Birding in Box Elder County – Adventures in Birding at Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post brought to you by Box Elder County. As always, all opinions are my own. One of the most surprising things about my year-long road trip in an RV was discovering just how cool birds are. Through our experiences in New Mexico, Florida, Wyoming, and Utah, I was exposed to some magnificent creatures. The morning when I stood at sunrise and listened to the … [Read more...]

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Top 6 Tips for Booking a Private Charter Jet

Disclosure: This post was written in partnership with Early Air Way. I asked them to provide a guest post with tips on booking chartered flights because it is something that is becoming increasingly inexpensive, at least in urban areas like the San Francisco Bay Area. Top 6 Tips for Booking a Private Charter Jet If you need to schedule a flight but don't want to get stuck in long lines, deal … [Read more...]

Project Discover Week #20

Hello from Indy! I arrived in Indianapolis on Wednesday evening for BlogHouse, an annual travel blogging mastermind weekend. I’m going to write a whole post about my experience so I will leave you with the rest of this week. It was nice to be on the road again. Somehow it felt like momentum. After 13 months of constant moving, the fact that we had been stationary inside the RV for 5 months … [Read more...]

3 Hot Coffee Shops in Washington, DC

Washington DC is brimming with unique, local coffee shops. Having visited many coffee shops throughout DC, I am going to highlight three must see shops next time you visit our nation’s capital. Compass Coffee Located in the Shaw neighborhood of Washington DC, this beautiful building displays the compass logo on the corner of the brick. The cafe is large and well lit with a friendly feel. … [Read more...]

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Project Discover Week #19

Hey Phoenix, we're back! Well sort of.  Tonight is Boise, tomorrow Provo, Sunday Vegas (baby!) and Monday Phoenix! Portland, it's been fun. Not really. That's you I'm seeing in my rearview! It's funny, the more people I talk to about Portland, the more it seems like it is an amazing place to visit, but not that awesome for living.  Or for at least for the Misadventures profile. We … [Read more...]

6 Useful Travel Photography Tips for Beginners

Photos can help you tell a compelling story. And as a blogger, having the right photos can prove to be extremely crucial in getting your message across to your readers. Travel bloggers in particular need to have great photos to highlight their stories and these 6 useful travel photography tips for beginners (and non-beginners alike) will help you capture what you need to make your content … [Read more...]

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Currently June 2017

Currently | 6.13.17 Watching | Wonder Woman! > Summer movies are here! And I had been waiting a very long time for Wonder Woman, go see it!  We also caught a few other movies and watched Season 1 of Billions (loved) and Season 5 of House of Cards (hated). Reading | ebooks. > I mainly read a lot of ebooks in support of the Work at Home Ultimate bundle (it's over now). I don't like … [Read more...]

Project Discover Week #18

Before I write a single word I just want to say how AWESOME Wonder Woman is! Go see it. And if you can see it Dolby Atmos - do it! It was everything my inner little girl who worshiped this female super hero wanted it to be. Now onto this week. On Monday, just after 4:30 a.m. we jumped into the Jeep and headed to the San Francisco Bay Area for a visit.  Our plan was to drive 9 hours to Sacramento … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Toolkit for Working At Home

Working at home. It’s the dream, right? Maybe. Being your own boss, setting your own hours, and choosing what you work on. All that sounds awesome. But what people don’t realize is that there is a whole lot of work that occurs to make that happen. And sometimes you really don’t know what you are getting yourself into. Take it from someone who did it the wrong way. In 2009 I was … [Read more...]

Monthly Blog Goals: June 2017

I started this series because I enjoyed reading my friend Natalie's monthly accounts of how she was doing with her own blog, Cosmos Mariners. I knew it would be a good way to have some accountability for the many hours that I put into blogging. As an "A" student in school and a highly organized Type-A kind of person, I didn't expect to have to record failure when I didn't complete my … [Read more...]

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