Field Notes Volume 4

So what do you do when your carefully planned editorial calendar implodes? You rescue an abandoned guest-post and catch everyone up on your personal life! Back to all things travel, food, and France next week. We have finally reached that moment we have been waiting 9 months for. Home again. Although we closed on our new home on September 15th, (after a ridiculously long escrow period) we’ve … [Read more...]

LinkedIn for Bloggers

We interrupt our regular Tuesday Traveler series to bring you important content about LinkedIn for bloggers. Two reasons: (1) my Traveler Tuesday interviewee took off on a fabulous road trip to Ireland without giving me any images for her interview, so she will be appearing at a later date and (2) after running a Broken Link Checker (which I highly recommend that you do every 3 months) I found out … [Read more...]

Balloon Festivals Around the World

This weekend we are headed to Albuquerque for the International Balloon Festival, it is the largest in the world with close to a million people attending (maybe it will be a million this year!).  We could not be more excited as it is something that Mr. Misadventures has wanted to photograph for a long time, plus, it's right in our own backyard! To get you prepped for balloonapalooza I thought … [Read more...]

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J’adore #70 – Travel Edition 4

You know me always online shopping and curating my favorite finds just for you. For this 70th volume of J'adore (seriously, that is a lot of shopping) I've got my 4th edition of travel finds for you. Considering we are now officially in the holiday season, you could also call this a gift guide for traveler peeps in your life. There are plenty of travel gadget and gear posts, so I tried to steer … [Read more...]

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TravelerTuesday – Susie of Dabble in Travel

BlogHouse is in the house - again! When I tell you that BlogHouse is an experience, one of the main reasons why are the people, from the owner/planner (the fabulous Lisa Lubin) to the mentors and host city delegates, to the fabulous group of bloggers that get together for a long weekend to soak up knowledge and get what they need to take their travel blogs to the next level. It's the people, … [Read more...]

Utah’s Mighty 5 National Parks

Now that I am officially a Southwesterner, I can’t help but get excited about all the regional destinations that are right in my backyard! Whether it’s spots like Las Cruces or Santa Fe, new explorations in Tucson or planned trips to Albuquerque and Page, we are going to have plenty to do and we will be spoiled! Another area that I feel truly blessed to be near is the wonderful state and national … [Read more...]

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J’adore #69 – Eco-Friendly Finds

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that Mama Nature is not particularly happy at this moment in time. The recent number of hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disasters means that eco-friendly, sustainable products need to become the norm rather than the exception. I felt good about my contributions when we lived in Berkeley.  We lived in a LEED-certified home with solar and … [Read more...]

Currently September 2017

Currently | 9.21.17 Watching | Game of Thrones > Just finished season 4! So much better the second time around. We also saw The Hitman's Bodyguard which was funny, but we saw best parts in the trailers so it was also a bit disappointing, watch for Salma Hayek, she has a mouth in this one! Reading | The Girl in the Spider's Web I actually bought The Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye and … [Read more...]

Traveler Tuesday – Adelina of Pack Me To

I love doing this series as I truly get to "meet" a lot of truly remarkable people. Which is true in Adelina's case. But also I virtually "try out" people as potential travel partners in my head and I am convinced that this part-time travel blogger and full-time adventurer would be a perfect match for me!  Adelina grew up in a family that traveled a lot (like mine), fell head over heels in love … [Read more...]

Weekend Explorations: Things to do in Tucson

Let me just get this out of the way. Tucson is awesome! It only took one weekend in town to fall completely head over heels in love. And we are already planning to return.  We knew when we started researching things to do in Tucson that there was way too much to see in a single weekend, but trust me, we made a valiant effort! Okay, clearly I need a lot more practice taking photos in front … [Read more...]

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