Disneyland Paris for Adults

Visiting an amusement park without children instills a sense of wickedness.  It's like you are doing something that you aren't supposed to.  Enjoying something completely and freely the way you want to as opposed to the whims of the four-feet-and-under crowd.  That got me thinking about how I'd do Disneyland Paris from a DINK perspective, or at the very least, an adult-only trip. I thought it … [Read more...]

French Friday – Notes on Nice France

The French Riviera is a very special region of France. One of glamour, warm weather, and vacation. In particular, Nice France holds a special place in many Frenchman's hearts. I've got a few of my favorite spots to share. There is something about the Cannes Film Festival that always represents the beginning of summer for me and my thoughts turn to the Côte d'Azur and the French Riviera … [Read more...]

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French Friday – Cannes France – A Great Day Trip from Nice

Cannes France...is there any place on Earth that screams glamour more than this city on the French Riviera? With its luxury shops, palatial hotels and gourmet restaurants, not to mention golden beaches filled with bikini-clad sunbathers, playboys cruising about in luxury cars and of course the annual film festival, the place is something of a magnet for the rich and famous. But you don't … [Read more...]

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French Friday – Soak up the South of France’s Artistic Past

For those keen to indulge their passion for art while on holiday in a sun-soaked destination, it is worth considering taking a trip to the south of France. By heading to the Cote d'Azur, you'll not only have the chance to enjoy some pleasant weather but will also gain an insight into the life and work of world-class artists such as Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Claude Monet. With that in mind, I've … [Read more...]

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The Best Romantic Strolls in Paris

There is no doubt that the City of Light is one of the most romantic destinations in the world. Whether you are on your honeymoon or your 50th wedding anniversary, this city will kindle a spark between you and your significant other. Paris is romantic to start with, but there are a few neighborhoods that are more romantic than others. These neighborhoods are the perfect setting for strolls … [Read more...]

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February 2013 Edition of French Frolicking

January brought snow to most of France.  The result?  Stunning photos of Paris (and other parts of the country).  I could not get enough of my friends photos via Facebook and Instagram. Yesterday was La Chandeleur or Crêpe Day in France.  It's a religious holiday, and while the French don't need another excuse to eat a crêpe, like epiphany, there is a little bit of fun associated with the day. … [Read more...]

Val Thorens: A French Winter Wonderland

Looking for a French winter wonderland for your next ski vacation? Consider Val Thorens, it's got great skiing, plenty of accommodations and yummy food! I learned to ski for the first time when I was sixteen.  My parents took my sister and I to one of those Warren Miller films tours and signed us up for lessons at Snoqualmie in Washington state.  Being the (non)-athlete I was, I sucked and … [Read more...]

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January 2013 Edition of French Frolicking

Bonne année a tous ! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season with family and friends.  Or maybe you left them behind and went to an exotic locale to escape them all! Today is actually Epiphany in France (and in other parts of the world too), and while it is a religious holiday I love the fun that surrounds the Galette des Rois. If we can't be in France to celebrate you and I can … [Read more...]

French Friday – THATLou

A few weeks ago Daisy de Plume visited us to share her passion for Paris.  In that post I mentioned Daisy's other passion, THATLou, a business she is running during her free time from her regular job and family life - pretty amazing.  I wanted to share more about Daisy's exciting project.  I for one cannot wait to try it out and hope to coordinate a future trip around one of her events! (1) … [Read more...]

French Friday – A Passion for Paris with Artfully Adored

Just like Chez Loulou, this is Stephanie's second appearance in this series....sort of.  Last time, she was writing for the other side of the fence, for team Beyond Paris while living in Provence. Now as a resident of the city of lights she shares her perspective and her Passion for Paris! ======================================= I am not sure exactly when the idea of living in Paris first … [Read more...]