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A to Z – Zoe of Born Geek

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A to Z interview series with Arizona bloggers

I met Zoe of Born Geek when Mr. Misadventures and I did a farm tour with the Arizona Farming Bureau. We also just missed each other when I did the Catch Me at Luxe event and she did the Mommy & Me event both at The Graduate Hotel in Tempe the same weekend. Like me, Zoe moved to Arizona last year, she from South Africa, and are currently finding our bearings and our blogging and social network. I thought I’d drill her on what’s she’s found out living in Arizona the last 12 months!

Let’s meet Zoe!

[1] Favorite thing about the Phoenix area.
Low cost of living, tons of stuff to do and great amenities. Plus, everyone seems to be a transplant, so I don’t feel like an interloper moving here recently.

[2] Least favorite thing about Phoenix.
Um, I suppose the heat. Not just because it’s hot, but because it makes it hard to do a lot of the fun stuff outside, and it makes it harder to meet people when you’re always rushing from one air-conditioned place to the next.

[3] What differentiates your area of the Valley of the Sun from all the other parts?
Anthem is just on the northernmost border of PHX. So our weather is a bit different, and people always comment about how FAR it is. Also, it’s where the outlets are, so I guess that’s something.

[4] Favorite coffee spot in Phoenix.
Amped Coffee! I have them make the dirty chai (think chai tea but with a shot or two of espresso) into a blended frozen drink for the best thing EVER.

[5] Favorite spot for drinks in Phoenix.
Still searching. What’s nice is that so many places seem to offer a wide range of craft beers and wines, so I don’t need to go to a “proper” bar to get some great drinks. Even Amped has some great wine and a nice vibe in the evening.

[6] Favorite local hangout in Phoenix.
I don’t really have a local hangout per se. I go for coffee at Amped Coffee, or I cower away from the heat in the comfort of my own home. I do head to the Anthem Community Center a lot, though – epic gym and a pool that rivals most water parks.

I’m still checking out a bunch of family-friendly places to hang out. We’ve enjoyed museums and the zoo, but not exactly places I’d call a “hangout” at this point.

[7] Favorite breakfast spot in Phoenix.
You know what, I honestly haven’t found one that I love yet. Thus far, breakfasts out have been rather disappointing since moving to the PHX area, so if you know of a place that does amazing breakfasts (that aren’t pastries, I’m looking for the perfect eggs Benedict) please throw your recommendations my way.

[8] Favorite lunch spot in Phoenix.
The Herb Box at the Waterfront in Scottsdale. Way more trendy than I am, this place is GORGEOUS. Love the outside seating area, and their sharing plates are ideal for creating a tapas experience for lunch – everyone gets to eat all the delicious things.

[9] Favorite dinner spot in Phoenix.
TruBurger. I waited way too long to try this one out, and now it’s one of my all-time favs! Great burgers, delicious sides. Casual enough for family dining, but with some great meals. Wide selection of drinks, and even low-carb sides and various proteins for the patties.

Otherwise Ebisu Sushi off Carefree. SO delicious. Tiny restaurant with only a handful of tables, but excellent sushi and cooked Japanese food. They even do the trendy black rice that makes you look more interesting on Instagram.

[10] One thing you always do/spot you always take friends from out of town to do/see.
There’s the usual thing of hitting the Grand Canyon. But my favorite is actually to drive up to Sedona, and then come back through Jerome. That drive is gorgeous, plus I adore all the fun, unique stuff that you can find in Old Town Cottonwood or the haunted sections of Jerome. I honestly think Jerome is one of my favorite places in Arizona.

[11] How do you like to beat the heat?
Frozen coffees, lots of time indoors. I also head to Lee Lee’s market and get cheap Mochi ice cream – pure win!

Thanks, Zoe!

You can keep up with Zoe on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and of course on her blog. Wherever you catch her, I am sure you will enjoy her Arizona adventures!

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A to Z - Zoe of Born Geek


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Marya Mom Mesa

Saturday 13th of October 2018

I live in the land of AC (Florida!) Glad you found great coffee - it's essential!

Leigh Suznovich

Friday 12th of October 2018

Love this run down on all of the great things to do in Phoenix!! Amped Coffee sounds amazing.


Friday 12th of October 2018

Outlets are always important. Also, love this series!

joy abou zeid

Friday 12th of October 2018

Nice interview!! enjoyed reading xx

Heather Nicole Gilbert

Friday 12th of October 2018

How fun and your baby is so so cute!