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Fried Chicken Adventures: Bakesale Betty

Fried Chicken Adventures on Misadventures with Andi

I have written before that the item I want for my last meal is fried chicken. Don't ask why I am having my last meal, I don't plan on breaking any laws any time soon, but in case I am in the situation, I am ready! Fried chicken is my wish.

It is not something that I eat a lot because I can't handle the disappointment. There is nothing worse than eating something with all those calories, fat, and grease, things I try to intake in moderation, and then have it taste terrible, it breaks my heart!

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I have a fried chicken bucket list (yes, honest I do). Places I want to try because they will be worth it. Places to travel to (of course!) A happy coincidence that some of my best blogging buds live in locales that are on my list! Like Mama E's in Oklahoma City where Jennifer is (although I hear Bobo's Fried Chicken is the one to beat!) Or Verjus in Paris with Lindsey. And Kristin lives in the land'o fried chicken, there are several places I want to try there!

And the list goes on. It's long.

But back here in the San Francisco Bay Area there are still plenty of places to try. I have been to Little Skillet which is always in the top 10 and well worth it.

One place has alluded me for quite a while. Its location is not too far from where I live in Berkeley, but it is only open from 11-2 and I work in San Francisco. That is not the best excuse as it is open on the weekend. But Mr.Misadventures doesn't share my passion for fried chicken so it is not a place we would go to together.

However, a few weeks ago, Mr. Misadventures went on a trip that included a weekend and I had my eyes set on trying the famous fried chicken sandwich from the store-front where a blue-haired Australian that used to work at Chez Panisse sales her wares…Bakesale Betty.

I decided to head over to the Temescal area where Bakesale Betty's is located about an hour before she opened. I grabbed my camera as I (a) need more practice with it and (b) I am always on the hunt for retro signs which I am a big fan of. These days Jennifer has me on the hunt for graffiti as well. Part of the reason I went early is because Bakesale Betty is notorious for its long lines and I was hoping to avoid them by being there right when they opened.

After several loops stopping to take photos, I began to make my way over for lunch only to realize that I had driven by the shop no less than four times in the previous thirty minutes! There is no sign. The shop is very nondescript and you just have to be aware of the street address! Probably another clue is the ironing boards out front used as tables, but as I wasn't aware of them I wasn't looking for them!

Ironing board tables in front of Bakesale Betty
Ironing board tables in front of Bakesale Betty

You would walk right by it if you weren't looking for it!

The front of Bakesale Betty
The front of Bakesale Betty

The menu. Nothing fancy. In the window.

Bakesale Betty menu
Bakesale Betty menu

Inside you are met by a small army of people who are efficient in their task of getting your order and getting you out. Luckily as I arrived right when they were opening it wasn't crazy and I was able to snap a few photos without disturbing their process. Don't you love the retro look?

Inside Bakesale Betty
Inside Bakesale Betty

Food is prepped and ready to be served with speed.

Bakesale Betty Sandwiches ready to go
Bakesale Betty Sandwiches ready to go

I completely ignored the baked goods portion of the shop. I hear that there are fabulous pies here, but I was a girl on a mission. Next time…

Baked goods at Bakesale Betty
Baked goods at Bakesale Betty

Now to the most important part – the sandwich! I grabbed my purchase, fled to my car and drove home. I prayed for green lights all the way and the gods were good to me. I got my prize home and opened it up to photograph, I am seriously surprised I remembered because once I saw the sandwich laid out in front of me, I could not wait to jump in!

THE Bakesale Betty Fried Chicken Sandwich
THE Bakesale Betty Fried Chicken Sandwich

The chicken is juicy. The breading is crunchy and tasty. That in and of itself is good enough. But then there is the slaw. It is the perfect balance of crunchy texture, acidity from a vinegar-based sauce and a little heat from sliced jalapenos. It is amazing. I can categorically claim that it is the best fried chicken I have ever had.

I have many more places to try out on my fried chicken bucket list, but this is the one that needs to be knocked from the top.

If you are visiting the San Francisco Bay Area and you are a fan of fried chicken, a stop at Bakesale Betty is a MUST.

How about you? Do you love fried chicken? Have you tried Bakesale Betty? Do you have a recommended place for my list?

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Food Travels Bakesale Betty Oakland California USAFood Travels Bakesale Betty Oakland California USAFood Travels Bakesale Betty Oakland California USA

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  1. Camels & Chocolate says:

    Oooh I was just writing about Prince’s in Nashville–surely that’s on your list, yes?!

    1. @Kristin, oh yes it absolutely is!!

  2. Their cookies look gargantuan! Sandwich looks delicious – wish I had more to recommend for you!

    1. &Lindsey, the Verjus addition is already a good one!

  3. Sara Louise says:

    Oh I love love love fried chicken! My grandma used to make it for me every birthday. And now since you’ve got my mouth watering, I think I’ll be making some for dinner tonight 🙂

    1. @SaraLouise, I have never tried making it. It seems like it would make a big mess! But I certainly am into eating it!

  4. Annette | Bucket List Journey says:

    How cute are those ironing board tables? I want one of them and a piece of chicken 😉

    1. @Annette, adorable right? And as restaurants go, a very inexpensive table!

  5. Karen Hug-Nagy says:

    I love fried chicken but I’ve yet to find a good place in St. Louis, MO.