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A to Z – Cathleen of Discovering Daly

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A to Z interview series with Arizona bloggers

Cathleen of Discovering Daly is a career girl on the go! She “strives to live a life full of exploring, creating, loving, dreaming, and Discovering daily Daly.” A little bit of travel, a little bit of fashion, a whole lot of fun, Cathleen is all about being creative.

Let’s meet Cathleen!

A to Z Cathleen of Discovering Daly

[1] Favorite thing about Phoenix.
The culture and diversity of this place! Arizona has a wide variety of cultures, landscapes, businesses, people, etc. Specifically, in the Phoenix area, each neighborhood has its own quirks and style – I adore it!

[2] Least favorite thing about Phoenix.
The summer HEAT! (See question #11).

[3] What differentiates your area of the Valley of the Sun from all the other parts?
I currently live in the North Central area. It’s quaint, laid back, family friendly but also nice for the young professionals who want to get away from the ‘busy city feel’ + there are SO many new/different food places popping up every month (feels like every day)!

[4] Favorite coffee spot in Phoenix.
I’m not one for coffee, but I love coffee shops! I think The Grand is so cool! It’s designed like an old Victorian train station and there is so much to look at! Plus, they have a variety of food items so you can go for a casual cup of coffee (or tea if you’re like me) or a meal!

[5] Favorite spot for drinks in Phoenix.
The Bevvy! The environment is casual, fun and the staff is really nice too – which I think is what makes the drinks even better.

[6] Favorite local hangout in Phoenix.
I’ve always loved art and hanging out at museums. So, the Phoenix Art Museum is the PLACE for me.

[7] Favorite breakfast spot in Phoenix.
OOOH. Breakfast is my favorite so this is hard. I would say 3 on Smith Café. They have an UH-MAZING Green Chile Bowl that is soulful food to the max. Especially, since I am from New Mexico and obsessed with green chile.

[8] Favorite lunch spot in Phoenix.
Pita Jungle. Really casual yet cute place with awesome awesome awesome Mediterranean food.

[9] Favorite dinner spot in Phoenix.
My mom and I went to this really good Thai food place for dinner called Thai E-San. We still talk about how delicious the crab puffs and the coconut ice cream were. So good and worth making a meal out of appetizers and dessert!

[10] One thing you always do/spot you always take friends from out of town to do/see.
The local antique and consignment shops. There is a lot of little places here. I like to think of antique stores as museums where you can take anything you see at home. It’s fun + your supporting local businesses!

[11] How do you like to beat the heat?
Stay inside hahaha. This is my first year being in Arizona through the whole summer so I would love some tips on how to survive this heat! I am hoping I will get used to it….so for now, I would say, drink LOTS of water, wear LOTS of sunscreen, and plan indoor activities as much as possible.

Thanks Cathleen!

You can keep up with Cathleen on Twitter, Pinterest, and of course on her blog. Wherever you catch her, I am sure you will enjoy her Arizona adventures!

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A to Z – Discovering Daly

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Marielle Altenor

Saturday 1st of September 2018

So lovely to read all about Phoenix! If I ever get the chance to visit, I'd love to see stop by the Phoenix Art Museum!

Honeycomb Moms

Thursday 30th of August 2018

I've been wanting to visit Phoenix spas for a while now. I'll have to remember to hit up a few antique shops while I'm there too.


Thursday 30th of August 2018

We love hitting up antique shops when we visit new area. You never know what regional things you'll find!

Neely Moldovan

Thursday 30th of August 2018

I love antique and consignment shops! They are so fun to find treasures!


Thursday 30th of August 2018

It's a dry heat in Arizona but by the sounds of it that doesn't seem to help much LOL. I would have to have a pool for sure if I moved there.