Bastille Day: Joyeaux Anniversaire Mon Amour

Revolution. Mr. Misadventures often says that it is time for another revolution in France.  That what the French fought for in 1789 (or even 1968) has been forgotten and the French need a good shake up. My friend Lindsey sort of hinted to the same thing in her 4th of July post (which I am completely enamored with).

Independence.  I once read an article in a newspaper that described the French as a surly teenager.  That it wanted its independence while still having its parents take care of them.  (IMO) I think that the reliance on government aid and government jobs and government subsidies has crippled this country and that it will be a long time before it can or will change its mindset.

This is probably one of the biggest cultural differences for me to relate to. I could never imagine not having a “pick yourselves up by your bootstraps”  attitude about the fate of my life, my career, my world.  Letting someone else dictate is so foreign to me!

Complicated.  Paris is a complicated lady, but I love her.  When you love someone or something, it should be completely, the good and the bad.  And I truly love Paris.

And I am not alone. Paris (and France) has many lovers and admirers and I wanted to share some posts from the last week that illustrate just how fabulous she is:

Parisian Heaven from Inspired Designs

Sunday in the City of Paris by SF Girl by Bay

Midnight in Paris Steps by Little Brown Pen

Paris et je le nuit by Kirsten Alana

And here are some of my thoughts on Paris.

Happy birthday baby!  Vive la Revolution! Vive la France!

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  1. Bonne Féte Nationale!

  2. Merci pour la belle photo de la tour! Oui, le bon et le mal, nous l’aimons tout!

  3. thanks so much for including my post! happy bastille day!

  4. I know for me that with BsAs I tend to romanticize the bad. Happy Bastille Day!!!

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