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Bits of Boston

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Towards the end of October, I traveled to Boston for a week. It was a busy five days with work and a conference, but I had a great time and wanted to share some highlights. Of course, the World Series was also going on so that added to the excitement! [Yes I realize I am woefully behind on posts, but I am catching up slowly but surely!]

I flew in on Saturday so that my girlfriend and I could spend the entire Sunday out on the town. Let me tell you, we did not waste one hour of that day – it was absolutely gorgeous. We walked more than twelve miles and took the subway from one side of the city to the other.

One-stop we made was to the New England Holocaust Memorial (8 Union Street). Although it commemorates such horrible circumstances, it is quite beautiful in its design and simplicity, it is moving.

There are glass columns that represent the concentration camps, you can see them noted on the foundation of each column, like this one for Auschwitz.

Engraved on the glass are the serial numbers of the prisoners who died at that camp – when you see how many numbers there are you will feel moved at the atrocities that took place.

From there we walked through the Haymarket area and eventually got on the subway to the Bolyston Area where we then headed to Boston Commons and walked around the park. It was a gorgeous day about 60 with the sun shining so there were lots of people out enjoy the last days of Indian summer – literally the next day it turned super cold! (Those Red Sox fans have to be true, it was bitter cold at the games.)

When we got hungry we headed to an Ethiopian restaurant called Addis Red Sea (544 Tremont St (between Hanson & Waltham). We caught up over cubed lamb and lentils, no better way to do it!

Filled to the brim we headed out to walk for several more hours enjoying the day as much as we could. We ended up in Newbury which is a pretty popular (but expensive) shopping area where we took in dinner at a tapas bar and then headed back to our hotel. With all that, there was no way I was hungry, but how could I resist a cannoli from the famous Mike’s Pastry?

A few nights later I went to an event with social media practitioners at Sam’s at Louis where we ate amazing food family style and enjoyed a beautiful sunset over the Boston Harbor.

During the week while I was working (my week was split between a social media conference and working out of my employer’s Boston office) I checked out the food truck scene which is alive and well.

One truck that is super delish is Bon Mee. The menu has a mixture of Asian dishes with interesting twists, like this banh mi sandwich I had with barbeque pulled pork. Not traditional, but darn good, the pulled pork was super tender.

I am also a sucker for eggs and I could not pass up trying tea-soaked deviled eggs. They were insanely good. Didn’t get much tea flavor, but the egg yolk filling with a little sriracha mayo was great.

A few days later I picked up a sea-salted bourbon caramel donut from Union Square Donuts. I was actually too full to eat it at the time, so I ate it the next day. Even as a day-old donut I will have to say it is one of the best I ever had. Hard to have an apples-to-apples comparison as I have never had this combo of flavors. I am searching for the next closest to console me, total bummer that such a great donut is on the other side of the country!

Boston has got so much going on, I can imagine spending another week or two there just eating!

How about you? Have you been to Boston? What is your favorite thing about it?

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