cambridge, MA, I have sort of been looking for my old profession's work but hadn't had any luck plus have enjoyed spending time with my toddler son as well. The blogging came out of conversations with friends as we were talking about some of the things I had been making and it seemed a perfect fit. I had been thinking about it a while, but the encouragement helped spark me to action!

[3] What’s your favorite thing to make/cook?

There are too many things…but given my son is addicted to homemade gnocchi, that would have to in there, plus I recently made moussaka again after not having made it a while and while it takes a while it is really worth it.


[4] What is your favorite thing to eat?

I love all kinds of foods, from a great curry (I miss some of the places we used to go to in London!), to seafood and tapas. It doesn't have to be complicated, if the ingredients are good.


[5] What is your comfort food?

Maybe because it's on my mind, but it might have to be homemade moussaka, that yummy bechemel mixing in with the tomatoey mince and eggplant. That and fruit, oddly.


[6] Describe your perfect food day?

It would probably have to start with the lobster eggs benedict that I recently made, maybe some good clam chowder and a lobster roll for lunch (given where I am) or else tapas, then one of my favorite special but easy dinners to make is peppered fillet steak with sweet potato fritters, goats cheese and arugula.


[7] What are three other blogs that inspire you?

I suspect a lot of people say this but Smitten Kitchen has to be one, it is probably the first true blog I ever read as I wasn't really aware of them when I lived in the UK. I am starting to find ideas now on a whole range of blogs, but if I had to narrow it down I would say I have found some great ideas on Vegetarian Ventures and 101 cookbooks.

[8] Do you have advice for bloggers just starting out?

I am still pretty new myself, but I would say the best things I have learnt so far are do some homework – a lot of other bloggers have written some great articles suggesting how to get set up and things that have worked for them (Cookie and Kate has a great post on setting up), and then both put time in to making quality content and working social media to get it out there. And make sure you connect with your readers, you want to keep them!

Thanks Caroline!

Keep up with Caroline’s tasty tidbits on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest and of course by visiting Caroline's Cooking.

How about you? What would you like to ask Caroline? 

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  1. Beautiful food that tastes good made by thin, beautiful people. This is why I blog about whatever it is I blog about! Being from Scotch-Irish descent, I read with great curiosity the Haggis post on your blog.

  2. I am really impressed with the variety in Caroline’s repertoire: curry to Greek to comfort food! I’ll have to start reading her blog.

  3. Nice to read about a fellow Londoner! Sounds like she’s been cooking for years. That lobster breakfast sounds incredibly decadent!

    Katie <3

    1. @Ashley, good for you. It is so easy to buy take-out or microwave something, better and healtier and cheaper to cook, but sometimes its hard!

  4. i consider fruit my comfort food, too!! i love sweets so at least it isn’t as bad as eating a huge piece of cake (which i do sometimes, too!)

    1. @Joanna, it is true there are many sweet fruits, my hubby eats them for dessert all the time, but nothing wrong with cake either 😉