Be Happier In Your Home By Creating More Space

As a homeowner or apartment renter, it is everyone's dream to have the maximum amount of space as possible. But it is a struggle! Being proud of your chez toi is important. It is your safe space and, therefore, you will want to feel as happy in your home as possible.

Growing up a military brat who moved every 2-to-3 years, and then living my adult life practically the same way, I have become a bit of an expert! So to maximize space – no matter if your home is big or small – here are some of my tips.

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Store your things externally

We can't all have garages or sheds, so if you find that you have a lot of things in your home or apartment that you do not use but do not want to get rid of, then it is a good idea to use external storage. I have done this, many, many times, and in many, many states!

Storage Space

Using a company like usselfstorage.com will help you enjoy your home by freeing up more room. Plus, you won’t have to dispose of the stuff for good. You can access it whenever you want by going to the facility. We also stored our stuff when we RV'ed for 18 months and it was really practical.

It can be for short-term reasons as well. When we moved from Phoenix to Raleigh we had a 2-month gap between arriving in Raleigh and moving into our new home. Renting a storage space was our only solution.

Assess and reorganize the furniture

You can make your home a happier space with more room if you simply reorganize the layout. You might notice that your dining room feels cluttered, which could be because you have centered the dining table. Centering a dining table can look great but hinder space. Therefore, pushing it over to one side will open up the room and give you more space to maneuver.

Room with mirror

To maximize the space in your entire home, you should assess the layout in every room. You might find yourself moving lots of furniture when you realize that you can move it around to free up space.

This past month, Mr. Misadventures completely rearranged his office and it made such a huge difference! Not only to how the room flowed, and how large it looked, but it also made him feel more productive.

Get ottoman storage

If there are items that you want to keep yet do not have much room for them, then you should consider ottoman storage. Ottomans offer two-in-one use. For instance, an ottoman stool can act as a place to sit as well as a place to store your things.


You can make more use and purpose out of your rooms if you are a small or large piece of ottoman storage furniture. We started doing this in our RV and have now transferred this into the home. I have ottoman storage in my bedroom and my office.

Use brighter and lighter colors

Using lighter and brighter colors in your home will ensure that your rooms do not feel smaller than they need to feel. Using dark colors can consume the space, making it feel smaller.

bright room

Using whites on the walls and adding splashes of colorful decor can allow your space to feel and look larger. In our house, we painted one wall in every room a different color as an accent wall and it helped a lot.

Add mirrors

Adding mirrors in the rooms that you paint light and bright will further enhance the spacious feel. Mirrors reflect light around the room, allowing it to bounce off walls and make the room feel airier.

Although you won’t want mirrors everywhere, having more than one or two in the home will help to enhance the space. We have beautiful mirrors in our living room, bedroom, and office.

Room with mirror

Should you not want to add too many mirrors, then you can attain a similar effect if you add mirrored decorative pieces. Small mirrored ornaments and mirrored furnishings can offer the same reflective and spacious feel.

beautiful room in white and pastel

It doesn’t take much time or effort to make your home a happier and more spacious environment. Moving your furniture around and storing your items externally can make your home much roomier.

How about you? Do you have any tips and tricks for maximizing your space to make it look or feel roomier? Do share!

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Room with mirrorbeautiful living roombeautiful room with mirror

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  1. My living room always feels so small. I will have to try a few of these ideas to see if I can open it up a bit.

  2. Amber Myers says:

    I will keep these ideas in mind. I do need more space. I love when I can find storage items that look nice.

  3. Melanie E says:

    This is all great advice. I have made sure my furniture has been laid out in the best way to give us the most space. I do rejig this once in a while.

  4. Hannah Bures says:

    I love homes that have a more open concept to them! The lighter objects with mirrors really does wonders!

  5. Tara Pittman says:

    Having lots of storage is always a good idea. I just bought a new cube shelf for my office.

  6. Lisa Charleston says:

    What a great post and many of these tips I have used and still use in my home now.

  7. These are all really great tips, I love adding mirrors and bright colors to my space.

  8. Shelley King says:

    We bought a small farm 4 years ago. The house is 50 years old and has so much dark wood and such. I have lightened up a lot of rooms and it has made such a difference in my moods. I felt like I was in a dungeon.

  9. IceCreamnStickyFingers says:

    I have a few pieces of furniture that I need to get rid of. It would help open up some space in my house and make it less cluttered.

  10. Thank you for this. Yes, I need more space. I think we’ve reached a point where we need to store things at a storing facility.

    1. Richelle Milar says:

      Thanks for sharing these very great and helpful tips! This is what I need, I would love to have more space in our house.

  11. Monica Simpson says:

    I really have been wanting to simplify our house. The clutter gets to me and makes my anxiety sky rocket.

  12. Beautiful Touches says:

    These are great suggestions, all of which really do make me feel less stressed out once the clutter clears except maybe the step to add more mirrors. Too many mirrors makes me anxious!

  13. I love spacious houses! That’s why I always choose bright colors!

  14. Lavanda Michelle says:

    This is so true. When I rearranged my living room and made more space, it made the place look brighter and made me feel happier sitting there as well. Thanks for sharing!

  15. TerriSteffes says:

    It’s a good idea to make more space. Being happy in your home is so important.

  16. Mirrors can definitely make the room look so much bigger. Painting the walls a lighter color makes it look so airy as well.

  17. I find that I get so anxious when there is so much clutter and STUFF around the house. It is nice to have cleaner, brighter spaces.

  18. Ottoman is a life saver! I hope I could fine more of it that could compliment my home.

  19. Everything Enchanting says:

    Couldn’t agree more! We also have rented a storage space in India to store our car and a few furniture items. I need to check out Ottoman stools for my home.

  20. My patio feels so small, I’ve been working on tweeting it a little bit too so it feels bigger, thanks you for sharing this love post I really enjoyed it.