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Richmond Restaurants – Top 5 Things to Eat in Richmond Virginia

Richmond is steeped in American history. Patrick Henry shouted his famous declaration, “Give me liberty or give me death!” during a speech he made at the Second Virginia Convention while trying to persuade the convention to send troops in support of the Revolutionary War. These days, there's a different kind of revolution happening in Virginia's capital: a culinary one.

For a foodie, it isn't unreasonable to seek out a destination just for its epicurean delights. I have a few friends living in Virginia, and over the past several years, I've observed through them just how much the culinary culture has expanded and thrived. So it shouldn't surprise you that I've got a future trip planned! Of course, I've already decided what the best food is in Richmond (at least according to me) and what my top picks are for the best places to eat.

Downtown Richmond Virginia
Image via Flickr by Bill Dickinson.

There are many great hotel options all over Richmond, and all are centrally located for eating. That's great news for you and me and one less thing to worry about. All I have to concentrate on is eating!

Delicious Donuts

Donuts from Mrs Yoders Kitchen in Richmond Virginia
Image via Flickr by Bill Dickinson.

No matter where you travel, there's some kind of fried dough to tempt you. Despite my best efforts to discover otherwise, I have to say I still think the American doughnut comes up on top. There are quite a few shops in Richmond, but Mrs. Yoder's Kitchen keeps popping up on my radar.

This little business operates from a truck inside the South of the James Farmers Market, where a wonderful Mennonite family sells misshapen sourdough doughnuts from scratch. I'm dying to try one with a good cup of coffee. I hope someone sells Lamplighter coffee at the market!

Buttery Biscuits

Biscuits from Early Bird Biscuit Co in Richmond Virginia
Image via Flickr by Tracy Benjamin.

Beyond doughnuts, the next best doughy concoction you can find in town is a biscuit. Considering that Virginia is south of the Mason-Dixon Line, biscuit making is in the blood. It would be an absolute sin to visit Richmond without partaking in one of these flaky, buttery bites of buttermilk goodness.

Some of the best biscuits in town are the ones that Tim Laxton makes with his grandmother's rolling pin at Early Bird Biscuit Co. Every day, Tim bakes from scratch with local ingredients to produce buttermilk biscuits, ham biscuits, and a flavor-of-the-day biscuit. I'm thinking that they're going to be good no matter which day you go.

Belly-Busting Burger

Double cheeseburger from Southbound in Richmond Virginia
Image via Flickr by Lucas Richarz.

I judge all great food cities by their hamburgers. If you can't get this American classic right, then there's a problem. Luckily, Richmond has no shortage of great burgers, including spots like Boulevard Burger & Brew and Citizen Burger Bar. But the double cheeseburger with bacon tomato jam from Southbound speaks to me as a gourmand. There's plenty of sophisticated Southern food to choose from at Southbound, which Bon Appétit selected as a best new restaurant, but that burger sounds amazing.

Aspiring Asian

J Kogi from Seoul Street Eats in Richmond Virginia
Image via Flickr by Stephanie.

I'm not going anywhere without eating some type of Asian food, and it's no different in Richmond. I'm not a huge fan of diners, but I'm definitely going to check out Millie's Diner because one of the items I see people raving about is the steamed pork buns. Go figure.

I'm also super curious about the tater tots with secret sauce served at one of the city's best sushi restaurants, Sticky Rice. I've never seen that combo, and I'm intrigued. Of course, I can't say no to any kind of fried chicken, let alone the Korean fried chicken at Bonchon. But I'm most interested in trying the rice bowl from J Kogi Seoul Street Eats, along with some kimbap on the side. That has my name written all over it!

Sassy Southern

Image via Flickr by Will Parson/Chesapeake Bay Program

When in Rome, right? I saved this one for last. I think it's important, and I reckon your trip to the South won't amount to a hill of beans if you don't try out some of the amazing Southern food. This isn't just a one-and-done item that can be checked off the list, as there are many spots in Richmond to find excellent Southern food. Don't worry. I have a game plan.

If I'm in town on a Sunday, I'll head to Julep's for brunch. I'll start with the famous fried green tomatoes and follow that up with a duck confit omelet. Come on, you can't take the Francophile out of me.

For lunch, I'll run straight to Sally Bell's Kitchen. Inside this tiny little bakeshop, you'll find heaven in a box. Each boxed lunch comes with a sandwich, a side, a cupcake, and a deviled egg half and a cheese biscuit. After that, I'll need to go back to my hotel room for a nap.

Once I've recovered, I have a couple of pre-dinner stops at Rappahannock, home of regional oysters of the same name, and to Pasture for housemade pork rinds with ricotta cheese and fruit puree dipping sauces. I absolutely can't resist a pork rind!

To finish my day of Southern cuisine, I'll have a nice dinner at Comfort. It's all in the name. This award-winning restaurant focuses on farm-to-table Southern comfort food in a casual setting. I have my eye on the pulled pork with mac and cheese. I can't eat too much because there's no way I'm leaving Comfort without having the banana pudding for dessert. After that, as Southerners say, I'll be as fat as a tick!

Downtown Richmond Virgina at Night
Image via Flickr by Ronnie Pitman.

I don't know about you, but I love how American cities are constantly reinventing themselves. Richmond is steeped in history while still continuing to find new ways, such as food, to keep you coming back for more.

How about you? Have you been to Richmond? What was the best thing you ate? Do you have other recommendations? If you haven't been, does my top five list make you want to jump on a plane?

For a visual summary of this post, check out my Richmond web story!

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Best places to eat in Richmond Virginia - Top 5 Things to Eat in Richmond Virginia Best places to eat in Richmond Virginia - Top 5 Things to Eat in Richmond Virginia Best places to eat in Richmond Virginia - Top 5 Things to Eat in Richmond Virginia Best places to eat in Richmond Virginia - Top 5 Things to Eat in Richmond Virginia

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  1. I’m bookmarking this! We’ll be in Richmond next year, and I’m going to use this as a dining guide.

  2. Claudia Krusch says:

    All of this food look so delicious. I will be in Richmond this summer. I will have to give these places a try.

  3. Kimberly Flickinger says:

    It has been awhile since I have been to Richmond; however, when I get back there I will be sure to keep this in mind.

  4. Samantha Peres says:

    omg , i need to go!

  5. Joely Smith says:

    You had me at the biscuits – I LOVE anything buttery! The Asian food looks amazing too! Thanks for the advice on what to eat while in Richmond!

  6. I have never been to Richmond. I would love to try all these when I get the chance to visit.

  7. I only stayed in Richmond for one quick night, but I live down on the peninsula and really want to get up there again. They have some great food options!

  8. Victoria Heckstall says:

    Wow! I want to eat all of that. Looks so delicious! Please bring me there. Lol!

  9. Nancy at Whispered Inspirations says:

    All of that food looks so delicious! The burger looks to die for. I always love finding a great burger place.

  10. up run for life says:

    Yum, those donuts look so good. I haven’t been to Richmond but I am sure it would be a fun place to visit.

  11. Sounds like a great place to eat. All that food looks so good. Hopefully I can go there and try it out sometime.

  12. CourtneyLynne says:

    Oooo so many yummy places to eat!!! I’m all about the Asian restaurants when I’m on vacation. Deliciousness

  13. Crystal Lopez says:

    Oh my yum! These food stops look amazing! I am definitely a donut fan and that picture was enough for me.

  14. Lisa Heath says:

    I’ve actually never been to Virginia but I would love to go someday. All of those photos have me salivating!

  15. chubskulit says:

    I seldom eat donut but those one on your post looks amazing! One of my husband’s cousin live in Richmond, I’ll keep this in mind when we visit.

  16. Marielle Altenor says:

    So many delicious places to eat! My primary goal when I travel is to try as many eating places as possible! I love food!

  17. Oh my! I am sure my kids would love to visit that Donut place, looks fun! Thanks for sharing the list!

  18. April Monty says:

    These all look incredibly delicious ,if we ever visit there I know where and what to eat.

  19. Samantha Michelle says:

    They all look so delicious! I’ve been to Richmond to visit family but next time that I go, I will try new restaurants. I love traveling and trying new places to eat at

  20. Yummy! All of these places sound awesome! I especially want to try the Belly-Busting Burger. 🙂

  21. Sarah E Horn says:

    I’m from and still live in Va and love the southern down home cooking restaurants there the best.

  22. Nancy Hann says:

    Thanks for these great ideas! I live in southeastern Virginia and look forward to spending more time in Richmond. I’ll check these places out.

  23. Hob Knob for an upscale twist on southern food!

    1. @Laura, thanks for the recommendation, now that I moved to North Carolina, and have friends in VA I am going to be getting to Richmond more often!