Field Notes Volume 3

I love sunflowers.  I'll tell you a secret. I have a sunflower tattoo! I do regret my tattoo, but I love sunflowers. The ones in the photo above are from a field in Palouse when we were there last June. That was definitely full of misadventure! I wanted something that was a little bright, a little cheery, it's been a painful week for the world. Between the ugliness of Charlottesville and the … [Read more...]

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Travel Tuesday – Katie of Traveling Spud

I hope you are enjoying the 2017 season of Traveler Tuesday because I love the bloggers that I'm interviewing.  Each traveler is so different, shaped by their experiences and the journies they take, it's fascinating! Today Im introducing you to another blogger I met in Indianapolis this past June at BlogHouse. Not only is Katie of Traveling Spud a world traveler, but she's an incredible … [Read more...]

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Field Notes Volume 2

Hello, gang! Today I will have completed my first full week of work and it feels good! I absolutely loved my sabbatical, but I was ready to contribute my energies and my experience somewhere.  That somewhere is Cisco. I'm going to be managing the influencer program. Since I am passionate about influencer marketing, I could not ask for a better opportunity! Working remotely (highly supported at … [Read more...]

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Travel Tuesday – Brianna of Archives of Adventure

We're back! After re-launching a new season of Traveler Tuesday with Ric of Global Gaz last week, I return to introduce you to another Boghouser I met in Indianapolis in June, Brianna of Archives of Adventure.  In fact, I'm going to acquaint you with a whole slew of travel bloggers from BlogHouse, because honestly, it was one cool collection of peeps! Brianna focuses on those who "live average … [Read more...]

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Field Notes Volume 1

Oh, you know me. I love my little projects and my series. If I'm not telling you about my Weekly Wanderings or detailing Project Discover, I don't know what to do with myself. I need a vehicle to share life's little updates when I'm not traveling.  My Currently series has a specific format and despite going a little longer in July, I want to keep that post fairly short. And so a new series is … [Read more...]

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Traveler Tuesday – Ric of Global Gaz

Hey, gang! The new season of Traveler Tuesday is here! Each week I will be introducing you to a different travel blogger via my interview series. I'm passionate about meeting travelers from all walks of life and seeing how they translate their passions online.  To kick off the 2017 group I've got a very special traveler, Ric Gazarian of Global Gaz. I had the honor of meeting Ric in Indianapolis … [Read more...]

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Currently July 2017

Currently | 7.31.17 I got this one in under the wire, but after 33 consecutive months, I didn't want to miss one! So much has happened in the last month that the thought of writing this post was nearly unsurmountable. Bear with me, this edition of Currently is going to be a little longer than most. Watching | Scandal Season 6 > I can't help myself! I stopped loving it around season 4, … [Read more...]

Top Tacos in El Paso

Disclosure: This post was created in collaboration with InterContinental Hotels Group. As always, all experiences and opinions are my own. I grew up an Army brat moving every two or three years to a new state or a new country. I don't remember all the details about every place I lived, but I do have fragments that make for a really great childhood full of fond memories. Given my devout interest … [Read more...]

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Selina Siak Chin Yoke: Food as a Novel Character

Thank you to Selina Siak Chin Yoke, author and food lover, for sharing how food impacts her memories and became a central character in her writing. It even includes a recipe for Mee Siam, a spicy Siamese noodle dish! Do you eat to live, or live to eat? Being of Malaysian-Chinese origin, I definitely veer toward the latter. My earliest memories are of family and food: eating under a … [Read more...]

Jacksonville – The Perfect Destination for Music Lovers

Disclosure: This post was created in collaboration with InterContinental Hotels Group. As always, all opinions are my own. Florida is many things to many people. Beach people. Food people. Adventure people. But what I didn't realize is that Florida is a great place for music people. In particular, the city of Jacksonville is the perfect destination for music lovers. Jacksonville has a deep pool … [Read more...]

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